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Image: Acura

Add Acura to the list of brands taking the wraps off a future vehicle, virtually, this month.

Just one day after Volkswagen unveils the Taos, Acura will show off a prototype that previews the next MDX.

Acura is promising big change for the three-row crossover, calling the redesign its “most ambitious” ever for the MDX. The fourth-generation of the MDX, or at least the prototype version, will bow on October 14.

A teaser image of the MDX is above.

“We’re accelerating Acura’s commitment to Precision Crafted Performance and this fourth-generation MDX is the most ambitious and consequential redesign of an Acura core model in our history,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president and Acura brand officer. “This all-new MDX will take us into new territory in terms of performance, prestige and emotional appeal.”

The MDX will be longer, lower, and wider than the current-gen vehicle, according to Acura, and it will have LED headlights and taillights.

The MDX is the brand’s best-selling vehicle, accounting for around a third of Acura’s sales since it launched, according to the brand.

Teasers being what they are, there are no specs to report on right this second. We’ll know a lot more in two weeks.

[Image: Acura]

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22 Comments on “Acura MDX Prototype Teases Major Change...”

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    MDX/RDX have a reputation of being very good crossovers, although I’ve found their styling rather tame this new design shows some promise while still playing it safe

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      Fit/finish/material quality – really bad

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        I think you’ve over zealous on the very bad.

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          No. I spent several months looking at 2-3yo RDX. And I saw both models, RDS and MDX, nearly a hundred of them. And my cousin has one. One thing is obvious – they are cheaply made. Cheap leather, carpets, cheap plastics. Surfaces wear out rally badly. Huge gaps and not matching panels in the interior, especially around rear seat. Outside, moldings separate from doors. Another thing I noticed, almost all RDXs has something done to their dashes because I found holding screws were removed and reinstalled in a slightly different spot. And inspecting my cousin’s car we saw all the same faults.

          Now, add to this that their v6 family engines had some issue. My boss paid $3K for rebuilding his with Acura paying another $3K. I’ve been thinking for long time now that acura is fake and it is. This is American car company. What do you expect?

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            Acura is a Japanese company.
            Real American cars are mostly made in Mexico, with the rest made in Canada.
            Mercedes, BMW, Subaru, Nissan, Volkswagen and Hyundai make cars in the United States.

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            @RHD you are 95% wrong. I work for a major supplier of Honda/Acura. Most of our vehicles are made in the USA with some parts out of Mexico/Canada just like most car companies now. It’s not very economical to ship entire cars across the pond for high volume models. Engineering and design and a small percentage of unique parts tend to come from Japan but that’s about it. Stop speaking so authoritatively on something you obviously are not well informed on.

            I also own an MDX and although not the greatest vehicle, for a family 7 seater SUV it has several unique qualities which makes sense for some. Try to fit an 8 year old in the 3rd row of a Lexus RX350L and you will understand why Acura still sells MDX’S. While the Lexus is unquestionably more luxurious, that’s not always what a mid size family prioritizes.

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        Fit is made by Honda not Acura. Nit sure about Finish though.

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        Acura is an American company. It is not sold in Japan. It is created in America and for America. You can read what its original CEO said about it. It has nothing to do with Japan.

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    I understand why they’re making it larger, but sufficient growth will create a sizable gap in the lineup. Any chance Acura will be getting a version of the Passport? I know there are rumors of a reincarnated ZDX, but some of us aren’t willing to sacrifice utility in the name of attention-grabbing homeliness.

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    SCE to AUX

    That edge lighting – personalized for the driver’s mood – is definitely a major leap forward.

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    That roofline looks like they got rid of all the U in CUV.

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    With Honda pulling out of F1 they can now dedicate billions to fix Acura ;)

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    I see no difference between the current MDX and this one with the orange light pipes.

    All electric – is that the hint they’re dropping, because that would be newsworthy.

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    Hopefully they don’t have the 2.0T standard, with a V6 as an option, and only available in stripped trim, like the TLX! The new TLX Type-S, which gets the twin-turbo 3.0 V6, will be lacking equipment that can be had on a $28,000 Civic!

    And the MDX is going to be too big for the 2.0T regardless of trim!

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    What major change is happening here? Looks like the current one to me.

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    Defund Acura! – Bureau of Land Management.

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    I have an ambitious and consequential comment which I plan to post later this month (this is just the teaser).

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    The MDX has 218k on it now. Overall, it has been a decent ownership experience. The quality isn’t up to the BMW X5 they want to compete against…seats, notably, wear and the lumbar support system is made of model plastic. The six cylinder is a good motor, eats no oil, you’ve got to spin it for power, but it doesn’t mind. The SH-AWD, at least in this iteration, gives it stability you don’t expect from such a big water buffalo.

    Downsides- the hood wiggles, it’s disconcerting at 80 mph. The suspension is Honda Pilot taught to dance, not Benz or BMW, so there’s more thump and truck-ness than the competition. Stereo could be better for an alleged top shelf effort. The bluetooth module craps and is very expensive at the dealer, lots cheaper online and not too tough to install (center console)

    Good for the school run, but can also cover interstates all day at 80 plus with a full load. Third row, will carry a 4 x8 building supply.

    The MDX is assembled in Ontario, so technically its Canada, eh ?

    They haven’t changed things much since my 2008. More gears in a less reliable transmission, a stop-start system, and oh, now bluetooth. I was in the dealer last week, and went over the current one. “overstyled” came to mind….who designs this stuff ?

    Acura being acura, I fully expect Bold New Graphics, and maybe some colored thread in the seats and dash. Such a useless front on Honda…..take it out back behind the barn, please, and let Honda make a Pilot Plus, or some such.

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