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Dodge released a teaser video this morning of a Charger SRT, shrouded by a sheet flapping in the wind. Though covered, the visible cues point to the previously-spied widebody Charger. The video is titled, “Something big is coming…”, so they’re not exactly leaving much to the imagination.

The front bumper looks to ready depart from the current SRT Charger design by incorporating a snout akin to that found on the SRT Durango. The lower outer air inlets grow considerably larger and more aggressive, as well.

It’s pretty cool how they made the sheet give enough away to be interesting. They must’ve had the engine on with the fan running to draw the sheet in towards the grille, so that it would highlight the shape of the revised bumper.


As the camera pans around, the sheet shapes nicely around what appears to be a significantly widened fender — though only for a millisecond. If the formula follows that of the Challenger SRT widebody, we can expect those fenders to be covering a set of 305/35ZR20 Pirelli P-Zeros on 20 x 11-inch forged “Devil’s Rim” alloys.

Mopar Insiders previously claimed the vehicle would debut at the 2019 Woodward Dream Cruise and go on sale as a 2020 model-year vehicle. Additional rumors suggest a fall launch. As the teaser car is sporting an SRT badge, it can be assumed that it is fitted with the 707 hp Hellcat supercharged Hemi V8, if not the higher-output 797 hp Redeye-spec engine. A less-powerful — but inevitably lighter — 6.4L Scat Pack variant is also said to be in the works.

Who doesn’t love all the performance of a coupe with the added the practicality of a sedan?

[Images: Dodge via YouTube]

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13 Comments on “Video: Dodge Teases What Could be the Widebody Charger SRT...”

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    Gee, don’t leave us hanging.

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    The Charger is peak car for the 21st century, it continues to get better on a platform that even newly introduced platforms seem incapable of matching. A truly amazing engineering and design team not strangled by bean counters “is” apparently capable of producing something desirable within modern constraints, GM take notice.

    • 0 avatar

      Design team…maybe…cuz it sells. I’ve personally praised the SRT team for developing lust-worthy hot rods..

      “I cannot give Dodge/SRT/RAM enough credit…they are designing sexy cars that you can’t find anywhere else in the world…Unique AND desirable…”

      But what exactly about the Charger has you lauding their engineering prowess?

      There is nothing in an SRT Charger suggesting they’ve even considered “modern constraints” or have a forward looking strategy to re-think the HEMI or even integrate advanced performance features like hybrid powerplants or magnetorheological dampers.

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        I have magnetic shocks on my SS, from experience I would prefer to just have normal shocks at the mid level of my car. Tires seem to make a bigger difference. However I do give you they are a nice feature while warranty is intact.
        Hybridization is a useless deadend as seen by the adoption rate of such tech. FCA is making money hand over fist and doesn’t even have to waste that money on hybridization tech and other mandates to satisfy a non existent customer. That seems like a huge plus.

        Go look at the new GM sedan platforms and see all the constraints, front drive, many incapable of even carrying a low rent V6. They are throw away cars without any reason to buy over any competitor.
        If all the competitors have the same Front drive, turbo, 4 cylinder design, then what differentiates them?

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          R Henry

          I agree FCA has made good use of the LX platform. There is certainly a market for that kind of car.

          Going forward however, the question certainly pivots to “Is that market big enough, profitable enough?” and will it be worth investing in this segment as crashworthiness and/or other Federal mandates require huge upgrade investments.

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    I love the Charger and Challenger but I’m not a fan of the Widebody.

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    Art Vandelay

    Got a Challenger reserved for my drive up the 101 from LAX to Vandenberg AFB! I’m a Ford guy but for soaking up miles and still enjoying the ride I’ll take the Challenger over the ‘Stang.

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    Michael S6

    how many more versions of this platform can FCA come up with ?

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    Michael S6

    I don’t remember the wide body version of the k car

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