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No, not the current POTUS. Or the previous one, or the one before that, or the one before that…

We’re taking Monday off to celebrate two long-dead presidents who shaped American history. Thanks to a revised holiday schedule from our corporate masters in … Toronto.

I hope you read that headline above understanding my tongue was planted firmly in cheek, especially after my op-ed about a certain Jeep ad and Jason’s story on the Boss got a lot of people riled. So much is so serious right now, so I hope I got you to laugh.

We’ll be back on Tuesday, and there may be a post here and there over the long weekend. Until then, don’t forget Valentine’s Day if you have someone special in your life, and enjoy the race if NASCAR is your thing (I’ll be tuning in).

Oh, and stay warm. Most of North America is in a deep freeze, so be careful out there.

See ya Tuesday.

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33 Comments on “Housekeeping: We Take a Day Off to Celebrate POTUS...”

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    February 15 is a holiday in Canada but it’s different in each province as to what they choose to call it.

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    There is nothing to celebrate, especially in Canada.

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      You can celebrate that your neighbor to the south got rid of an incompetent imbecile and now has a sane, rational and normal leader. The chances of heavy nuclear fallout floating northward into your provinces has decreased substantially.

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        That incompetent imbecile. So bad that he didnt / couldnt get:

        Record good economy.
        Record low unemployment
        Record high average income.
        Put China on a shorter leash
        Get Europe to pay more for their OWN defense
        Got a fairer NAFTA
        Attempted peace with N Korea. (He went there twice)
        Bucked up the southern border to reduce Illegal immigration from the 3rd world.
        Lower drug prices

        No wait. Nevermind, he DID all those things.

        PS- I give you. The manner was clownish. But i m a GROWN UP and ignored it and looked at PERFORMANCE. I supervise a team of engineers. One dresses poorly. Speaks and writes on the lower half of standards. Sometimes is late for meetings. He should be #1 to get ride of or lay off when the recession hits. But you know what? He s my best employee. He does more than asked. He sees shifting proirities and jumps on them without being told. He solves things that others cannot.
        Get rid of him? NO – I WISH I HAD 20 OF HIM.

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          Dang it.

          I forgot the huge accomplishment. The Abraham Accords. If he had 4 more years, peace in the middle east would be closer.

          Instead of Obama – Bidet. Who will hate and ignore Israel and boost up Iran. IRAN a truly evil country. (PS – the explosives in all those IED s thru out the world – made in IRAN.)

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            The actual Studebaker Lincoln used on his last living trip to Ford’s Theatre is still preserved. It is a horse-drawn carriage rather than a self-powered car though, normally kept at the Studebaker National Museum but occasionally lent out, as here to the Smithsonian.

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          “Record good economy.
          Record low unemployment
          Record high average income.
          Put China on a shorter leash”

          Economic growth is a continuum. It grows over time. It didn’t improve significantly the moment tRump stepped into office.
          Unemployment is related to economic growth.
          Higher average income if inflation is factored in has been stagnant for the middle and lower class.

          As far as putting China on a shorter leash, that’s laughable. Leaving TPP was stupid as well as alienating allies.

          What is typically tRump is the fact that he inherited a good position of wealth and mismanaged it when it got difficult.

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          With all of those “achievements” to his credit, why is he out of a job?

          It’s simple: it’s his behavior. He inherited an economy that was already doing pretty well, and had a friendly Congress that would pretty much rubber-stamp the traditional Republican stuff he was trying to do. If things were as great as you say you were, and he’d just grown up and not acted like an idiot, he’d probably have been re-elected. Instead, we got “The Burning Dumpster Mouth Of Donald Trump Show,” and it started the day he took office, and ran through his last day on the job. It was self-inflicted wound after self-inflicted wound, sometimes several a day.

          And that’s why he lost. Period.

          My favorite example? The “if you’re Jewish and vote Democratic, you’re disloyal” crack. Now, most folks jumped right on the “he’s a Jew hater” train after this, but this Jew is going to set that aside. Let’s hop on the “what an incredibly stupid thing to say” train instead, and that train just keeps runnin’. If you want to turn off ANY Jew, just use the word “disloyal.” Jews are likely going to have a real strong gut reaction to such nonsense, and if you know anything about Jewish history, you know exactly why. Just take it from me. If Trump had asked me whether that line was a good idea, I’d have said, “no, Mr. President, all you’re going to do is make the unaffiliated Jews who might have voted for you vote for Biden, and the folks who were going to vote for Biden anyway will reach deeper into their wallets to support him now.” Not surprisingly, this is exactly what happened.

          And here’s where this Trump blunder plays out: how many unaffiliated or Republican-leaning Jews are out there? More specifically, how many are in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia? Answer: enough to toss him the lead in any of those states. Ditto for folks of Mexican descent – many of whom, for the record, tend to lean Republican – in Arizona who were probably more than a little dismayed when they heard the “bad hombre” BS come out of his mouth. That’s hundreds of thousands of votes he threw away by saying stupid s**t.

          And on and on. Like I said…stupid. Ditto for asking the president of Ukraine to investigate his political opponent, or gathering tens of thousands of folks who are riled up to begin with and telling them it’s time to go march on the Capitol. Both were incredibly stupid things to do, and both got him impeached.

          Dumb…dumb…dumb. Rookie mistake after rookie mistake. It never got better.

          If I were a Republican, I’d be p*ssed as hell at him – he blew it. And now Joe Biden’s going to undo all the stuff Trump did. And there’s no one to blame for any of it but Trump.

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      @Inside Looking Out
      I guess not, since you have a coalition of three neo-communist parties denying citizen’s their civil and human rights. :-(

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      “You will understand when the time comes and it will not be pretty.”

      It’s been coming for so long and so obviously, but they won’t see it until it’s right in their face when, as they say, it’s too late. No sense wasting your breath trying to warn them (I know, I know, I never seem to stop trying myself.).

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    Let’s celebrate article II.

    Article II
    Section 1
    The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.

    He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years,

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    Quebec is getting it done:

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    Art Vandelay

    Shouldn’t Taft get an honorable mention? I believe.he was the first President to have an official car (A White or Stanley Steamer…don’t remember which)

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    Jeff S

    Yes. Agree honorable mention to Taft for the first official Presidential car and let’s forget and not give honorable mention to the Orange One and not mention him further. At least honorable mention of Taft has more to do about The Truth About Cars.

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