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If you hadn’t already heard, Europe began taking actions to prepare itself for another pandemic-related lockdown. Last month, leadership in Germany and France noted that existing restrictions were “not enough anymore” and began issuing specific citizens “certificates” allowing them to move freely within the country. As you might have imagined, this didn’t exactly bolster automotive sales.

While most of the new restrictions were implemented at the tail end of October, they’ve foreshadowed additional measures introduced as more countries climbed aboard (like the UK’s second banning of sex with people from outside of the household) and began signaling that automotive sales were about to be routed. Gains made in September look to be completely undone, with Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority stating new-car registrations fell by 3.6 percent in October (vs 2019) on Wednesday. But that’s only the beginning of the bad news.

According to a recent market analysis conducted by Bloomberg, sales in Spain dropped by at least 20 percent, with France seeing a 10-percent decline in volume. Italy also saw modest declines that are likely to worsen as lockdown measures continue. The end result saw Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Michael Dean suggesting European car sales will drop by a full quarter this year, which is worse than previous estimates.

While the European Automobile Manufacturers Association won’t have the official numbers posted for almost two weeks, the prognosis is generally poor. State-funded loans and subsidies designed to spur EV adoption are assumed to soften the blow slightly but will be incapable of making a meaningful difference. The outlet has already signaled that it expects the end-of-year forecast to worsen as lockdowns continue.

From Bloomberg:

In the U.K., Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered a four-week partial lockdown, with non-essential shops including car dealerships to close from Thursday. France issued similar restrictions last week.

While dealerships remain open in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government has imposed a partial shutdown and is urging citizens to stay at home whenever possible. Austria, Greece and Portugal also have expanded limits for November, while Italy is restricting opening hours of businesses.

The curveball comes as most automakers had actually planned to increase production through the rest of 2020. Unless they’re similarly mandated to go home and wait for the government to change its mind, they’ll be churning out vehicles many people won’t be able to purchase. This could again totally disrupt automotive supply and demand, especially if restrictive measures last through the whole of winter.

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7 Comments on “European Car Sales Plummet as Continent Revisits Lockdown Protocols...”

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    Will the E.U. Continue to produce autos??? Is this lockdown a precursor to European models being in short supply in U.S. early next year??

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    Nice job linking to a Kremlin network RT, twats.

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      Matt Posky

      You can find the same story at numerous other websites with their own rampant political biases. Thanks for being so reasonable and not jumping immediately to name calling. Incredibly adult behavior.

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    Yesterday I was bored so my staff and I performed a complete disassembly of a Formula One car and a NASCAR Cup Series car (both last year’s models; my resources are not unlimited). Based on that analysis, we have concluded that Europe has nothing to offer the USA in terms of technology or best practices in any area of life.

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    At least Snopes is getting more work, weeding out the manipulative lies and disinformation from what is actually true.
    The problem is that so many people believe stupid crap, as long as it’s aimed at who they perceive to be their “enemies”.

    As an extension to that:
    Just think how stupid the average American is. Remember, half of them are even stupider than that! (Credit to George Carlin)

    • 0 avatar

      @RHD – People don’t search for the truth, they search to validate their beliefs. Critical thinking requires education and practice. It’s quicker and easier to label something as the rhetoric of an enemy.

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