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Hoping to start this week in better form than last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter Sunday to generate buzz ahead of the Model Y’s debut. The upcoming crossover, based on the Model 3 sedan, will see the light of day on March 14th at the company’s L.A. design studio, Musk said.

As for when customers can expect to see one, that’s a matter for the bookies.

Detailed technical specs and pricing should be forthcoming on March 14th, though Musk did say, “Model Y, being an SUV, is about 10% bigger than Model 3, so will cost about 10% more & have slightly less range for same battery.”

Should one assume those stats are based on the standard range, $35,000 Model 3 released last week? That stripped-down sedan goes 220 miles between charges. If this is the true starting point, the base Model Y’s range should just barely top the 200-mile mark while retailing for a tick under 40 grand after destination.

However, as we saw with the Model 3, it’s not a sure thing that the entry-level Model Y will be made available to customers from the outset. Model 3 Standard Range customers were left twiddling their thumbs for two years as buyers snapped up the pricier versions needed to fund Tesla’s operation.

In follow-up tweets, Musk said the Model Y won’t opt for gimmicky (and failure-prone) falcon wing doors like those seen on the Model X SUV. It would seem this crossover is garage safe.

While the Model Y is slowly becoming less of a ghost, production timing — and location — remains something of a question mark. Last year saw several best guesses, with Musk going from saying a November 2019 start date was “possible” to April 2020, then to August of that year. In the automaker’s fourth-quarter 2018 earnings report, Tesla wrote, “Additionally, this year we will start tooling for Model Y to achieve volume production by the end of 2020, most likely at Gigafactory 1.”

Gigafactory 1 is Tesla’s Nevada battery production site. Another such site, meant for both batteries and vehicles, is under construction in Shanghai.

Assuming the earnings report prediction holds, customers should expect their Model Ys starting in early 2021. Of course, a lot could change over the course of this year.

[Image: Tesla]

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35 Comments on “Tesla Model Y Headed for March 14th Unveiling...”

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    > Musk said the Model Y won’t opt for gimmicky (and failure-prone) falcon
    > wing doors like those seen on the Model X SUV.

    This is HUGE! The biggest reason I chose Model S over Model X was the doors. And the windshield, to a lesser extent. They were the same price but the MX would have suited my family far better. If it wasn’t for the doors. I am still hoping for normal doors when they do a redesign.

    Those doors would be very good for my frail father to get in and out but for everything else they are just a disaster.

    • 0 avatar

      They have to stay in business in order to do a redesign. Right now they’re a high-tech version of American Motors.

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      Personally, I like the concept of the Falcon-wing doors. Where they’re having the problem is that it has the exact same issue as their assembly robots… they’re susceptible to ‘bounce’ while in operation and as such their accuracy of movement can be highly variable. The fact that the FW doors have no fewer than three hinge points, each of which is powered by an electro-hydraulic actuator on a relatively lightweight frame means that it won’t always open or close as reliably as desired. I could see a few minor design modifications that could improve that somewhat on the physical side but the powered side will always suffer some ‘bounce’ in operation.

      And for me, it also has much less of the ‘feel’ of being a four-door car–something I universally abhor as I never NEED four full doors and consider them a waste of material and ugly to boot. There are other ways to do the rear door thing and the FW door is one of those ways.

      • 0 avatar

        I like the *concept* of the falcon-wing doors, but the execution was poor. Some concepts need to stay on the drawing board.

        • 0 avatar

          > I like the *concept* of the falcon-wing doors, but the execution was poor. Some concepts need to stay on the drawing board.

          I am in the opposite camp. I think the execution was beyond amazing but I hate the concept.

          • 0 avatar

            I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about fit/finish and reliability on the gullwing doors.

          • 0 avatar

            > I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about fit/finish and reliability on the gullwing doors.

            I have heard that Trump is a bad president. Don’t believe everything you hear.

          • 0 avatar

            Stop waving your hand around – what do you think you are, a Jedi knight?

            (Seriously, I saw these doors fail…at a Tesla place at the mall.)

        • 0 avatar

          The problem is that it is complicated design which does not solve any problems but creates new ones. Very German way of design things.

          • 0 avatar

            Well, in fairness, the flappy doors on the X *do* provide a mercifully large opening in the moronic fastback roof for those condemned to entering the rear two rows.

            And, darn it, a bunch of guys so much smarter than conventional automotive engineers *should* have made them foolproof and smooth from day one.

            What happened?

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    America be lovin’ those crossovers.
    Sooner the better for Tesla.
    Maybe they can start building these in the Fremont tent factory until regular production line is in place.

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    It’s not an unveiling if a real car will maybe be available after 2 years. I hope they’ve just managed to even decide where they will maybe produce that car, since just a while ago they didn’t even know that for sure.

    Or maybe BMW should have the ‘new X3 unveiling’ next week, since it’s going to be in the shops in 2024… Hell, BMW is probably further along in their development of the next gen X3 then Tesla is with their ‘unveiled’ Model Y…

    • 0 avatar

      They’re showing the actual car and having test drives. They’ve stated the production plans. They have a right to do what they’re doing and don’t care what you think.

      Porsche showed the Taycon concept in 2015 and it’ll be late 2019 or 2020 before we see the cars.

      • 0 avatar

        @mcs, good post of the rollout plans. Sounds like you have the inside slant.

        I hope the recent Tesla customers are well stocked with Valium.

        I’d probably be a little pissed off I read that the price of the car I just bought it is now 30% less.

      • 0 avatar

        A concept car is a completely different thing than ‘unveiling THE car they’re about to sell’. The Porsche TAYCAN (not Taycon) was a CONCEPT CAR, not the actual car they’re going to sell ‘unveiled’. Did they offer ‘customer test drives’ of the product they’re going to sell? No.

        No, this is complete BS. Or then the car they’re going to sell in 2 years (maybe) is going to really suck since if they’re halting development already now even though they sure as hell haven’t tested it properly yet and if they’re at the early stages of planning the tooling then how are they supposed to have come up with a production-efficient car design? Hell, even more the company is in complete shambles if they’ve already locked in the spec now but are so incompetent that they’re only now thinking of how and where they’re going to produce it and haven’t gotten there act together in order to immediately start producing their finished product.

        What kind of a person would like to tell me with a straight face that they’ve fully developed that car but are just going to sit on those massive development costs (well, Tesla doesn’t really develop their cars properly so…)? Why would they do that? What kind of an idiot would have a car ready to go but has not done anything yet to get it production-ready? Especially since it’s most likely a Model 3 with modified sheetmetal on top?

        One has to be really special to do all those mental gymnastics to ‘understand’ the ‘genius’ of Musk’s flailing around…

        • 0 avatar

          “A concept car is a completely different thing than ‘unveiling THE car they’re about to sell’.”

          Doesn’t matter. Who cares anyway. Who cares if I spell it Thaikhan or tchaiquon? I don’t get paid for this and don’t give a crap if my spelling is correct. So, they show the car and we see the exterior and the interior. The performance will be sort-of the same as the 3 since it’s a different body on top of the skateboard. People are getting all bent out of shape because they want to find anything they can to bash Tesla no matter how trivial it is. It’s desperation. They’re just showing the car but it’s like what they are doing is some sort of crime against humanity.

        • 0 avatar

          VW has spent 10 years trotting out EV concept cars that it promises to build and never does. Tesla has a history of building theirs. I’ll take “late” over “never,” thanks.

    • 0 avatar

      Knowing Telsa it will be 2 years before you can order one, then another 2 years before it will be in your driveway. But this isn’t that much different then other OEM that push out various concept cars and pre-production models that are yet to be built in mass.

    • 0 avatar

      I’m not a BMW fan (the brand is a net negative for me personally) but, if the new X3 is 3-row EV, I’ll give it serious consideration.

      But, if they keep it under wraps, I won’t exactly be pre-ordering it.

    • 0 avatar

      Sounds like Lockstops doesn’t want a Tesla Model Y.

  • avatar

    It really should be: Tesla, why?

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    Master Baiter

    “In follow-up tweets, Musk said the Model Y won’t opt for gimmicky (and failure-prone) falcon wing doors like those seen on the Model X SUV. It would seem this crossover is garage safe.”

    So Musk called his own doors gimmicky, failure-prone and not garage safe? I didn’t think so.

    The complete text of his tweet is as follows: “Normal”

    He replied to a tweet, the full text of which is, “Normal doors or falcon wing?”

    The journalism on this site is worth exactly what I’m paying.

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    SCE to AUX

    Tesla keeps producing everything they’ve been lying about.

  • avatar

    I feel this will be my first EV. Tesla Model Y will be sweet because Musk is very big on it! I going to do the $1K down at in line to buy a Model Y with the performance feature, maybe $90K!

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