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car seat covers

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Routinely ignored until needed and often derided until put into use, seat covers are the Rodney Dangerfield of car accessories. Poor fitting units bear the brunt of buyer’s remorse, while a wanton color choice is obvious to all passersby. After all, seats take up most of your car’s interior – their covering is kinda noticeable.

Whether one wants to add seat covers to their ride because the car was previously inhabited by a rabid squirrel or simply to change up the interior vibe, there are no shortage of vendors looking to take your hard-earned cash. While this is a minefield of offerings, we have attempted to wade through it all and highlight eight of them here.

(Editor’s note: As noted above, this post is meant to both help you be an informed shopper for automotive products but also to pay for our ‘90s sedan shopping habits operating expenses. Some of you don’t find these posts fun, but they help pay for Junkyard Finds, Rare Rides, Piston Slaps, and whatever else. Thanks for reading.)

1. Editor’s Pick: Luckyman Club Car Seat Covers

luckyman club car seat covers

Regular readers (all three of you) know my propensity for over-the-topiary items. With that in mind, it should be no surprise I’ve selected a product that some would consider garish and bears the name of Luckyman. Seriously; LUCKYMAN! How can you go wrong? These covers are black in color with red piping along the edges and amongst the diamond shape surface pattern. The seller boasts of a material that is thicker than most competitors, alleging extra protection from the poking of keys or other sharp objects.

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Customer feedback indicates the covers fit snugly on a wide range of vehicles, everything from a Tacoma to Corolla. Shipping time seems to be reasonable, too. Seat sides are left exposed, meaning these things are compatible with cars featuring front-seat side airbags. Despite the extra material thickness, seat heaters should still be able to provide a toasty seating surface through the covers.

Pros: Leather-like material, snazzy pattern and colors, compatible with side airbags

Cons: Cheaper options exist

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2. Pet-Friendly: Viewpets Bench Seat Protector

viewpets bench car seat cover protector

Falling squarely in the function-over-form part of the Venn diagram is this cover. Essentially a big blanket with a quilted-type surface and straps to hold the works of it in place, this protector is a great idea for anyone who regularly brings Fido and Spot along with them on family road journeys. Disturbingly, the seller also recommends it for children. Okay, then.

I’ll concede it might be helpful to prevent damage caused by a tightly installed rear-facing carrier. Other than that, don’t treat your children like pets. As for the cover, it isn’t a form-fitting unit, instead merely hooking straps around the headrests and seat anchors. Makes it easy to remove the cover when it isn’t needed, however.

Pros: Protects seats from Fido’s movements, cheap insurance for leased cars

Cons: Not exactly the most form-fitting cover

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3. Budget Choice: FH Group Cloth Full-Set Seat Covers

fh group stylish cloth car seat covers

If all you need is a cheap way to hide the tattered remains of the factory-seat fabric in your vehicle, a person will be hard pressed to do better than with this option. Priced cheaper than a bucket of chicken, this cover set includes both front bucket seats, two pieces for the rear bench (seat back and bottom), and a quartet of headrest covers should they be needed.

A variety of colors are available, form muted greys to bold red. You know which one I chose. Concealed velcro openings and adjustable straps helps facilitate installation, removal, and reattachment. Despite their bargain basement price, the seller says they have been engineered to accommodate both traditional and heated seats. At this price, if they wear out in a year, simply buy another set.

Pros: Dirt cheap, plenty of color options

Cons: No mention made of airbag compatibility

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4. Baja Saddle Blanket Weave Multi-Color Seat Cover

copap stripe multi color car seat cover

You’re headed back in time faster than a DeLorean travelling 88 mph with this set of seat covers. Your author remembers these seat covers adorning vehicles during his halcyon days, namely a late ‘80s GM pickup truck that had absolutely no call being on the road. As then, this set of covers is rendered in “Baja blanket” style and said to be made of breathable material with 3 mm of foam backing. Will they be itchy? You decide.

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Designed to fit most seats with built-in headrests but customer provided images show them working on seats with detachable headrests as well if one is content to do a bit of fiddling during installation. In a fit of largesse, the seller includes a steering wheel cover and two seat belt pads of the same design.

Pros: Affordable, funky style, includes a couple of accessories

Cons: Potential dodgy fit for back seats

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5. Dinkanur Breathable PU Leather Universal Car Seat Cover

dinkanur breathable pu leather universal seat covers

Those letters PU in the heading aren’t a reference to the smell of these covers. For whatever reason, likely the presence of polyurethane used in production, the upholstery industry uses those two characters to denote artificial leather. This product is attached to a car’s seat by a pair of hooks and two turnbuckles, both located near the floor, which produces a much cleaner look than covers requiring a string tied around the seat.

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To forestall disappointment (at least with these covers), know that the upper portion which rests against the seatback does not encompass the entire surface of that area, essentially leaving the bolsters bare. Think of this cover as more of a protector, then. Hey, at least it creates a two-tone color effect.

Pros: Cheap way to get the (partial) leather look, clean installation without unsightly strings

Cons: Doesn’t cover the whole surface, rear-seat passengers are out of luck

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6. BDK Two Tone Pattern Car Seat Covers

bdk two-tone pattern car seat covers

If it’s wild and vivid Aztec patterns you’re after, this crew has got ‘em for ya. This set is for two front chairs, securing themselves to the seats with elastic straps. There apparently is a non-slip backing on the reverse side of this polyester blending fabric, so the works of it shouldn’t bunch up under your butt when you practice handbrake turns in the school parking lot.

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Customers report a snug fit on some cars, so measure carefully before ordering especially if you have a larger vehicle like a pickup truck. One person also noted that the cover, erm, covers the seat-lift lever of her Beetle. However, at thirty bucks for the pair, it’s hard to go wrong. Well, so long as you like loud print patterns, that is.

Pros: Not costly, easy to install, wild looks

Cons: Not exactly a custom fit, wild looks

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7. Car Pass Universal Fit Piping Leather Car Seat Cover

car pass universal fit piping leather car seat covers

Again, not actual leather — nor should you expect the same for the grand sum of $79.99. This kit has 11 pieces in total, including five headrest covers in case your car has three of them for backseat riders. Speaking of, line zippers in that seat’s cover allow for a variety of split-folding configurations, including 60/40 and 50/50.

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That piping feature surely wouldn’t pass muster in Crewe but looks more than acceptable on an eighty-buck set of seat covers. They are compatible with airbag-equipped seats, with the sellers including well-meaning but mangled English phrases such as “keep your safe in case of emergence.” Be wary of feedback that shows covers with packaging wrinkles that never seem to go away. Complaints of poor stitching abound as well.

Pros: affordable, design allows for split-folding rear seats

Cons: reports of poor quality and bad fit

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8. Zone Tech Two Tone Wooden Beaded Car Seat Cushion

zone tech two-tone wooden beaded car seat cushion

Surely you remember these. Thirty years ago, everyone either had a set or knew someone who did. Like movie reboots and fashion trends, most people love a good dose of nostalgia. These two-tone beaded seat covers have it in spades. The cushion is especially designed with small gaps in between the beads so allow a good circulation of air. This specifically lowers the temperature on your back and legs, especially if you live in an area that regularly sees hot weather.

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The cushion is designed to give drivers a gentle back and thigh massage while seated, though I do recall reports of some users simply feeling like they’re sitting on a bunch of marbles. At least this product’s return policy is good.

Pros: Retro style, alleged massaging properties, free flow of air

Cons: You can’t actually go back to 1985

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Notes on Selection and Installation

Don’t forget that some of these options listed here only include covers for the front seat, while one of them just includes a covering for the rear. Read the listing carefully to make sure you’re getting what you expect. For extra reassurance, break out the measuring tape to determine the dimensions of your seats and compare that to the product before hitting the buy button.

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Above all else, make sure to safely install these things. While it might not seem like a big deal, a seat cover that acts like a slip n’ slide can lead to a dangerous situation on the road, not to mention the catastrophe that could happen if a side airbag panel is blocked by an improperly installed cover. As with all things in life, take your time and read the instructions.

[Images provided by the manufacturer]

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8 Comments on “Best Wrapper of All Time: Car Seat Covers...”

  • avatar

    I have been thinking about this.
    I want pillow-top button-tufted velour “Brougham Style” covers.
    If somebody made them, I’d consider.
    Period correct shades of blue or bordello red please.
    See 87 Chrysler Fifth Avenue as design inspiration.

    • 0 avatar

      Me too. I’ve looked before and I can’t find them. There are some plush covers available with that little neck cushion they like in some Asian markets, but nothing resembling 1970s auto upholstery. You’d think people would want to try something different.

      Those beads & saddle blanket covers….I hated them in the 80s & hate them still…

  • avatar

    I want TTAC management and writers to be forced to keep one of everything from these advertorials in their own car.

    Post pics, y’all.

  • avatar

    There would be value to some of this if TTAC actually had experience with any of the product, but it appears they’re just reading customer reviews. I’d expect the #1 choice to have vehicle specific options. Well it does, as long as you have a specific vehicle.

  • avatar

    I swear by a temporary cover called a Seat Defender! Does great, can be taken off easily; there’s a top piece which fits snugly over the headrest, and the rest of it drapes over the seat. I keep it on all winter, and when it rains. Driver’s seat stays looking good as a result!

  • avatar

    I had denim seat covers on many of my vehicles from the 80’s to my ’03 Ram. They were tough, easy to fix when the dog’s claws would snag, and they were really comfortable. We washed them when they needed it, and they looked great. The passenger seat in my ’93 Grand Cherokee looked brand new when I traded it in in ’99. I only had to fix the seat cover a few times from Gus’s damage to them. The upholstery place usually charged me ten bucks to cut a hunk of denim out and sew it to the ripped seat cover. Gus had some impressive claws..

  • avatar

    you left out the full fleece of a sheep cover shaped about the same as the wood bead cover and it also provides great ventilation and they can be washed with ease.

  • avatar

    What I’d really be interesting in hearing about is Katzkin or one of the other genuine leather upholstery replacements. If you’re going to re-cover your seats, why not make it a real upgrade instead of something that looks and feels cheesy?

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