QOTD: Any Bad Takes, Man?

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
qotd any bad takes man

Gearheads love to argue about stuff: Ford vs Chevy, Evo vs WRX, Senna vs Prost. There’s only one answer to that last one, by the way.

Inevitably, someone tells us we have an incredibly bad take on something, and we’re forced to defend our unpopular opinion. Click through and let us know yours in the comments. I’ll go first — and it involves the Porsche 911.

I think every 911 needs to have a rear wiper. There, I’ve said it. *runs for cover*

It’s an unpopular opinion, at least in the circles in which I run. This declaration is often met with scorn and derision, with other gearheads saying they ruin the lines of the car and spoil any semblance of aerodynamics. Adds weight, too, they say.

Never mind the last one, I say. If the whole works of it adds ten or fifteen pounds, I’ll simply hit up the gym and lose that amount of weight myself if it means that much. As for the aesthetics, I think the wiper adds to the European styling.

In fact, Petrolicious has a great write-up on the history of the thing. Allegedly, they first appeared thanks to a customer request, quickly gaining popularity when the first example showed up in public.

But that’s just my bleatings. What’s your unpopular automotive opinion? I’ve put my bad take out there for everyone to see; now it’s your turn.

[Image: Porsche AG]

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  • Terry Terry on Mar 11, 2019

    If the "downmarket design" works well, what is the possible difference? Ive talked to Hyundai and Kia employees who now work at my former employer, and they all said the same thing: Great cars, tons of warranty issues, and pretty much POOR resale value. Yes, Mazda's have always had superior driving dynamics, but the company is no longer interested in being the inexpensive boy-racer-wannabe car provider. Do yourself a favor, visit a Mazda dealership and road-test the Mazda6 Signature, the CX-5 Signature...and the MX-5 Miata. Let me know what you think of them based on your road test. I won't hold my breath waiting for your road-test results.

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    • Ajla Ajla on Mar 11, 2019

      "road-test the Mazda6 Signature" I've driven that one. Nice enough car, but still solidly in the Camcord class. Not up to the level of Acura/Buick/Infiniti, let alone Audi or Mercedes. Personally, I'd rather have a Camry XSE against it.

  • Terry Terry on Mar 11, 2019

    It wasnt internet knowledge--it= was face-to-face conversation with people in the sales and finance departments with actual personal experience. My point was not the obvious difference between the 2 suspensions, but rather if it doesnt adversely affect the handling, and if less expensive more money can be put into the car like interior features, what's the problem--or do you just want to have bragging rights?

  • TheKonnstranomic TheKonnstranomic on Mar 12, 2019

    -Today's minivan's have become way too bloated. Compared to the original Chrysler vans, which make today's vans look like they had way too much to eat for too long. Not to mention all the emphasis today's minvans have on plush comfort and passenger entertainment, which is just more $$$ to be spent at the dealer, and more potential things that can break later on. We need more reasonably sized and utilitarian vans again! More things like the Ford Transit Connect, the passenger version of the Ram ProMaster City (Fiat Doblò), the sadly departed Mazda5, heck, even make a modified version of the Mahindra Marazzo for American tastes! -I don't mind the trend of tablet infotainment screens, but it would be helpful if they had another way to navigate them, i.e. a control knob. And no, the touchpads that Lexus uses do not count. -I never thought of the infamous 1st generation Ssangyong Rodius to be ugly at all. The lack of sliding doors on it is a bummer though. -While some people don't feel sad for crappy car brands that die out, i.e. Daewoo, I do feel saddened when they go away, because of less car variety. It makes you wonder how Daewoo's cars would have turned out, had they not gone bankrupt, and had GM not purchased them. And not to mention how GM's cars would be like today without Daewoo's influence...

    • ToolGuy ToolGuy on Mar 15, 2019

      Konn, Completely agree on the minivan thing- was just having that conversation while driving tonight. The Stylists got involved and are killing the segment over time. On your infotainment comment, I would like a real live jog/shuttle wheel when listening to podcasts/etc.

  • Hummer Hummer on Mar 12, 2019

    Turbo 4s are universally awful, either add displacement to a N/A 4 or put a V8 in it like God intended. V6s have one place in the auto world, that is Minivans, doesn’t matter if they’re the sliding rear door variety Minivans or the Traditional rear door style minivans like the Highlander or Cherokee. CUVs are less cool minivans, they’re like the dorky brother to minivans.

    • Arach Arach on Mar 12, 2019

      Funny. After I bought a turbo4, I fell in love. My Hyundai Sonata 2.0t is my FAVORITE engine I've ever owned, I like it more than turbo v8 diesels, Turbo 6s, NA 6s, and NA 8s. having INSTANT PEAK TORQUE at 1300 rpm is amazing. My Hyundai sonata feels faster in DD traffic than my Camaro SS did. On top of it feeling super torquey, I get 32 MPG! are angels singing? Did a magician design this thing? My V6s have to be revved up and are lucky toget 22 MPG. I decided the best mustangs and camaros are now the turbo4... unless you are racing where you are running your car at 6400 rpm, turbo4s are amazing for daily driving duties. In fact I'm mad that I can't buy bigger nicer cars with the turbo4... I don't think I could settle for an awful NA 6 again after owning this car for 4 years.