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This may come as less than exciting news, given that we’ve already seen properly leaked 2021 Cadillac Escalade images already. “Properly” meaning someone sneaked their phone out and fired off a couple of bad pics in a secure area.

That said, the next-generation Escalade has shown its face in an official image ahead of next week’s big reveal. By all accounts, it will be a star-studded affair. The amount of cosmetic surgery bestowed upon the range-topping SUV will surely put attendees at ease.

Yes, General Motors has really gone Hollywood. First, the automaker secured a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for the Chevrolet Suburban; now, it’s roped Spike Lee into filming a 3-minute spot titled “Anthem” to coincide with the Escalade’s February 4th launch. It will be shown ⁠— where else? ⁠— in Hollywood.

The award for most overbearing use of Tinseltown glamor for marketing purposes goes to… GM!

Pictured behind the famous director in a much wider-angle GM photo is the ferociously upright prow of the 2021 Escalade ⁠— the third and last of GM’s body-on-frame full-size SUVs to drop. Its towering front end draws the same cues from the Escala-inspired sedans and crossovers launched over the past year or so. Narrow LED headlamps sit atop towering vertical LED light bars, ensuring instant recognition at night.


Boasting a newly independent rear suspension and updated styling wrapped around a slightly bigger box, the Escalade also dons an obscenely large curved screen spanning much of the dash. The automaker claims it stretches 38 inches on the diagonal and offers resolution twice that of a 4k TV.

Perhaps more interesting to our readers is what lurks beneath the model’s hood. While a 10-speed automatic and a tried-and-true 6.2-liter V8 will undoubtedly be on the menu, the jury’s out on whether the 3.0-liter inline-six diesel offered in the 2021 Suburban/Tahoe and Yukon will wear a Caddy crest.

Any association between Cadillac and diesel propulsion will inevitably spur memories of the dismal 5.7-liter oil burner of the 1980s, one which emitted a Kenworth-worthy cloud from a de Ville tailpipe on a certain episode of MotorWeek. As it seeks to lower fleetwide emissions and offer customers lowered fuel economy, the 3.0L Duramax might be an appealing option for the brand — historical connections notwithstanding.

[Images: General Motors]

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16 Comments on “Close-up: 2021 Cadillac Escalade Teased, Short Film to Come...”

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    Better be done right. This car is responsible for – what – 75% of all the division’s profits? More?

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      This is the only Cadillac product you’ll see in the best of the Green Leafy Burbs…and those buyers buy or lease new…and they buy the new model when it comes out. The cars are few and far between, but the tiny woman with the Canada Goose jacket, tall boots, and expensive watch drives this Truck….

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    Hoping the new IIHS headlight standards will fix what ails essentially every Cadillac Model.

    Pretty sure someone in GM’s top brass said “make sure the headlights blind EVERYONE!” ….and so it was. Its not just the Slade either, feel like its sort of a Cadillac hallmark at this point.

    In typical Cadillac fashion, fog lights will probably only be available as part of $15,000 option package. Im sure it is a nice car inside and out but feel like the new Lincoln Navigator is so much cleaner and more pleasing to look at the the current Slade and probably the new Slade too. Always thought that Art and Science looked much better on sedans than SUV’s and we all know the sedans are probably already on their way out before their first quarter of sales is even reported.

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    Escalade sales volume peaked in 2006 (74% higher than 2019).

    Navigator sales volume peaked in 1998 (135% higher than 2019).

    Possible explanations welcome.

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    Don’t think there are too many people alive today, that recall the 5.7-liter oil burner of the 1980’s. Done correctly with a higher output then the 295hp in the Tahoe/Suburban and Yukon, say 325-330 it will be an attractive option in the states that follow California’s milage regulations, in my state of Nevada and Utah, hell give me a 6.2 and I’ll stroke it to 6.6.

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    Well, what with IRS on board, if they stuff the Blackwing V8 in this the peak of Cadillac-ness to pay off the otherwise useless investment and thereby bring the Escalade completely out of the Stone Age except for its separate frame, certain TTAC commenters will turn purple with rage. So do it, Cadillac! Dream the de Nysschen dream!

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    plenty of metal to protect your distracted driving.

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    Are most of the comments going to moderation? Seems very quiet here today.

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