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Subaru has unveiled yet another concept wearing the Viziv name. This time it’s called the “Adrenaline” and appears to foreshadow the next Crosstrek. Styling is suitably wild for a show vehicle, but enough of Subaru’s current design language remains to make us believe the model isn’t terribly far away from a production model.

However, no one can say anything definitive. Subaru provided no indication that the vehicle is anything other than an opportunity to test its new design concept — a spin-off of its earlier “Dynamic x Solid” styling theory, which the manufacturer calls the “BOLDER” design philosophy. Bolder is the word for it, too, because the vehicle features a pretty wild roof design and some of the most aggressive panel protection we’ve ever seen on a vehicle not entering a combat zone. 

Of course, plastic cladding isn’t going to stop a bullet. Instead, the black panels on this Subaru are meant for deflecting rocks during those infrequent moments where you take it off-road. The Adrenaline is, most assuredly, a lifestyle vehicle intended for people who need a well-rounded commuter that can make do on wilderness trails. Subaru gave it all-terrain tires to further underline that point.

From Subaru:

Combining utility that supports active lifestyles with off-road driving capability that delivers enjoyment to go anywhere, the VIZIV Adrenaline Concept stimulates the driver’s mind, encouraging them to “drive freely in mother nature.”

Subaru will continue to evolve its distinctiveness of developing and designing vehicles that deliver the brand’s core value “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind.”

While Subaru hinted that the vehicle could use the company’s new hybrid e-Boxer powertrain (using tech on-loan from Toyota), the follow-up announcement didn’t mention the system once. That could change come production time, as the Crosstrek would be a likely recipient. There’s always a chance the Adrenaline could be the processor to the enigmatic Evoltis plug-in that’s rumored to debut later this year — though it would be strange to preview a concept under a different name if that were the case.

Whatever it is, we hope it enters production just so we can find out more. Assuming it does, expect the concept to be transformed into a slightly more traditional four-door vehicle that nixes the side-mounted cameras in favor of traditional mirrors.

[Images: Subaru]

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11 Comments on “Subaru Viziv Adrenaline Concept Could Preview Next Crosstrek...”

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    Is there a mandatory retirement age of 23 for designers?

    These concepts have become the cartoon before the production version’s movie.

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    Think of the bundle this will save the 3rd owner on plasti-dip.

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    Steve Biro

    Whatever it ends up looking like when it hits production, let’s hope it has considerably more power than the Crosstrek. That’s the Crosstrek’s only major flaw, and it’s a fatal one AFAIC.

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    Subaru seems to be going down the road of smaller and smaller windows. Too bad. They’d better watch it – all wheel drive is no longer enough to make them unique. If they lose the better than average sight lines, Sayonara sales increases.

    And look at the new Forester-sized SUV Honda has coming up – it has as much visibility as the Forester itself, a very good sign. But not for Subaru.

    Then again, there is virtually no chance of Subaru making a vehicle anything like one of their concept cars. That never happens.

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    This vehicle ends up looking really cool, is practical. Is nail bitingly under powered. The throttle mapping is wonky with the first 5% of pedal travel resulting in 90% of engine power being applied, in an attempt to mask the lack of engine output.

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    Yuck. Who let that out of the design studio?

    Instructions to designers: “Take inspiration from the Isuzu Vehicross and the Toyota C-HR and make it look like an absolute dumpster fire. As long as we shower it with “love” commercials featuring outdoorsy type stuff and dogs people will throw money at us to own one, so spare some expense and make sure we nix some of that sheetmetal and replace it with rugged looking plasticy bits”

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    Looks like your typical “never been wrecked” Craigslist special, it’ll probably save Subaru money on paint.

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