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The SUV segment is a high-stakes game, and after years without a fresh entry, Nissan is looking to reassert themselves with an all-new 2022 Pathfinder.



Let’s start with the growth of the Pathfinder, now a three-row, seven- or eight-passenger SUV. More seats equates to the large cross/utility vehicle class.


Next, there’s either front-wheel or four-wheel drive, the latter with a seven-position drive and terrain selector. No surprise that it’s a unibody, a concession to MPGs, with Nissan’s 3.5-liter V6 putting out 284 HP and 259 lb-ft of torque through a new paddle-shifted, 9-speed automatic with a shift-by-wire drive selector. Actual mileage may vary, and Nissan will let you know closer to when it actually hits showrooms. The optional best-in-class towing capacity of 6,000 pounds is impressive, especially if you have a home-on-wheels you’d like to take with you.


Eighteen-inch or 20-inch wheels, mounting 255/60R18s or 255/50R20s gives the Pathfinder a little street cred, less so among real off-roaders. Words like modern, aggressive, robust, and rugged are styling cues that signal a more dramatic exterior than previous iterations of the Pathfinder, and the next-generation version has its high points. Thankfully, it isn’t a GM styling-meets-Star Wars collaboration, where the front end appears to be squinting, and there’s no end to the grille.


LED headlights, daytime running lights, and taillights are described as expressive, and I’ll go with that. The large Pathfinder logo on the motion-activated power liftgate ensures its identity isn’t mistaken for any of those other crossover SUVs.

Have we exceeded the dimensions of interior screen size? Nissan offers a 12.3-inch digital dash, up from the standard 7-incher, and displays ranging from 8-inch to a 9-inch color, all the way to 10.8-inches when opting for a Platinum level heads-up unit.


Seating, as mentioned earlier, requires second-row bench seat coziness to pack in eight, or if you want a little separation, there’s captain’s chairs and a removable center console, and you’ll max out at seven. Way back in the nosebleed seats, there’s 60/40 split, folding bench seating. Second-row climate controls augment the automatic temperature control, but there’s no mention of any switches or knobs for any poor souls unlucky enough to be relegated to the third tier.


The safety and driver-assist technology you see in Nissan’s commercials are in the Pathfinder. Pedestrian-detecting, auto emergency braking, blind spot, cross traffic, lane departure warnings are a part of their Safety Shield. Testing vehicles with automatic braking that stopped when that wasn’t my intent, is it out of the question to opt-out of this molly-coddling, and instead require drivers to think for themselves and act accordingly?

The Pathfinder goes on sale sometime in the summer of 2021 as a 2022 model.

[Images: Nissan]

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20 Comments on “2022 Nissan Pathfinder – Not All Who Wander Are Lost...”

  • avatar

    “through a new paddle-shifted, 9-speed automatic”

    Holy sh*t! A transverse Nissan with GEARS?! Are they going to ditch their CVT elsewhere? This could be a big deal for the QX50 and QX60.

  • avatar

    I don’t love it but it is an in improvement over the current generic blob.

  • avatar

    I wish I could see some clear pictures that aren’t extreme close ups or silhouette. Looks good from what I can see but maybe have the photographer take a few steps back. I will have to see if other pictures are posted elsewhere.

    I feel like the output could be increased a bit. Probably a hp sacrifice at the alter of fuel economy. Maybe also make the “Pathfinder” name larger. I am not sure people will know what kind of vehicle this is ;)

  • avatar

    This is absolutely better looking than the current design which is both very poor and very dated. Too bad it’s still an Altima under there, but props for an actual transmission.

    Maybe they figured out they needed one for Infiniti purposes, as it is hard to convey a premium utility experience with a CVT.

    This probably means that the Murano will also get a real transmission. And gasp, Maxima?

  • avatar

    No more cvt! Thank god nissan finally saw the error in expecting a cvt to handle a 4500lb vehicle. Hopefully subaru will fess up too and ditch the cvt in the ascent. It’s just too much mass for a cvt to handle. Is this 9 speed the zf 9 speed that honda and chrysler use?

  • avatar
    cimarron typeR

    I like it should sell. If not to the general populace , it will to Hertz . Now where’s the 400z?

  • avatar

    Definite improvement over the current Mall-Finder and props to Nissan for ditching their horrid CVT. The rear and side profile give me Land Rover Discovery vibes.Hope they’ll slowly do the same with the rest of their lineup or at least get a new supplier but kind of a long shot.

    Haven’t been a Nissan fan for at least 15-20 years but can see some intent to gain their Pre-Ghosn reputation back and lose the rental fleet and subprime buyer image.

  • avatar

    Looks really good. 6k towing is impressive. The press release also states it can fit 4×8 sheets of plywood. That would be a neat trick since the only other SUV that can do that is the Suburban.

  • avatar

    What is this again? The model name on the trunk is too small to read.

  • avatar

    Aside from the heavy fake eyebrows, I don’t hate it.

  • avatar

    It’s not bad. An improvement over the last gen for sure. I think the Frontier design is way more of an improvement though.

  • avatar

    Maybe, just maybe, with this and the 400Z and the attractive Frontier, Nissan is finally starting to show signs of life. Or maybe it’s the news that the CVT is being shown the door. The current Pathfinder is just a slap in the face to the name and brand of “Pathfinder” – maybe this one will bring some swagger back to it because those late 80s to mid-90s Pathfinders were real SUVs.

    Yeah, what will they do with the Maxima and is Infiniti on life support and management is a basketcase, and there are all of these issues that one or two days of good press can’t fix…but I was such a Nissan fan for so long until they took the spark out of their cars so long ago. I’m hoping for a recovery.

    Now let’s see a new GT-R please?

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