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A 5-year-old boy from Utah literally let his passion for cars run away with him over the weekend. After argument with his mother over the possibility of procuring him a Lamborghini, he decided to steal the family SUV to drive to California and buy one himself.

Unaware that the brand’s products typically go for six-figure sums (and that there is a much closer dealership in Las Vegas), the child was discovered driving sloppily on Utah’s I-15 by local law enforcement on Monday afternoon.

Utah State Patrol said he had about three dollars in his pocket. 

According to local outlet KSL, the boy spent about 5 minutes driving to the expressway before his lack of experience caught up with him. A Utah State Patrol trooper hunting for speeders spotted the child traveling at 30 mph while failing to maintain proper lane etiquette. UHP Lt. Nick Street said a stop was initiated at 12:15 in the afternoon, with the presumption that they were dealing with a drunk driver.

From KSL:

“When they found the vehicle, they thought ‘Oh yeah, this might be an impaired person’ and when the car pulled over, it even seemed more like this person might not know what they’re doing,” Street said, adding that it was “luck” that the trooper spotted the vehicle before anything worse may have happened.

That trooper was able to pull the vehicle over near the 24th Street off-ramp. When the trooper got out to speak with the driver, he discovered a boy whose head barely reached the headrest behind the wheel.

“He was sitting on the front edge of the seat so that he could reach the brake pedal to keep the car stopped while I was standing there,” said UHP trooper Rick Morgan, who initiated the stop. “I helped him get the car into park, shut the vehicle down and then we started to look for means to contact his parents.”

The family confirmed the boy’s age and explained that an older sibling was supposed to be watching the child while both parents were working. They also mentioned the car-related argument and noted that the 5-year-old had never attempted anything like this in the past. Meanwhile, the kid told authorities he was attempting to get to his sister’s house in California and hopefully purchase a Lamborghini for himself.

Morgan added that the boy was clearly rattled by the experience and was on the verge of crying. That said, Lt. Street admits he was impressed the child managed to drive at all.

“I have a son who just turned six and I can’t imagine him being able to figure out how to get behind the wheel or even having the want or willpower to be like ‘I’m going to California to buy a Lamborghini,'” he said.

Amusing, but this funny little story may not have a happy ending. Street mentioned that the family could be up on charges if the Weber County attorney’s office sees fit. “We’re counting our blessings but that doesn’t mean a high-risk situation that put a lot of people’s lives in jeopardy,” he said. “Based on that, we’ll talk with the county attorney and see what charges they would like filed or screened with them and we’ll do that.”

Utah State Patrol took the time to remind parents not to keep car keys in an area where small children might have access. It also posted a censored image of the boy sitting in the driver’s seat and dash-cam footage of the stop. While he’s not going to take the Daytona 500 any time soon, he didn’t do so bad for his first outing behind the wheel. Let’s hope the courts are kind and he waits a few more years before attempts his next road trip.


[Image: Utah Highway Patrol]

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16 Comments on “Embracing His Inner Adult: Utah Child Steals Family Car to Drive to Lamborghini Dealership...”

  • avatar

    I saw this story earlier on the news and…5 years old…really? The kid’s bigger than The Stig!

  • avatar

    Since he was clearly a child and alone in the vehicle WHY didn’t the cop take him gently back to his patrol car and call for assistance instead of leaving him sitting in the cab for so long?

  • avatar

    5? I can’t even imagine a 5 year old being able to pull out of the driveway. This kid is going to be something in the automotive world someday. If he lives that long

  • avatar

    Potential buyer with cash in hand, no debt and no strikes on his credit – don’t let him leave the dealership!

    From the video – he changes lanes like some adults I’ve seen.

    The older sibling ‘babysitter’ is so busted.

    And don’t get excited – he’s a crossover driver and was clearly going for the Urus.

    • 0 avatar

      At first, I figured that the kid either wouldn’t be able to sit, or would be grounded, until his 30th birthday! If not both!

      After reading this, my guess is murder charges against one of the parents in the death of the older sibling.

  • avatar
    Art Vandelay

    No chance on the Lambo, but Mitsubishi, Nissan or Kia definitely would have financed him.

  • avatar

    Awesome story.

  • avatar

    Somebody needs to GoFundMe a Lambo for that kid! And get him box seats at Indy and Cota. Every petrolhead’s favorite five year old!

  • avatar

    Wow, .


  • avatar

    Parents should be held responsible for young kid’s misdeeds – but in proportion to the damage done (Dennis breaks Mr. Wilson’s window with a baseball so George pays to fix the window).
    Damage done here: a couple of hours of police time, risk to other people and the cop’s life by addressing an impaired driver….I’d say a nice donation by the parents to the police benefit fund would be in order, but nothing that involves a judge.

  • avatar
    01 Deville

    1. Hoping against hope child protections services wont be involved. They didn’t say how old the babysitting sibling was.
    2. This kid is badass, and a gofundme to get his at least a go kart would be a good idea.

    • 0 avatar
      schmitt trigger

      Unfortunately, I believe child protection services will become involved.

      There are so many things that could go wrong when two youngsters are left alone for extended periods.

      For instance…..We don’t know whether the parents are gun owners or not, and if so, that those are kept properly locked.

  • avatar

    The first thing he needs is a Big Wheel. Go-karts in a few years.
    The parents need to hire proper daycare, since they are both working.
    Nice Photoshop job to protect the kid’s privacy. Stig Jr. will probably get a spiff or two out of this episode.

  • avatar

    I see that a Lamborghini owner (a shady local businessman) provided the kid with a ride in one and there are pictures of the kid riding on his mother’s lap in the passenger seat of the Lambo. Additionally, someone wants to fly him to California where they will let him drive a real Lambo (with supervision).

  • avatar

    Had the officer not stopped him, and he ran out of gas on the highway…that could have been tragic.

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