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2019 Genesis G70 rear quarter

The G70 has thus far proven to be the most popular model in the Genesis lineup, attracting new buyers in the premium compact passenger car space since its late-2018 introduction.

Last year, the brand drew 56 percent of its volume from the G70. Through the first half of 2020, the G70 boasted more than double the sales of the next closest model, the G80. With quality awards adorning its trophy shelf, a pleasing design that fits its role as a rear-drive sports-luxury sedan, a window sticker capable of luring customers from German and Japanese brands, and power to spare, the G70 has a lot going for it.

But perhaps there’s a way for Genesis to boost its margins…

Turns out, there is. According to a 2021 order guide seen by CarsDirect, the G70 stands to gain a special edition trim for the coming model year, increasing the car’s cachet… and price ceiling.

Per the guide, the G70 Special Edition packs on the appearance niceties. Retailing for $54,925 after destination in rear-drive form, the new top rung of the G70 ladder is $3,650 dearer than the previous pinnacle (G70 3.3T Sport Package). Adding all-wheel drive increases the ask by two grand.

The Special Edition amasses everything that comes with the 3.3T Sport Package and adds a different set of 19-inch wheels, matte paint, a sport black interior with grey stitching, and a 12.3-inch 3D digital display already found in overseas markets. Nothing changes powertrain-wise.

It’s also possible that nothing changes with the model’s front and rear fascia, despite persistent rumors of a refresh arriving for the 2021 model year. Genesis wouldn’t talk about that, and apparently nothing in the available materials lends any credence to the reports.

Not a problem if it isn’t, as the G70 remains a looker, as well as a good value — especially in cheaper trims featuring the twin-turbocharged 3.3-liter V6. Adding a special edition trim is just a time-honored way to squeeze this car for a little extra juice.

[Image: Chris Tonn/TTAC, Genesis Motors]

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20 Comments on “Report: Looking for a More Expensive Way to Get Into the Least Expensive Genesis? You’re in Luck...”

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    Postponing the refresh to 2022 would be an act of kindness to those of us with functioning eyes. Better yet, giving the North American market a specific [read less polarizing] grille treatment would be an outright blessing.

    • 0 avatar

      I agree w/you…BUT there is a design/marketing school of thought that being polarizing is better than being beige—see Lexus and its Predator grills versus the post-Bangle 5 series.

      • 0 avatar

        Tasteful grilles don’t need to be anonymous or boring. Volvo’s are immediately identifiable, simple and elegant. I’d say Jag, Land Rover, Alfa, and even most Lincolns fall into that category as well.

  • avatar

    very nice and… good luck…. to anyone who wants to drop $50K on this

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    My neighbor (who has had a long string of higher end stuff including BMW and Lexus) says the Genesis dealer (co-located with a Hyundai store) treats him like a potentate. I know the car has been flat-bedded over there a couple times but he’s a happy customer. So corporate must be spending some dough to give the stores gravy to dish out.

    • 0 avatar

      Is it flat-bedded by something like “Bubba’s Towing”, or does the dealer have its own rollbacks? I’m wondering if it’s truly white glove service, and that there’s no chance some third party will damage the car. Does he seem happy with reliability? Flat-bedding sounds extreme.

      • 0 avatar

        I’m not familiar with any dealers who are in the towing business, but I assume (at least the high end ones) contract with service providers who have a history of being competent.
        My neighbor’s attitude is “well the car wasn’t perfect but they treat me like a king”. Maybe it’s the cute little blonde that is the service dept concierge? OTOH he’s also talking about a Supra next.

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    These are great looking cars, and my Dad loves his, I guess it’s the smaller of the 2 previous Genesises, but larger than this one.

    I’d have no issue going from my 7 Series to one of these.

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    Aside from the schnoz, it’s a decent-looking piece.

    I love how Acura and HyundKia seem to ape each other’s designs, since the side view is spot-on with the outgoing TLX. Never noticed that, but unlike when I was a teenager in the’80s, and could not only identify just about every make and model of vehicle on the road, but had pretty good odds of guessing the year, today’s vehicles are such amorphous blobs that even the most ardent of car people are lucky to guess the make, much less anything else, even a short distance away.

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    If they’re going with special editions, they have reached top tier luxury status, right?

  • avatar

    “luring customers from German and Japanese brands”

    I highly doubt this statement, unless you have solid data behind it.

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    Even taking into account the dealer network situation (which was bungled at the start), the G70 hasn’t been meeting sales expectations due to it focusing too much on driving dynamics at the expense of packaging/interior space much like the Cadillac ATS.

    The larger/more expensive G80 was outselling the G70 at a similar stage in its life-cycle, and the new G80 should once again outsell the G70 (as will the GV80 and GV70).

  • avatar

    I’ve sat in a G70 and while nice, it is a good deal smaller than the G80. The back seat room is limited.

    • 0 avatar

      Yeah, it seems like G70 is packaged about the size of a Civic for interior people space, especially in the back seat. Not really suitable for anything other than hauling kids or very short adults.

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    Having test driven both the Stinger and G70, I honestly don’t see what the hype has been all about. Top-line models are nowhere near worth their asking prices. If you can grab a new V6 Stinger for under, say $42k, that makes more sense, but otherwise I’d sooner take a CPO AWD Acura TLX, Buick Regal GS, Lexus GS, or even an A6 or 5 Series.

    • 0 avatar

      If their top line models (which are more in demand than the lower trims) aren’t worth their asking price, even more so for the Germans which are appreciably more $.

      Also, the CPO argument is lame, as can just as well get a CPO G70 or Stinger,, and thints like the GS, A6 and 5er are a class segment higher.

      And no, neither the TLX nor the Regal drive as well, much less have comparable interiors.

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    Looks like they managed to move about a thousand G70 units a month in the US prior to the pandemic. In Canada, where it has been on sale since March 2018, sales are lukewarm at best despite concierge service. Back seat room is laughable, and the 2.0t a snore with a weird transmission — and there’s high road noise from the rear wheels. About as sporty as a hot cross bun — it hardly invites “sporty” driving. Yeah, so I didn’t try the 3.3t. Whoopi do. If you want to convince yourself that the car has the Germans by the short and curlies, be my guest. Nothing like buying a car by convincing yourself from internet thumbs up drooling on the spec sheet from basement dwellers. Yeah, I know a 2.5t is on the way to overpower the Sonata and this thing. Wow, I can hardly wait.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    I don’t see many G70’s in the NYC metro area. There seem to be far more Alfa Giulias, 3-series BMWs, Volvo S60, and Audi A3/4s. Maybe the lease or purchase deals are better or the dealer network is still sparse.

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