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The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) has announced a decision to strengthen diversity quotas by dividing the country into three distinct regions and passing a bylaw amendment that expands the number of at-large seats reserved women and ethnic minorities — moving both from two to three positions.

While the organization had been discussing the matter all summer, with CEO Peter Welch telling NADA members racism and discrimination had “no place in the car business” and needed to be “rooted out,” it has also begun making moves that support new inclusion and equity programs. Roughly 41 percent of the NADA employees are women at present, with another 20 percent representing minorities. But Welch said the group could and should strive to improve those numbers.

NADA has created an internal inclusiveness committee headed by its vice president of human resources, Claudia Kropf. The group meets monthly to make new recommendations on how to improve the organization and launch rolling awareness campaigns.

In a recent interview with Automotive News, Welch also said NADA had joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Equality of Opportunity Initiative in a nationwide effort to promote economic inclusion through a specific style of business leadership. Meanwhile, the newly reserved seats will be filled via upcoming board elections this fall through the spring of 2021, increasing NADA’s board headcount from 63 members to 65.

From AN:

Recent actions include an NADA-adopted proclamation affirming its belief that the auto sector — as one of the nation’s most important industries — should be leading the way on work force diversity and committing to stronger support of diversity, inclusion and equity. The proclamation also emphasized the need for organizations such as NADA and the auto retailing industry at large to “rededicate themselves to the goals of increasing diversity, equity and inclusion within their purviews.”

“We have such a big footprint in the industry, and in the retail industry, that we intend to lead by example,” Welch told the outlet. “In one fell swoop, we’re going to assure that we’re going to have more representation.”

Critics of these types of policies claim they’re more divisive than doing nothing and unnecessarily categorize people by race and gender. Some have even gone so far as to say they’re at odds with anti-discrimination/civil-rights laws that prohibit race-based hiring. But advocates suggest these sorts of sweeping changes are necessary to ensure better representation in all industries, even if it means ruffling a few feathers or making certain groups ineligible for a subset of salaried positions.

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32 Comments on “NADA Expands Diversity Quotas, Implements New Equity Programs...”

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    R Henry

    “NADA–Where Excellence takes a Back-Seat to Discrimination”

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    R Henry

    “NADA–Where White Hetero Males Need Not Apply”

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    Wokeness: the new pandemic.

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    Pfft. Not good enough.

    What are the quotas for age groups?
    What are the religious affiliation quotas?
    What are the body-fat percentage quotas?
    What are the hair color quotas?
    What percentage of employees must be bald?
    What is the natural-born vs foreign born quota?

    Not even trying.

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    This bilking industry of middlemen, which continue to blaze the uncharted frontiers of dishonesty and nepotism, are a stain upon your local boulevard.

    I bet they are going to have a hard time finding people who are as comfortable lying as their dad was, as blindly driven for personal wealth as their cousin is, or as easy to appease with incentives as their four friends from high school are.

    NADA just doesn’t want to get caught up in the tidal wave of Anti-Trump boycotts that are on the horizon. This might just be the most compelling reason to SHOP TESLA.

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    SCE to AUX

    A 65-member board is ludicrous.

    As for diversity, I guess a simple anti-discrimination policy with qualification-based hiring and merit-based promotion isn’t sufficient, so we choose our VP candidates based upon their race and gender.

    Oh wait, we were talking about NADA.

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      SCE to AUX,

      You just don’t get the point. The only way to end discrimination and foster whatever is to make rules that discriminate. Of course, what usually happens is that a bunch of people without the right qualifications get hired. Which of course will leave the people who actually can do the work overloaded because they will have to carry the weight for the just-for-show employees. Maybe this is part of Cuticle Ray’s Theory (whoever Ray was…).

      I’ve heard it is now very difficult for a white male to get in to Yale — much, much easier for a black female. Of course staying in Yale is another matter.

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      Oh, wait. Race and gender… Didn’t Turks sliced up Armenian boys – specifically? That was genocide. Now this is, rephrasing Clarence Thomas – hiring genocide.

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      She is Indian and therefore white or asian which the same.

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    I worked for a diversity company. 1/2 year, with 5 months actively searching for a new job. This is the worst thing after communism, which itself worse than feminism. Diversity = bunch of unqualified people who won their genetic ticket.

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    You know where I want to see more diversity, is NBA. Adding a several tall Hasidic Jews would be a great idea to start

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      There you go discriminating. Why should they have to be tall? For that matter why should they have to know how to play basketball? I think they should hire a number of paraplegic Hasidic dwarfs. That would make it more inclusive.

    • 0 avatar

      Why would said Hasidic Jews have to be tall?


      Fat 50 year old dudes should be working the front of the house at Hooter’s as well.

      • 0 avatar


        “Fat 50 year old dudes should be working the front of the house at Hooter’s as well.”

        I can’t begin to thank you enough for putting that picture in my head…

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    Auto dealers are known for giving worse financing rates to minorities than whites with the same credit scores (remember the Nissan fines?) and for charging higher prices to women. Would having more minorities and women in leadership positions lead to better behavior in these areas? Beats the hell out of me, but it couldn’t hurt.

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    Nada, vote for Buratino.

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    Not so sure you’ll get the outcome you expect. Lots of black and hispanic mortgage brokers made a lot of money in the mid 2000s slinging loans to their co-ethics.

    Dealers charge more to women and minorities not out of racism,but opportunism – green is the color they see.

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    Why no one mentions robots? They also need quotas and you know people hate them. There is a systematic racism against robots in America. And good thing is that robots vote for democrats.

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    The only way any organization can end up with the best performing team is to always hire the best person for the job – period ! That isn’t racist, its just good business. The individual can be of ANY background or gender – but there should not be a quota – that hurts ALL of society

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    This is an independent organization and it should have the right to hire individuals of diverse backgrounds if that’s what they decide to do. My opinion is that hiring by purely race is outdated and they need to look closer at economic and educational backgrounds. I think it’s a good thing to have individuals with different life experiences in an organization. Especially when that organization is focused on marketing products to different groups. I don’t think you can do that effectively by looking solely at race.

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    Daniel J

    So to end racism and sexism is that they now will employ….

    racism and sexism.

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      @Daniel J,

      “racism and sexism.”

      Exactly. Isn’t it just brilliant? The other important part is to make as much self-righteous noise as possible about making society more just. Gotta use the word “systemic” a lot, too. Rioting, arson, and looting helps as well.

      To paraphrase Iosef Stalin, “the worst racists are the ones who never discriminate.”

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    Using race as a factor in hiring is inherently racist. Same goes for sex.

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    Well, good to see everyone was properly triggered by this.

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    Hey, It’s The Age of Incompetence.

    “We’ll” do anything to promote any possible criteria for anything at all, as long as it’s not competence at anything whatsoever. Since noone in any position of neither wealth nor power, has even the tiniest lick left of that whatsoever anymore, fifty years post complete surrender to the undifferentiated idiocy which is unlimited financialization.

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