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On Thursday, NASCAR announced the planned debut of the next-generation stock car is being pushed back until 2022. The new breed was originally expected to take the field at next year’s Daytona 500, but the COVID-19 pandemic has reportedly made that impossible.

“Due to challenges related to the coronavirus pandemic, the debut of the Next Gen car will be delayed until 2022,” John Probst, NASCAR Senior Vice President of Racing Innovation, said in a statement. “The decision was made in collaboration with the OEMs and team owners. We will continue to develop the Next Gen car, and a revised testing timeline will be shared when more information is available.”

While the new cars have seen some light testing already, they’re incurring a huge number of changes that require more R&D time before anybody feels comfortable putting them on a track for an actual competition. There’s just too much left to contend with. In addition to the totally redesigned bodywork, next-gen vehicles are supposed to boast fresh aerodynamics, larger brakes, 18-inch center-locking lug wheels, independent rear suspensions and modern hybrid powertrains. NASCAR is even swapping the traditional four-speed manual for a sequential transmission.

Some of those changes sparked criticism from fans who said they muddle what NASCAR is all about (and remove some of the challenge for drivers and their crews). Shrewdly, the sanctioning body slipped in a mention of the car’s current progress to assuage those fears. But we never pegged “professional racing driver” as a stress-free assignment and presume most people who’ve spent a prolonged period of time inside an active track car would feel the same.

“It’s not about what drives the best, what’s the easiest to drive … we don’t want that,” NASCAR Cup driver Joey Logano said after doing some preliminary testing at Richmond Raceway. “We want something that’s challenging that will show that the best driver and the best team will prevail … So we’re trying things on different extremes.”

NASCAR hasn’t offered any updates on when the car will ultimately make its racing debut. For now, we’re operating under the assumption that the delay will least at least one full year.

[Image: NASCAR]

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33 Comments on “NASCAR Delays Next-generation Stock Car Until 2022...”

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    What will the next stock cars even be based on? Ford and Chevy have no sedans left except for the Malibu. Is everyone going to just run a Charger or Camry?

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      #Blazer… or
      idk. Thats depressing. Its Friday and time to do yard work.

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      Art Vandelay

      Well traditionally it is full sized rear drive coupes so that ship has been sailed since Chevrolet decided to run the Lumina.

      I’d like to see stock body shells and stock engine architecture for a company’s 2 door offerings meaning Chevrolet runs the Camaro with an OHV V8, Ford runs the Mustang with a DOHC V8, Toyota runs the Supra with a boosted inline 6 and should FCA get back in they run an OHV V8.

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      Actually, Chevrolet will still continue to use the Camaro model, as shown in the lead illustration. Ford will continue to use its Mustang model, as it has since the start of 2019.

      Toyota has been using its Supra model in NASCAR’s second-tier series since last year, and I suspect it’ll step up with its sports coupe model for 2021. So NASCAR will make the full transition from “taxicab racing” to loose facsimiles of pony cars.

      Facsimile being the operative term …

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    I think they need to be concerned about how many fans will come back if there’s an extended period without any races.

    At least they’re adopting some late 20th century advancements, like center-lock wheels. Maybe they could go to overhead fueling hoses and central jacking, too?

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    Oh, Boy! New stickers on the bodywork will be the only thing people will notice.

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    Will the new car be able to make right turns?

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    Wait……you mean Nascar cars aren’t just regular stock cars?
    Then how do they call themselves the national association for STOCK CAR auto racing?

    (sarc off)

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    Art Vandelay

    I was a fan but backed off around the time the “Car of Tomorrow” debuted. I would still usually watch the Daytona 500 though just because.

    What was the best race I’ve seen in years? The last 2 they ran on iRacing. Not sure what that says about the state of the sport, but it was more entertaining than the 500 was for sure.

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    What is the purpose of NASCAR. Why do not race stock cars in more real life conditions? I think it would be much more exciting.

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      Well, that was the point of it when it started back in the 40s and 50s. I haven’t watched a Nascar race in many, many years. Seems pointless to me.

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      because Bill France and the ossifying Boomers decided the world should stay frozen in time- a time which just conveniently aligns with how things were when they were in their 20s- and NASCAR has been stuck there ever since. They’d rather let it decay and rot in the ground than admit they need to make anything but superficial changes.

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    NASCAR officially jumped the shark with Danica Patrick. Yeah like there’s not enough fans from the little girl segment.

    It’s the corporate boardroom the ruins sports. Now NASCAR is just an excuse to drink beer.

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      Art Vandelay

      It jumped the shark in the mid to late 90s when Jeff Gordon got in. No knock on him…he is/was a great driver. But it was him that got NASCAR to attempt to widen the sport’s appeal and it became a driver focused affair where the cars were second fiddle and began the slide into the current spec series it is versus the old days.

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    Sounds like Aussie Supercars, hope there’s more road courses, I’d watch NASCAR on a road course.

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    Time to shift to mid-sized SUV…

    Ford/GM don’t make family cars anymore

    The SUV shape with finally bring back a high drag vehicle that they’ve wanted for over 2 decades now.

    Ford Edge vs. Chevy Equinox vs. Toyota Highlander…

    Bet other makes would start pumping money into the series

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      Art Vandelay

      NASCAR was only “Family Cars” for a short period. It has typically been full sized coupes, which it no longer is for obvious reasons.

      I have no issue with the Camaro and Mustang or Challenger (When FCA was still in). Toyota needs to run the Supra though or one of the big Lexus coupes. They are the last maker still running a family car.

      And of course they should be stock body shells like back in the day even if the cars themselves aren’t stock.

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    “NASCAR Senior Vice President of Racing Innovation”

    That must be a fast-paced job (almost as slow as the guy responsible for changing last names on ownership deeds for U.S. automotive dealerships).

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    If NASCAR died, would anyone notice or care?

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    Why would there be a Camaro race car for the next gen? Didn’t the Witch Barra Motors Company cancel the Shamaro for production? I wonder what car would be left to race for that company? A Cadihack?

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      Art Vandelay

      They could. Ford tested with the Lincoln Mk VIII back in the day even though it never raced. Not sure what the tire bulge did for aerodynamics.

      The most stock vehicle to grace a racetrack this year was a Cadillac. Sadly it was Trump’s limo.

      If you are going to open it to the Supra, you may as well just throw the Corvette out there, but it would have to be front engine…unless Ford runs the GT. Never going to happen (in NASCAR), but it would be a good series.

      It is a real question though…GM needs to race a performance car, but they have none (NASCAR wise). Ford doesn’t have a normal family car to counter and Toyota is going to race a BMW. At this point the truck series is probably the best approximation of what fans drive.

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    Swapped the winter tires on the truck for the summer tires and then worked a bit on the dash in the Cobra replica. New Speedhut gauges and Corbeau seats since the old VDO stuff was awful and the old seats leather was all cracked. Went from a black dash and seats to camel/spice color.

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