By on November 12, 2020

2022 Honda Civic. Image: Honda

I’ve long resisted being the kind of person who could have The Simpsons “old man yells at cloud” jpeg thrown at me. Figuratively speaking, of course, since you can’t really throw a jpeg.

My reaction to the announcement that the unveiling of the 2022 Honda Civic will take place on Twitch is dangerously close to putting me at risk of having that meme used against me. If I had a lawn, and you were on it, I might start to form the words “get off.”

Proving that I’m not totally out of touch, I know what Twitch is. I’ve even used it a time or two to watch my favorite sports-radio yakkers dish out hot sports takes. For those who don’t possess the level of knowledge I have, it’s a streaming service, mostly used to watch video gamers play video games. Fans of those gamers can even interact with them, and each other, live by chatting.

Honda will be using to showcase the next Civic on its Head2Head channel on Tuesday, November 17, starting at 5 p.m. Pacific Time. The wraps come off the car at 6:45 PST, and musical artist Cordae will be part of the proceedings. This is where I embarrass myself by admitting I don’t know who Cordae is, and I try to keep up with current music. I guess I was once with it, then they changed what “it” is. It will happen to you.

There will be two hosts, Rachel Seltzer and Monster DFace (I know, I know) and four Fortnite players who are considered top performers, along with four popular Twitch streamers. These eight will duke it out in a game of or games of Fortnite (I’ve only played once, on mobile, so I don’t know how long games take). Honda will also have a presence on Reddit and Twitter among the communities of video-game players.

I’d love to tell you more about the car, but that’s all Honda has given us so far. Unless other news comes our way sooner, we’ll be tuning in with you.

Or is it Twitching? Is that a thing? Do the kids say that?

Hey, cloud, get off my lawn!

[Image: Honda]

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