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Cadillac seems to have realized that it screwed up with the new V-Series models it debuted late last week. When the CT4-V and CT5-V were revealed on Thursday, both came with specs that made us wonder why General Motors thought these should be the cars replacing the V-Series variants of the CTS and ATS sedan. Fans of the brand noticed and most automotive outlets were forced to write head-scratching articles about why the twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 will be a suitable replacement for the CTS-V’s big, Corvette-sourced 6.2-liter motor — which makes oodles more power and torque.

Part of this cannot be helped. Environmentalism and an increasingly global marketplace are encouraging automakers to scale down displacement sizes and pair internal-combustion engines with more hybrid tech and forced induction. But it hasn’t changed Cadillac’s problem of delivering a pair of vehicles that appear much weaker on paper than the automobiles they’re essentially replacing. As a result, the company is attempting to reassure customers that these won’t be the only V-Series models on offer. 

Unfortunately, the manufacturer provided no details on what these next automobiles might be like. Since GM is basically trying to calm an angry mob, getting the press release out in an expedient manner was likely more important than outlining technical specifications that have yet to be finalized.

In fact, all Cadillac said was that it brought a few V-Series prototypes to the Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix over the weekend to hype up attendees. Driven by corporate executives Mark Reuss (GM President) and Ken Morris (GM VP of Global Product Programs), the cars were said to serve as a representation of “the next step in Cadillac’s V-Series performance legacy.”

Barring some unique wheels, aerodynamics and paint, neither car looked terribly different from the performance sedans we’ve already seen. We didn’t even notice an appreciable difference in ride height. However, the mere fact that Cadillac even bothered to parade them around means there will likely be hotter V-Series models in the future. The brand has previously mentioned that the introductory CT4-V, and its mid-sized counterpart, could be entry-level performance vehicles with something more hardcore to follow.

From a business standpoint, this makes some sense. Cadillac can now move V-Series models downmarket, possibly bringing in more buyers, while saving the high-output models for individuals with better finances. Without more coming from GM, all we can do is speculate about the later cars. But it’s a reasonably safe bet to assume Cadillac will furnish these models with additional suspension upgrades, breathed-on engines, and some amount of lightening to help bolster overall performance.

With the CT4-V making 320 horsepower and the CT5-V delivering an estimated 355 hp to the old ATS-V and CTS-V’s 464 hp and 640 hp, respectively, increasing output will be essential. Because, right now, it looks like Cadillac is rolling over and offering substantially weaker performance variants. But we’ve already heard rumors that the CT5 could eventually see the CT6-V’s Blackwing engine — which is a 4.2-liter, twin-turbo V8 good for an estimated 550 hp with 627 pound-feet of torque. While that claim has yet to be confirmed by anyone of substance, it does provide a likely pathway for Cadillac’s V-Series power problem, which it is assuredly trying to remedy as swiftly as possible. But we’ll have to postpone any further speculation while General Motors figures out what will be going into these vehicles and how it plans to differentiate them from the existing V cars without turning its naming strategy into a longwinded, alphanumeric mess.

[Images: General Motors]

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19 Comments on “Cadillac Claims Hardcore V-Series Vehicles Are Incoming...”

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    They better be! The last V-series were the best American sedans built in the last 90 years. Regardless of disappointing sales they were the first and only American sedans to take on the Germans and win. However, they fell just short of the Germans in overall quality.

    I saw a incredible imposing black CTS-V at WAWA the other day.

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      Don’t worry – as long as the current management structure and bean-counting engineering philosophy remains in place, General Mismanagement will find a way to screw this up.

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    This is where Cadillac’s Torque in NM number will come in…. you can get your CT5-V in 550 format or 900 format.

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    Add Lightness

    I agree that the V’s were quite the performer but not every new generation has to have more of everything than the previous.
    It seems very silly when I see 300+ hp minivans or 700+ hp Jeep brand SUV’s and the new Accords are just plain huge IMO.
    How about 2/3 the weight and 3/4 the hp for a compromise?

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    I’ve told Guangzhou-Guadalajara Motors that I will take 1/2 of Mary Barra’s total annual compensation (but I want another lump sum amount of $1,000,000 for every additional 30,000 Cadillacs sold under my tenure on a YoY basis from my starting date through 2035) and fix Cadillac, at a deep, foundational, lasting level.

    It will take me 5-7 years and Cadillac will lose money during those years, but in manageable amounts, but then CADILLAC will be a TRULY COMPETITIVE, GLOBAL LUXURY VEHICLE BRAND PRODICING WORLD CLASS VEHICLES AND CONQUESTING COMPETITORS’ MARKET SHARE.


    About 0.00000000003% of AMG, M Series, Audi Sxx, etc. Etc etc etc are going to give a flying fack about…

    “[Are]umors that the CT5 could eventually see the CT6-V’s Blackwing engine — which is a 4.2-liter, twin-turbo V8 good for an estimated 550 hp with 627 pound-feet of torque. While that claim has yet to be confirmed by anyone of substance, it does provide a likely pathway for Cadillac’s V-Series power problem, which it is assuredly trying to remedy as swiftly as possible….”

    How about getting at *least as good* as a Volkswagen GTI in terms of interior material quality, fit/finish, gauges/center stack, or *at least as good* as the Lexus or even the new Genesis in terms of NVH or suspension tuning that achieves ride comfort without sacrificing handling completely (as I’ve said many times, and those who actually bothered to listen and report agree, a now-ancient Chrysler 300 has better ride quality by a not so insignificant margin than ANY current Cadillac (including the CT6, which actually rides like sh!t on real world roads, not to mention the heap Escalade, with it’s awful solid rear axle).



    It’s not a CT4, XT4, XT6, (upcoming) XT3, etc. Adding massive horsepower under the hood will not and can’t address the middling interior quality, awful reliability, awful dealership network, CHEAP PARTS BIN RAIDING GUANGZHOU-GUADALAJARA MOTORS MINDSET (where Cadillacs literally use 90% or greater of the same parts as Chevys/GMCs – go check, I’ll wait for anyone to compare the XT4, XT6, Escalade, etc to Chevy/GMC counterparts).

    Cadillac has to hire actually, competent people, despite Guangzhou-Guadalajara Motors Silver Silos resistance, to mold Cadillac into a division that can grab conquest sales from Lexus (especially at a time when Lexus design language ain’t setting the world on fire and they’ve taken steps back on interior and component quality on many models), Audi, and Mercedes (again, Mercedes has some incredibly poor missteps as of late), that will focus OCD-like on:

    1) Better ride quality on real world roads than any (allegedly) premium brand competitors.

    2) Better nterior materials, ergonomics, room, and gauges than any competitors.

    3) Quietest interiors with best NVH than any competitors.

    4) Better (or at least as good) reliability than any (allegedly) premium brand competitors.

    5) Better dealership experience, from servicing to warranty work, with an out-Lexus Lexus attitude than Lexus or any other than any (allegedly) premium brand competitors.

    CADILLAC WILL LOSE MONEY ON THESE VEHICLES FOR A WHILE, AS LEXUS DID CIRCA 1988-prob 1993, BUT NOTHING LESS CAN FIX CADILLAC NOW. If they let me do this, without interference, and also allowing me to have autonomy to separately deal with parts/components’ vendors of my choice, Cadillac will be a money-printing press for decades to come, and improve General Motors global perception in a way never witnessed before.


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      Sir, this is a Wendy’s drive-thru

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      GM (and most modern corporations) doesn’t have the patience to do something like that. It’s all about the next quarter. Current management could care less about 5 years from now.

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        >It’s all about the next quarter. Current management could care less about 5 years from now.

        That’s the mindset the MBA programs have been rolling off of their assembly lines for decades.

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      So much here. Caddy is a f ing joke!!!
      -Interiors that are not as good as a GTI-TRUE.
      -12-15 year old Chrysler 300 that is better than any CADDY.- TRUE.
      -CTXYZ no name cars.
      -Cadillac tea house in NYC along with the HQ re location.
      -Newton Meter crazyness BS.
      -the 40th year of art and science design theme. It is FUGLY! Change it!!!

      GGM is joke on so many levels

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    “with more hybrid tech”

    This excuse would work much better if Cadillac had any hybrid tech available.

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    As a prelude to what I’m about to re-post, nearly everyone’s been saying that China is going to save Cadillac (and GM) for at least the last 8 years. I was among the contrarians, based on both what I viewed as inevitable trade friction (due to IP and IT theft/transfers, mandated JVs by PROC, military conflict dealing with southeast Asia – especially Taiwan and Singapore – and a host of other brewing issues inevitably coming to a perfect storm such as things like Huawei’s government-subsidies and impetus to become a dominant player, and espionage-agent, in western 5G markets).

    As we sit here tonight in the west, China’s central bank is about to have to deal with a literal cascading waterfall of failing major and regional Chinese banks, all delaying their reporting of liabilities, with their JV western accounting firms resigning over such things, that likely require bailouts and bail-ins larger than what the U.S. did with U.S. Banks, the U.K. did with U.K. Banks, etc., back in 2008-2010.

    China’s economy is built on even larger pillars of sand and massive bad debt than western economies were in the run-up to the 2008 financial/liquidity crisis. China’s economy is 10x more fraudulent and vulnerable now than major western economies were in 2008. China’s Lehman/Bear Stearns/Merrill Lynch/Morgan Stanley/Royal Bank of Scotland/Santander/ Barclays/etc moment ON STEROIDS is about to arrive.

    With that out of the way, and putting into perspective for context that China is about to be the biggest drag, not tailwind, for the global economy, for some time to come, let’s revisit my incredibly clairvoyant missive made as far back as 2014 about Cadillac’s future, when people were being fed the JdN/Use/MelodyCTLee trifecta of bullish!t about how “bespoke” Cadillac would become:

    “I predicted this in 2014 as I watched Johan-Melody CTLee-Uwe flail around in helpless drowning –

    GM (Mary Barra )’could have saved itself 12 billion USD by canning the Johan and his idiotic plans.

    Here’s what I said and that which I predicted would replace the utter failures that are now the ATS, 3rd gen CTS, CT6, and (now defunct) ELR:

    “XT1 – Rebadged Chevy Spark-based CUV (this can actually be seen in the Cadillac Urban Luxury concept)

    XT2 – Rebadged Chevy Sonic-based CUV

    XT3 – Rebadged Chevy Cruze-based CUV

    XT4 – Rebadged Chevy Malibu-based CUV

    XT5 – *exists*

    XT6 – Rebadged Chevy Impala-based CUV

    Escalade – *exists*

    And there’s your future Cadillac lineup, that Roger Smith himself would proudly bring to market and ensure that pleather trim, CUE and the storied Cadillac emblem, now monochromatized and devoid of wreath, are distinguishing, standard features separating the Cadillacs (“standard of the world”) from their less prestigious GM siblings….”


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    There’s no way I’m going to remember which car is which, and the names don’t roll of my tongue.

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    Put 65- or 70-series touring tires with suspension settings that match an ’86-’95 Mercedes E-class. Only 1,000 people will ever take these sedans to a track. The way these suspensions on 40-series tires get chewed up in the real world is just obnoxious.

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    This explanation only makes things worse. If these V cars are really just the “base model” V cars, WHY have a special event to showcase them?? This screams marketing mismanagement, and a total lack of awareness about how Cadillac’s customers and auto enthusiasts would react to this announcement.

    Did Jim Hackett start running Cadillac as a side job? This is the same type of “trust us, good things are coming” nonsense he has been peddling at Ford for the last couple years.

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    It pains me to continually watch GM destroy Cadillac. Who thought this was a good idea? Announcing some lukewarm “V” models before they’ve even introduced the CT4 (don’t get me started on the whole naming conventions) is just dumb. Then have to backpedal because you’ve destroyed the credibility the V name has built up. All they had to do is call them V-sport and everything would’ve been fine.

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