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Getting something for nothing always feels good, like when the dealer serves up complimentary air freshener or a water bottle during your regularly scheduled servicing. Alright, so you’re paying for it in a roundabout way, but it’s still nice. Even the complimentary coffee in the waiting grotto counts as something.

For buyers of the Lucid Air, a very long-range electric sedan due to arrive in driveways early next year, a three-year perk awaits. This week, Lucid announced buyers will be table to tap into Electrify America’s charging network for free.

You know Electrify America — it’s the entity created in the wake of Volkswagen’s diesel emissions scandal as penance for years of covert pollution. It’s also in the midst of rolling out fast chargers for use on long-distance EV road trips. And owners of the Air just might need to use one – after all, Lucid hired a third-party testing firm to determine the leggiest version of the car might just secure an EPA range rating of 517 miles.

On second thought, maybe Lucid owners won’t need the free charging.

But perks are perks, and free DC fast charging for three years sounds great. Given the vehicle’s advanced electrical architecture, Lucid claims the Air can ingest 300 miles of range at the most potent of plug-in points in just 20 minutes. Just enough time for a coffee, bathroom break, and smoke.

When not on the road, Lucid hopes owners spring for the Lucid Connected Home charging station, which can fill up the vehicle when parked overnight. It can also suck electrons out of the Air if need be, like when the power goes out. Your frightened neighbors will be envious.

Detailed periodically on these digital pages since its late 2016 debut, the Arizona-built Air will appear in production form next month.

[Images: Lucid Motors]

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6 Comments on “Charging Perks Await Owners of Lucid’s Long-range Lux Sedan...”

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    “It can also suck electrons out of the Air if need be, like when the power goes out. Your frightened neighbors will be envious.”

    This phrase made me do a double- and triple-take … until I remembered the car is called the “Air”.

    I thought they were trying to harness Maxwell’s Aether for a second there. I mean, universal wireless charging would be great, but…

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      Based on my power outages over the past ten years, being able to take power from my vehicle for a few hours to run selected appliances would be just about perfect. (I have seriously considered the purchase of a whole-house generator, but it would be extreme overkill in my situation.)

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    SCE to AUX

    “It can also suck electrons out of the Air if need be, like when the power goes out.”

    Yeah, that sword cuts both ways. For starters, such a charging station would be pretty expensive (I know… Lucid buyers aren’t poor).

    Second, powering your house with the car adds another discharge cycle which ages the battery.

    Third, powering your house with the car could leave you with an empty vehicle, at precisely the time you want to flee.

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    “Lucid announced buyers will be table to tap”,

    C’mon guys, see this about table tapping? The Lucid has such an edge because of its psychic connection.

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    If Lucid customers utilize the Electrify America charging stations at Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, this could lead to some social interactions which never would have occurred otherwise. (Because those circles are pretty far apart on the Venn diagram right now.)

    When I’m at a place like Love’s, I like to peruse the ‘hardware’ section aimed at long-haul truckers. (They have some *sweet* GPS units.) Splurged on a ‘real’ mesh safety flag for my pickup on my last trip [because bandanas have a higher calling in 2020].

    Proposed QOTD: Best Interstate Coffee.

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    Nothing like a bold empty promise. Not a production car made or sold yet. Early next year arrival? Pfft. Sure. Rear bumper cover and body color don’t match and only hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy. “But the sub nucular fuel will be free if we ever churn one out, ma’am!” Ooh ya! Sign me up! Who doesn’t love a potential bargain? And you get free coffee and donuts too, from the Lucidaire AI-powered dry ingredient and rainfall collection dispenser and mobile oven percolator (pat pending), It’s the hidden Lucid advantage for actual purchasers. Fits under the headliner. We’re going to park ours next to our Rivian, y’know.

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