Martin Winterkorn, Other Ex-VW Execs Face the Music in Germany

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey
martin winterkorn other ex vw execs face the music in germany

Former Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn is one of five former Volkswagen executives who will be standing trial in a German court over their actions in the diesel emissions cheating scandal.

The five were charged in 2019 for using defeat devices to cheat emissions tests, but a court has modified the charges so that now the five could be charged as a criminal gang.

“The fraud charges concern 9 million vehicles sold in Europe and the U.S.,” the court said in a statement. “Buyers may have lost 100 million euros.”

The court also said that since the pollution levels of Volkswagen vehicles were higher than thought, they should’ve been hit with higher taxes, and because of that, the former execs should also face charges of tax evasion and false advertising.

A few other charges against Winterkorn, including breach of trust, were dropped.

The court’s judges did indicate to prosecutors that they were likely to reject demands to have the executives’ bonuses seized.

An attorney representing Winterkorn denied the charges. Volkswagen, for its part, reminds observers that it has new processes in place, it’s no longer in the prosecutorial crosshairs, and that said, the former execs are innocent until proven guilty.

The case is allowed to proceed, but a trial date is unclear.

[Image: Volkswagen]

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  • SCE to AUX SCE to AUX on Sep 10, 2020

    Martin Winterkorn: *gang leader* "I wish that boy would have done something useful with his life." I guess all the raids produced some pretty strong evidence. In other news, the German auto press slammed the new ID.3 for various quality and paint issues.

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    • Highdesertcat Highdesertcat on Sep 13, 2020

      @MoDo Agreed, he didn't tell them to cheat. And it was implied that he wanted it to happen. IMO, all automakers try to get away with as much as they can, until they get caught. Who can forget some of the brilliant cost-saving measures GM has taken over the last 100+ years? Best alternative is to stay as far away from buying GM as one can. Not to mention Ford. When my #2 son was a State cop his Cruiser was a Crown Vic and he was the first in his Barracks to know that in the case of a rear end collision the fuel tank of his Cruiser could be punctured. I told him that based on a conversation that the B&B had on this very ttac site.

  • TyL TyL on Sep 10, 2020

    I'm sure he was whipped into a maniacal frenzy every time year-end bonuses came out. The closest thing we have to a real-life malevolent Batman villain.

  • ToolGuy ToolGuy on Sep 11, 2020

    When do we prosecute the regulators for ineffective regulationalityization?