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Image: VW of America

Volkswagen isn’t listening to Corey, apparently. Just like the rest of us don’t, either! Ba-zing!

I kid, I kid. We all have takes, and we all poke fun at each other on Slack. But Corey just recently wrote that the Volkswagen Arteon needs to die. And yet, it continues to live.

I don’t totally agree with Corey’s take — the Arteon is a pretty decent car. But I see the logic: What’s the business model for a large sedan during a time of crossover craze, especially when one can get a similar Audi for not much more dough?

But VW isn’t ready to pull any plugs just yet. Not surprising, really, since the car just launched not too long ago. It’s out there, and there were development costs and certification costs and all that. Might as well sell as many as VW can and try to make some money off of it, especially as it is refreshed for this year.

So now we have proof of life in the form of 2021 Arteon pricing. The base price for the 2021 MY is $36,995. That’s for an SE.

Step up to the SEL R-Line and pony up at least $41,595 ($43,395 for AWD), while the top-trim SEL Premium R-Line starts at $46,995 with standard all-wheel drive. Destination for all trims is $1,195.

[Image: Volkswagen]

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20 Comments on “2021 Volkswagen Arteon Remains, Pricing Announced...”

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    Grand news for the 197 Americans who can’t live without this.

    When Corey wrote his “Arteon must die” article, my suggestion was to turn away from the “German Avalon” approach of the current model, and go for performance. Drop in the drivetrain from the Golf R / Audi S3 (which both ride on the same MQB platform), tighten up the steering and suspension, and sell it for high-40s. It’d still be a sales bomb, but it might make a statement of sorts. Of course, this would make for a far better performer than the Audi A5 Sportback, so it’s not going to happen.

    All the Arteon does is put people in Avalons, and that’s exactly what I’d do if I was looking for something like this.

    Seriously…before you buy one of these, check out a lightly used A5 Sportback. Warranty up if you’re not feeling confident about Audi reliability. Should run you about $40,000, all-in. It’s a MUCH better, quicker and more involving driver.

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    Sounds even more expensive and Audi-like. I’m sure they’ll fly off the lots!

    My ideas are for people who wanna sell cars, VW has never been into that. Ha.

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      @Corey – like I said, it’d be a sales bomb either way. But if you’re going to fail, you might as well go out swinging. The current Arteon is just…meh.

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      “they’ll fly off the lots!”

      Very unlikely. First flying cars will be Teslas.

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      Funny, they are number one or number two in the world most years, so they seem to be into selling lots and lots of cars. Trading back and forth with Toyota, who don’t “get” Europe in much the same way VW doesn’t “get” the US. I find that amusingly symmetrical.

      Thankfully, since I much prefer the European approach to cars they sell the GTI here.

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    I’ll be interest to see what approach VW Canada takes. Will they stick with offering only the fully loaded AWD model, or offer the FWD too.

    If VW is willing to go out on a near luxury limb for the Arteon, why not take the chance and bring the European Touareg over as well? Slot it above the Atlas? The engineering is done, the vehicle exists. Here in Vancouver there are a tons of Touaregs still around but not many Atlas’ on the road.

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    Arteon is like “Phaeton II” without the lofty upscale goals.

    If Arteon is to live, then US Passat must die. VW doesn’t need two sedans fighting for what is oddly becoming a niche market. The current US Passat is embarrassing, the Arteon seems to be decent enough, though I’ve only sat in one and not driven one. I’d rather see Arteons move downmarket (or down in price) than see the US Passat try to move up.

    I’d rather see a truck (like my current Ridgeline) or minivan from VW than yet another crossover. VW needs the “flagship Arteon” as much as Nissan needs to keep the Maxima around.

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    If they’re going to do that, they need to build it in North America. If they import it from Germany, it’s going to be overpriced as hell, and that’ll put them in the same pickle they’re at with the Arteon.

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    The A5 is a size smaller than Arteon. Back seat space is tight in A5. Arteon back seat space is A7 sized.

    VW’s stealth marketing and VWoA pricing screwed this car. People don’t know what this is or that it exists. I’m talking normal people, not the people that read TTAC.

    I liked it, but it does need a tune to get power up to above 300hp. It’s a terrible value as is, esp. with the hobbled warranty.

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    I don’t know why this car is even available in FWD form. Anybody who is buying this purely on price is going to be better served by the current McPassat – the spiritual successor to the W-body Impala for people who buy their sedans by the lb price.

    Make it AWD only, split the current price difference between FWD/AWD and SE trim shouldn’t exist.

    I would whine about the AWD system but even Audi has been dumbing theirs down a bit in the past few years chasing MPG.

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      “the current McPassat – the spiritual successor to the W-body Impala for people who buy their sedans by the lb price.”

      Did VAG figure out a way for it to be extremely reliable despite abuse and neglect too?

      PASSAT OWNER: Hi I’m here to pick up my 2017 Passat. It broke down and had to be towed.
      VW MINDSET: Did you follow our ten thousand mile maintenance checks, change all fluids yearly, and kiss it goodnight every night?
      PASSAT OWNER: Well, no its just car.
      VW MINDSET: [angry] You do not deserve German engineering; no Passat for you! Next!

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        @28 – what I meant is that I can’t fathom why anyone would buy a Passat over a Camry or an Accord unless they simply had to have the largest possible car for the smallest amount of money.

        The old Impala was often derided for the same reasons.

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          I see your point now. Frankly I always thought the only reason a buyer was swayed by it or Jetta were either favorable sale/finance terms or buyers who traded so often they wanted something “different” (esp those with expense accounts or could deduct the payments).

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      R Henry


      I live in coastal California. I have been driving since 1984, and have easily logged 2 million miles behind the wheel. Never once have I needed awd for any reason.

      I won’t buy the AWD versions of cars because they are generally less fuel efficient and more expensive to maintain and insure. As such you will never see a Subaru (BRS excluded!) in my garage–their features don’t match my needs.

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