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Grand Highlander

According to a report by, Grand Highlander is the name Toyota has filed a trademark application for in the U.S. and Canada.

In the story, it suggests a larger version of the existing Highlander is in the offing, likely to add more third-row passenger room and cargo space, with rear-end design changes to accommodate the additions. Toyota has yet to release any information and did not respond to our inquiry.

Grand Highlander

Any addition to the sparse amount of seating in the third row would be a welcome addition, as a number of Highlander competitors offer more room. At this point, however, the grandeur of this new model is unknown.

Grand Highlander

[Images: Toyota]

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20 Comments on “Toyota Trademarks Grand Highlander Nameplate...”

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    Hmm, larger thing which will also become the soft version of the new Land Cruiser?

    Edit: Also we are reaching new depths of desperation for people *not* to be seen driving a minivan.

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      Tele Vision

      I drove a friend’s Honda Odyssey a few years ago. It was fantastic: like driving one’s house around from the bay window – a Honda bay window.

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      I’m finding it funny that the state of hatchbacks was in decline 20 years ago because they were considered nthe cheapest nastiest car you could buy. Then SUVs became en vogue, followed by crossovers. Now there are so many tweener crossovers that the smallest crossover is barely bigger or taller than an old school hatchback. Pretty soon crossovers will get lower to the ground and the cargo area will be cut up and made to look like a sedan and voila, what’s old is new (again).

      I feel like the AWD CX-3 (or CX-30) is the spiritual successor to the AWD Matrix.

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        @tankinbeans: “I feel like the AWD CX-3 (or CX-30) is the spiritual successor to the AWD Matrix.”

        OMFG, you’re right! They’re within an inch of each other on exterior dimensions. The headroom on the CX30 is significantly less, which tells me that they just raised the hip point.

        Other than that, it’s just like you say. I’d go even farther and say it’s more than just spiritual. It’s almost like Mazda hired the Matrix team and said, “do it again”.

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      Just needs a short wheelbase Highlander “Sport” to compete with the Edge and Passport and the new Toyota subbrand is well on its way.

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    Wait until you see the Grand Telluride.

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    Looks like Sequoya is on the chop block

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      Dave M.

      I disagree. The Sequoia is BOF, much more capable for towing. With the new Tundra appearing soon, you can bet there will be a Sequoia. This Grand Highlander is probably in response to the Pilot and Atlas eating the Highlander’s lunch regarding 3rd row room.

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    They should cal it “Highlander Shetland”

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    Or they could call it the “Eighty Grand” Highlander, to, you know, compete with the Jeep.

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    For the Japanese Domestic Market, Toyota will simultaneously offer the Grand Pixis Joy.
    That way they won’t have to come up with a new name, but they’ll still have to figure out what the heck it would be.

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    Gardiner Westbound

    Canyonero was taken by the Simpsons.

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    Maybe we’ll see a Highlander Brougham D’Elegance

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    As an IP attorney, I was a little confused by your headline, which makes it seem like Toyota has a registered trademark in the US for “Grand Highlander”.

    Toyota has applied for a US trademark. The application has been accepted by the USPTO and assigned an application number, but the mark “Grand Highlander” is not yet a registered US trademark. So the headline is a little deceiving, making it appear as though Toyota has already registered the mark, though kudos to clarifying that it is an application in the text.

    The GR86 website is even worse, interchanging patent and trademark which happens all too often.

    One can easily see the application by searching for TESS at the USPTO:

    If you guys are looking for someone to contribute on IP and cars, let me know!

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    And this, ladies and gents– is how one most-successfully piggybacks on next week’s 3-row Grand Cherokee launch lol

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    Grand Wagoneer was taken unfortunately.

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    Does almost every new car have to have an ugly angry “face”? Enough.

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