By on May 13, 2020

What’s the point of owning a GMC if no one knows it’s a GMC? The question no one asked is apparently being answered, with General Motors reportedly offering a lit-up badge as a dealer-installed option for its 2021 Yukon line.

Sometimes a mile-high grille filled with a red GMC logo big enough to bludgeon a man to death with just isn’t enough to get the message across.

This tidbit comes by way of GM Authority, which reports that the option will set a customer back $475. The illuminated emblem, of which no images or color details exist, will apparently be offered on both the redesigned Yukon and its long-wheelbase XL sibling, regardless of trim level.

And no, you can’t get one for the liftgate.

The move seems to mirror a new badging-as-billboard effort by GM. Not too long ago, the automaker suggested, via images, that the upcoming Cadillac Lyriq EV crossover will wear a light-up crest badge — and one of a new design, to boot. In GMC’s case, there’ll be plenty more real estate to illuminate.

It’s in keeping with GMC’s continued push upmarket, and the fact this feature won’t be relegated solely to the top-tier Denali model reveals, perhaps, that The General’s truck division feels its makeover is complete. Or maybe it’s just a way to make $475 while turning its vehicles into rolling nighttime advertisements.

Boasting a newly independent rear suspension, extra length, an optional diesel engine, and a new AT4 trim, the 2021 Yukon line was scheduled to appear in dealerships this summer. It isn’t known whether the pandemic-prompted production shutdown has delayed its arrival.

[Image: General Motors]

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31 Comments on “Report: GMC to Get Lit...”

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    Theres a Ryan Reynolds “but why” .gif that comes to mind here.

    • 0 avatar

      Illuminated emblems scream “I bought this car because I’m a narcissistic dumbass!”

      Seriously, who doesn’t get the urge to spit on a Mercedes because it has an illuminated emblem?

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    I thought that NHTSA had always mandated that only emergency vehicles could have blue or red illumination pointing forward?? Assuming this badge is going to light up in red, big as a billboard, I’m SHOCKED that they can get away with it.

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    More bling for the soccer moms who don’t want anybody to miss their Denali.

    Of course I wonder how many dealers will just click the option box while ordering inventory so it will get to the point it will be hard to find one WITHOUT the illuminated badge?

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    Am I alone in thinking “badge delete” would be a much more appealing option?

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    A more popular option would be for it to come with no emblems. Especially those puke yellow, monster size bowties on Chevys.

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    Self Selecting to broadcast I M A DOUCHE.



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    And to think someone went to college for 4-6 years and this is what they come up with

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    This is no less, nor any more gaudy and tacky as the light up starmarque on the Mercedes line. Speaking of the Merc’s lit up badge, I’ve only seen it on the low end models.

    These remind me of the light up “coach” lights that were on vehicles like the Oldsmobile 98 Regency Brougham that were affixed to either the sail panel or the B-pillar.

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    1986 Mercury Sable front “light bar”. Ahead of its time.

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    475 bucks for a lightbulb and a length of wire?

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    Well, at least it lights up, so that makes it possibly equal in value compared to the 2020 RAV4 black out badge option for $175. Yup you can have all the the normally chrome exterior badges done over in black.
    The trend to giant badges rubs me the wrong way. I liked the smaller subtle ones. Toyota again comes to mind. the literally build their styling around the presentation of the badge, such as the current Camry.
    I would be embarrassed to sport a lit up brand badge. I may like a certain brand, but being a cheerleader for them is just not me.

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    I’ve seen various Mercedes with this “feature”

    It isn’t particularly crisp or clear. It doesn’t look good.

    Plus it just screams to me that you have to be SURE that other drivers know you’re driving a Mercedes, 24/7, which is pretty D-Baggy.

    Not only that but isn’t the point of most of the people buying GMCs is that it is a big comfy nice car but doesn’t scream “look at me” like BMWs, Mercs, etc?

    • 0 avatar

      Not only that but isn’t the point of most of the people buying GMCs is that it is a big comfy nice car but doesn’t scream “look at me” like BMWs, Mercs, etc?

      Yes GMC was in the position of being like Buick and Oldsmobile were in the 1960s. What you drove when you were successful but didn’t want to draw a whole lot of attention to that fact.

      Notice I sad WAS.

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    Other then giving Buick dealers a truck to sell, GMC has no reason to exist.

    Everything they do could be shoveled into Chevrolet while saving an entire marketing budget and allowing Silverado to compete with F-150 model for model.

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    If you want to announce your presence with authority…

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    If a Yukon is allowed to have an illuminated GMC badge, I’m expecting no less than the whole grille to light up (and pulse) for the upcoming Escalade.

    • 0 avatar

      Escalade “Social Buzz” Notification Package ($1495 MSRP) will cause everyone’s cellphone to vibrate who is within 100 yards of your approaching vehicle (assuming they have the “Status Conscious” app installed – and really who wouldn’t).

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    Mr. Monte

    Having seen this on various Infiniti’s and Benz’s, not a fan of this gaudy trend!

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