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While General Motors still plans on debuting its all-electric Hummer on October 20th in a live-stream event catering to industry watchers and EV super fans, it will also be dipping into its marketing budget to give those watching the first game of Major League Baseball’s World Series a glimpse of the beast.

Two weeks from now, the automaker will pull the trigger on a synchronous media extravaganza guaranteed to place the electric behemoth in front of as many eyes as possible. In addition to the official debut and Fox’ baseball slot, GM has also purchased time during NBC’s The Voice  which is estimated to draw in around 9 million viewers when it returns for its 19th season.

According to a corporate spokesperson, a short film (commercial) “will be visible simultaneously on multiple platforms and formats, including a version creatively integrated during commercial breaks on NBC’s The Voice and the MLB World Series on Fox.” But General Motors has purchased time elsewhere to maximize the effectiveness of its campaign. Regardless of what you’re doing, the company wants you to be talking about the Hummer the following morning.

Considering the pandemic nullified any hope of there being a normal debut for the model, this is likely a wise decision. But we’re not so certain the Hummer EV boasts the mass appeal warranting a coordinated media offensive quite so grand. Electric vehicles have yet to achieve mainstream acceptance and the upcoming SUV is certainly a curious creature. Hummer (or at least the H1) is synonymous with being highly capable off-road and almost miraculously fuel inefficient. But, unless you’re keeping tabs on where/how its electricity is produced, the new model doesn’t depend on fossil fuels at all.

While that’s the main difference between the new breed and its predecessor, some have augured that the hulking EV might not excel at off-road ventures and be too heavy to see desirable ranges. We can’t speak to those fretting over range anxiety but we do know GMC is outfitting it with a “crab mode” that allows it to move diagonally  indicating four-wheel steering at lower speeds.  It’s also supposed to be available with up to 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 lb-ft of torque when equipped appropriately. That should be enough to turn more than a few heads, especially when it equates to a zero-to-60 time of just 3 seconds.

If your curiosity has been piqued by the above, an extended and uncut preview will be available at on October 20th at 8:00 PM (ET). Otherwise, you can settle into the couch and come across a condensed version on any number of channels (both on and offline) at roughly the same time.

[Image: General Motors]

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8 Comments on “GMC Hummer Reveal Scheduled for World Series...”

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    when viewers are boycotting BLM ‘er MLB.

    in the words of Donnie Brasco… forget about it.


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    Australian here, random general comment. I suspect many Americans are unaware and don’t care that much of the developed world has no interest in American cars. It’s because in some places they’re too big and thirsty, but mostly they’re seen as poorly built, sloppy to drive and that American companies don’t support the vehicles or their purchasers afterwards. Which as a car nut and general nerd has always upset me, given how the US made cars for everyone a thing. My first car was a GM Holden manual straight six, handed down through the family to us kids. Died after six months and wasn’t worth repairing, so I went to the Japanese and 27 years, 9 cars and 1.4 milllion km later, I’ve never gone back.

    Now I know that by the time I inherited the 1977 GM in 1991, the US makers had been wallowing in their crapulence for years already and that a Toyota was only years away from becoming the most popular sedan in the home of cars.

    So regardless of the other stuff going on, please be aware that…

    1. Little Tesla has done more for US car making in 10 years than 3 massive car makers have in 50 years. It’s made millions of people like me consider buying American cars for the first time in our lives despite assuming shit will fall off them from day one.

    2. Tesla, like Musk’s other ventures is only a thing because the overall democratic/capitalist system has been gamed to the point of ceasing to be excited and motivated by the chance to get the best stuff to the people as quickly as possible. It’s about doling out things at the lowest rate possible that still ensures sales.

    3. Most sectors are hence ripe for similar disruption, now that crowd sourcing of RnD, funding and production are possible.

    I am driving an MX5 and a Forester made in Japan by people who grew up with expectations created by Americans while also knowing they could do it better. Why is that?


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    Prediction: GMC will get more than a few reservations for these.

    [Speaking of which, I wonder where they got the idea to offer advance reservations?]

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    Madam Presidents: Kamela “B.J.” Harris and Mary “Hummer” Berra. America this is you Future!

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