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Today is the last day of voting for UAW members employed at General Motors plants. By day’s end, we’ll know whether the rank and file saw fit to ratify the tentative agreement signed last week, thus ending the now 40-day-long strike, or send their bargaining team back to the table in search of a better deal.

So far, the membership hasn’t proven particularly enthusiastic, especially those employed at GMCH parts plants.

As reported by Automotive News, GM Components Holdings workers at four plants feel left out of the big gains seen in the tentative agreement, with two western New York plants voting 81 percent against the deal.

“GMCH has always been referred to as the redheaded stepchild. We got the crumbs that fell off the table,” said Lockport, NY GMCH plant worker Bob Schimschack. Under the proposed contract, workers hired after the beginning of the last contract would see their maximum pay rise to $22.50 after eight years. Full-time workers at regular GM assembly plants would see their wages top $32 an hour within four years.

AN is keeping a running tally of results from the separate votes of GM production workers and skilled trades workers. At last check, it’s a slim “yes” from production workers, with broader support seen from the skilled trades. With just under 24,000 votes counted thus far among the production side, 12,996 have voted in favor with 10,961 opting for a better deal.

Earlier this morning, 58 percent of workers at Lansing Delta Township Assembly voted to rejected the deal, according to AN‘s Michael Martinez. A slim majority of Fairfax Assembly’s workers did the same. However, GM’s largest assembly plant, Arlington Assembly, gave the contract a healthy thumbs-up.

Voting wraps up this afternoon, and you can bet we’ll update you on the results.

[Image: General Motors]

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13 Comments on “UAW-GM Contract Vote Looking Like a Close One...”

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    Mary Barra is the one whose responsible for this strike, and she is the one that should be voted out.

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      How is Barra responsible? Seriously.

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        A good CEO would not have the second-longest US auto strike ever happen under their leadership. Barra has a rare ability angry just about all the white and blue-collar workers within the company. Why did you think the UAW was planning to give Barra a no-confidence vote two weeks ago. Barra started the flames by cancelling the Cruze which was still GM’s second best selling car at the time. Barra is a typically insular CEO that cannot communicate her ideas effectively. She makes hunches, but not strategic decisions. A good CEO would have been able to predict the anger caused by the closing of the Lordstown’s plant. The strike happened because Barra let the negative emotions from the plant closings fester for 10 months.

        Lets not even get into GM’s poor reliability and crash test results evident under the Barra reign. She has cost cut GM back into mediocrity.

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    What do make in Lockport now? That was once the home of the Harrison Radiator Division, where they made radiators, heater cores, and air conditioning components.

    • 0 avatar

      I toured that complex in the 70s.
      They made most all the radiators and heater cores for GM production in N. America.
      Incredible volume of parts, unlimited rolls of brass sheet and solder, robots hadn’t been invented yet but production was highly automated. The machines that stuffed the tubes into the fin matrix were a mechanical marvel.

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    Jeff S

    Que Sira, Sira. What will be will be the futures not ours to see.

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    $32.32/hour x 2100 hr/yr = ~ $68,000.00
    average last 3 year profit sharing ~ $10,000
    Gold Plated benefits worth lets say $5,000.

    >>> $83,000/year.
    For turning a bolt on a nut.
    No responsibilities
    No Deliverables.
    No Requisite training or degrees.
    All while doing everything you can to NOT work.
    Call committeeman for BS stuff.
    Sleep on the job
    Have your buddy punch you in or out.

    I really cannot blame GGM for closing USA plants and opening Mexican ones.

    • 0 avatar

      Don’t forget 30 and out with over 3 grand a month plus full medical/dental/vision. Plus a supplemental payment that takes the place of Soc Sec until you hit 62. The UAW in auto manufacturing is on a glide path to zero, but they’ve done a good job of making the slope pretty small.

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      “I really cannot blame GGM for closing USA plants and opening Mexican ones.”

      Well, there have been some QC/QA problems with ALL vehicles where the VIN starts with a 3.

      Read some of the registered complaints on the .gov sites.

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    The UAW IS the problem.

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    If there is ever a reshuffle of North American automotive production and you get to pick teams, choose Arlington Assembly first.

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