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I don’t have much to say — you already know we’re on a light schedule until Monday. So I will keep this short.

I just want to wish all our readers a happy New Year. Please celebrate safely in terms of both Covid and booze/drugs. Don’t go to large indoor gatherings, mask up, wash your hands, sanitize. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t get high and drive.

There’s a light, however dim, at the end of the pandemic tunnel. That said, I can’t promise 2021 will be better than 2020, so all we can do tonight is celebrate another new year and kiss this one na na na na, hey hey, goodbye.

Be safe, have fun, see you next year.

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22 Comments on “Housekeeping: Merry New Year...”

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    My plan was to hang out in a crowd, sneeze on everyone and drink way too much before powering the old autobahn-cruiser back to the ranch, assuming that I’m still in any condition to find the place in the dark.

    But your suggestions sound good too.

    Happy New Year to all!

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    Good forking riddance to this year. In perhaps six more months we may have some sense of normalcy, but I have a feeling the first half of 21 is gonna feel a lot like the second half of 20.

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    SCE to AUX

    On the negative side:

    1. We’ve had our first direct friend (acquaintance) die of Covid last week, but we know of many others 2nd-hand who have died, and many who are/were sick with it. Some are so-called “long-haulers”, which means you have lingering or recurring symptoms or side effects for months. Somehow, many people still think it’s all just a fake liberal/commie ploy to ruin us, or just the seasonal flu.

    2. Our family has lost other friends this year, some I’ve known 40-50 years since childhood. That’s life.

    3. Working from home – home should be a safe place from work, but now they are hard to separate.

    4. My retirement fund got hammered in March-April.

    5. My son and his wife lost their jobs in March, right after getting married.

    6. No vacation trips – we haven’t gone 50 miles from home since March.

    On the plus side:
    1. Two of our sons got married this year, so it’s great to see the family grow.

    2. My daughter got engaged this year – foreign wedding date TBD.

    3. I still have a job and my health.

    4. My son and his wife got new jobs this fall.

    5. My other newlywed son and his wife each graduated from college this year.

    6. My retirement fund rebounded and has never been better – weird.

    7. My mother’s knee replacement surgery in February beat the Covid mess by two weeks, and she recovered quite well.

    8. Working from home: It took me many months to manage my time better, but I like not driving as much. The EV gets nearly all of our miles now, and I buy gas for the other car only every couple months. I hope this downtime will extend its life.

    9. We subtracted a car and added a car (used), so did our part for the car economy.

    Anyway – TMI – but it’s not been all bad for our family.

    To the TTAC gang: Thank you for doing a fine job herding the cats during these interesting times. We’re tough on you, tough on each other, and tough on the products, mfrs, and dealers that we hate and love. But I keep coming back every day because I like what you produce.

    2021 may not feel much better than 2020 until summer, but I hope it’s a happy one for you.


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      “My retirement fund got hammered in March-April.”

      So? So did mine. Tell us why you think this is meaningful?

      Then tell us how it did for the entire year, though. Hint: unimaginably well.

      You can look at one month, or one day, or whatever, and moan and groan. With respect to the markets, that’s meaningless and you’re wasting your time and breath–not to mention making yourself look like an idiot.

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        “not to mention making yourself look like an idiot.”

        Wow, that was uncalled for, wasn’t it? Judging by the time stamp, maybe you were hitting the NYE sauce? Maybe now that you’ve sobered up a bit you want to issue an apology?

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        Read number 6 under plus side. Perhaps your new year’s resolution should be to be less angry!

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    DC Bruce

    Well, best wishes for 2021 to everyone! This year has been a challenge for everyone. My 91-year old father died with (not of) Covid but no one else of my acquaintance died of the disease. I know of only two who think they had it. My first grandchild was born this year, and my daughter told me today that another is on the way. Whoo-hoo! My wife and I were successfully able to accomplish a three month cross-country and back trip to see our grandchild, using our Airstream travel trailer. Having made 6 trips cross-country to California and managed to use a different route each time, I can say that doing so is an education worth your time and effort.

    I celebrate (said without sarcasm or irony) my 13th year as a cancer patient with active cancer, fully functional, ambulatory and not in any discomfort. Few can say that.

    My retirement portfolio is actually richer than when I retired nearly 6 years ago, but I am taking a lot of money “off the table” because I think the market is richly valued, and I have no reason to believe that the Obama B-team will do any better than the A-team at the economy. The Fed, whose cheap money during the Great Recession, kept happy those of us fortunate enough to own assets, has shot its bolt.

    So I have a lot to be thankful for and look forward to 2021. I hope that’s the case for every one.

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    I just tested negative for COVID-19. I never thought I’d be happy to say that it’s just a cold!

    Happy New Year

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    Happy new COVID-20 in the new year. We will eventually overcome them.

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      Inside Looking Out,

      “Happy new COVID-20 in the new year. We will eventually overcome them.”

      Well, they have to do something if we aren’t properly obedient. I hear the next one will be targeted at people who stay too long in the left lane instead of old and sick people (like CV-19). Or it could be targeted at people who doubt the purity of our governmental overseers.

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