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Even though the refreshed BMW 5 Series earned top billing this week, Bavaria’s favorite automaker also released an inky black teaser image of the revamped 4 Series — a vehicle that, like its larger sedan sibling, was forced into a digital debut after coronavirus fears ended basically every car-related gathering expected to take place in 2020.

Despite the car being shrouded in blackness, we managed to enact some digital trickery of our own to get a better glimpse of its front end. While there was only so much we could do to the image before it became a complete mess, the move managed to shed some light on the model’s grille — and how closely it plans on adhering to the Concept 4 that debuted at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

While not quite as grandiose as the concept that served as a design template (seen below), the new 4 Series is clearly informed by it. The kidney grille is much bigger, perhaps without matching the full scope of the Concept 4, and the massive inlets beneath the headlamps appear to have followed a similar trajectory.


BMW seems to be chasing a more aggressive look, and has adopted a few items to show the brand is onboard with modern design. This is most evident in the “diamond grille” pattern pushed by rival Mercedes-Benz. While your author is of the mind that these dappled openings won’t age particularly well, manufacturers seem to think they’re fairly hot at the moment. Extravagant grilles have been particularly welcome on the Chinese market, which is why you tend to see them on luxurious global models with a strong presence in Asia.

Unnecessarily large grilles also serve as brand identifiers when traditional badging cannot be counted upon.

The rest of the 4 Series’ proportions should be more in line with what you’d expect from a BMW coupe, however. We anticipate the 4 Concept’s long nose and short rear to carry over. While a fitting shape for rear-wheel drive, Munich has said all-wheel drive will be made available. The 2021 4 Series is expected to launch with the turbo 2.0-liter-equipped 430i (estimated at 250 hp) and 3.0-liter straight-six M440i xDrive (estimated around 370 hp). Future plans include a convertible model, a “Gran Coupe” with a quintet of doors (five if you count the back hatch) and the hotly anticipated, high-performance M4.

The only transmission that has been suggested thus far is the eight-speed automatic. While we’re sure a cadre of enthusiasts are praying for a manual, we’d advise them not to hold their breath. BMW is increasingly shunning be-clutched cars, and there’s no reason to expect the manufacturer to guarantee their continued existence within its products — especially now that they no longer offer any real performance or emissions benefits.

BMW’s new 4 Series debuts digitally on June 2nd at 6:00 p.m. (GMT+2). If you want to watch it live, be sure to sync that with your own time zone before hitting up BMW’s website.

[Images: BMW]

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17 Comments on “BMW 4 Series Teased Ahead of Official Debut...”

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    Did they borrow a sheet of rejected designs from Kia?

  • avatar

    Infiniti called. They want their everything back.

    At least with Infiniti you’re getting a well equipped version not much above base. BMW will bend you over for $55 large and still think they’re blessing you with their clattery, diesel like 4 cylinder engines.

    Oh, and here’s a video game dashboard with too much distracting, non-essential info for you to look at instead of the road.

  • avatar


    Dat face

  • avatar

    They should put the wheels into production, nothing else.

  • avatar

    So, what we have here…Pontiac inspired design replaced with Kia inspired design. Or is Kia a new Pontiac?

  • avatar

    From the A pillar on back, a minimal update of my son’s 2005 Honda Accord Coupe.

  • avatar

    BMW has been struggling with their styling one way or another for years now. Mercedes has gone for the beached whale rounded look on sedans, and Audi has taken to ruining what once were handsome cars with the newest discovery – extra creases, slight curving optional.

    Still, Luc Plonckerdonck has left Hyundai/Kia, exhausted after the Telluride and Palisade and gone back home to Bavaria his press release says, when he’s actually from Brussels in that another country, Belgium. BMW could pick him up for a song and a 100 litres of pure Munich lager, and by this time next month there’d be handsome if anonymous BMWs ready to wow the world, without that ridiculous grille.

    These days, there’s no difference between major car companies when it comes to the quality of metal-bashing and mechanicals. A cheap Hyundai is as well-made as a Mercedes S Class. That leaves only styling, quality of the interior materials and frivolous electronic doo-dads to separate big money from small (well, Ford need lessons on how to hang doors and hood properly). New features are the purview of the supplier chain, and they’ll flog whatever they got to anyone waving a credit card (no cash contactless payment). Premium or luxury over regulah means nothing but brand management to justify pricing. Premium is near enough interchangeable – blindfolded then plunked down inside a car with all branding signs removed, people would have a hard time knowing if they were in a BMW, Audi or Mercedes. There’s no distinctive brand style that distinguishes any more. Even dashes are but variations on a theme and differentiation comes from who can design the world’s most clueless and non-intuitive shifter. Honda wins that one with stupid pushbuttons, with Volvo’s double tapper hard on its heels – or, take your pick.

    No wonder Tesla does well. Even a complete dolt can get it to move without reading the manual or peering about looking for secret buttons.

    Meanwhile the new BMW 4 series front end looks as though it can be improved merely by driving it at 5 mph into a concrete wall.

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    I’ve been a BMW fan all of my life, starting at an early exposure to the marque as a child in the mid 70s. I’ve owned several, the last a 1993 325is that I still miss (and the wife is still upset that we sold). Upon relocating to Germany this spring, we got to talking about buying a new BMW when our time here is done and we head home. But if this “buck tooth” beaver grin is the new corporate face, I’ll have to pass. The subtle style and balance that once enamored me with the brand has been all but chucked out the window.

  • avatar

    It’s hideous. I hate it.

  • avatar

    “Despite the car being shrouded in blackness, […] While there was only so much we could do to the image before it became a complete mess…[!]”


    Wait, that red POS IS the concept!

    You can still see the gaping maw in that top picture! It ain’t gonna be pretty!

    At least the 5er still looks reasonable! Better scoop one up while you can, if that’s your type of ride!

  • avatar
    Jeff S

    I like the Mazda Soul Red as well.

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