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Considering the Toyota Supra was revealed to the world just a few weeks ago, it feels slightly premature for the manufacturer to start releasing special editions of the model. However, we’ve heard it’s important to strike while the iron is hot in business and the Supra is certainly operating well above room temperature. It would be silly to think Toyota would cool its heels after two years of teasing the Supra just because it finally went on sale.

Now that you can buy the coupe, Toyota wants everyone to know that they’ll also be able to purchase snazzy upgrades for it through the performance catalog and released the GR Supra Performance Line Concept TRD over the weekend as a reminder. Like the BMW M Performance Parts Concept that appeared over the summer, the Supra exists to show the world what’s possible when the full force of the TRD catalog is harnessed.

Unfortunately, engine upgrades aren’t currently a part of that equation. Like the M Performance car, the TRD Supra receives no improvements to its powertrain. Instead, Toyota showcased a festival of spoilers and fins aimed at optimizing the coupe’s aerodynamics. 

The TRD version of the fifth-generation Supra gets a frontal, three-piece spoiler with massive fins for improved downforce and high-speed stability. Meanwhile, aggressive-looking side skirts and a “door garnish” help to give the vehicle’s profile a more hardcore image but don’t appear to offer much in terms of performance.

Toyota claimed that the inclusions helped to mitigate turbulent wind and lower the vehicle’s center of gravity somewhat, but we’re willing to wager most people won’t notice from behind the wheel. The air vent the door garnish covers is already non-functional and any weight the skirt adds probably won’t be countered by the slightly lower center of gravity it creates. Fortunately, TRD’s choice of wheels, a set of 19-inch forged aluminum jobs in jet black, were a little more straightforward.

Out back, Toyota implemented a pair of fins integrated into the rear diffuser that it called “spats” and a new trunk-lid spoiler. While we’re not positive why the manufacturer decided to refer to the air blades as something that typically denotes a partial wheel covering, our guess is that it’s because the GR Supra Performance Line Concept TRD debuted on the company’s Japanese parts website. Something was probably lost in translation.

This leaves us wondering about availability. Right now, Toyota is treating these carbon-fiber parts as TRD’s initial foray into the Supra and only has them posted on its JDM website. At the bottom of the page there is even a big “To Be Continued” written in English, indicating that the company will likely add to the catalog in the months to come. While it’s not up to us, we’d like to see some of those fake vents converted into something functional (seriously, the hood and bumper vents are just filled with rubber and plastic). It also might be nice to see some suspension and brake options for track-day enthusiasts.

[Images: Toyota]


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20 Comments on “Toyota Supra TRD Concept Debuts On Japanese Parts Website...”

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    Fish, bugs and dragons; East Asians are wedded to some gross aesthetics.

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    All these aerodynamic aids only function at very high speeds which are irrelevant on public roads or to 99% of owners. It’s similar to adding a rescue winch to the bumper of a RAV4. Oh, I forgot – Toyotas no longer have bumpers.

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    At least it looks like TRD from get go. No need to pay more.

  • avatar

    Door garnish? Like parsley?

  • avatar

    At last, a TRD we can polish.

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    That “door garnish” is horrible. It’s the Pep Boys equivalent of the blades on a R8.

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    Is there anything Toyota can’t do. Ford and GM think they can desert passenger sedans to better compete with Toyota and Nissan in other areas. The truth is Toyota has proven it can enter any market segment and dominate. GM and Ford are now one trick ponies concentrating mostly on SUVs,trucks, and muscle cars, while Toyota is proving how versatile it is. However, what really separates Toyota is superior quality.

    • 0 avatar

      Hilarious! You made me spit coffee through my nose! Wait… are you being serious?

      Evidently Toyota is incapable of building a sports car. Just ask Subaru and BMW.

      • 0 avatar

        Right. I suppose you’ve never heard of a Lexus GS-F or RC-F, or a LFA? There’s enough sport in any of those rides for anyone whose name isn’t “Lewis Hamilton.”

        Of course they *can* build a sports car. They just want to partner with someone else so that they can make money at it. So does BMW. Thus, the Supra. Why throw shade at company that’s actually building something that isn’t another dull, plodding CUV?

        • 0 avatar

          “Right. I suppose you’ve never heard of a Lexus GS-F or RC-F, or a LFA?…”

          Are we talking about those cars, which are branded under the Lexus badge? No we are not. We are talking about the Supra, and I referenced the Toyota 86 as another example of Toyota’s near total reliance upon another company to develop a sports car for them. The cars you mentioned, by the way, represent total failures. The LFA was absurdly priced, was out of its league, and remained unsold for years after production stopped.

      • 0 avatar

        The MR2 was sold under the Toyota brand.

    • 0 avatar

      I generally like the Supra and it shows that Toyota is more willing to play in low volume segments compared to some other manufacturers.

      However, the Supra most definitely *DOES NOT* show that Toyota can ‘dominate’ any segment they want and it will have about 0% relation to Toyota’s historical quality.

      If GM had the next Corvette be a reskinned 8-Series or the next Fusion was largely a Subaru Legacy, would that make you happy? Or would you be howling about it?

    • 0 avatar

      How are the Tundra and Sequoia doing?

    • 0 avatar

      Toyota is going to showcase their superior quality by selling this BMW? Also, dominating this segment seems unlikely. A “muscle car” like a cheaper SS 1LE Camaro will dominate this thing on any track. Not to mention the fact that you are knocking on the door of Corvette pricing.

      • 0 avatar

        I can’t help but think this getting in bed with BMW thing is going to end in tears for Toyota. I love the looks and idea of this car, but the pricing and value proposition, not to mention BMW style repair costs have this thing doomed. Price killed the last Supra, which was getting into Corvette/Porsche territory.

      • 0 avatar

        The current Bolt was basically engineered and designed by former employees of Daewoo in South Korea. In the last twenty years GM has proven itself to the kind of outsourcing engineering. I was shocked to find the Bolt only has 25& North American content.

    • 0 avatar
      Art Vandelay

      Yeah…whats a GT350 run compared to this again?

      • 0 avatar

        The Supra starts at $50,920. A ’19 GT350 starts at $60,235. ’19 Corvette is $56,995. The cheapest SS 1LE is $44,500. Cayman starts st $58,150. All those prices are after destination.

        I think the Supra is priced okay if (and these are big “ifs”) the it delivers on performance Toyota claimed (so about equal to a Cayman S) and dealers don’t do a bunch of ADM shenanigans.

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    GM does have the CTS6 and Corvette. However, Toyota is now probably acknowledged as the world’s top carmakers. In reliability GM is pretty much in the mid-pack. However, in recent issues of consumer reports GM is slipping below the industry average. I was shocked to find the Equinox at the bottom of the SUV reliability rankings. The Equinox is just not in the same league as the Rogue and Rav4. What is interesting is that the soon to be cancelled Impala and Lacrosse were ranked near the top of their class.

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    Is there a link to the Japanese parts site that is mentioned? The 2020 Supra is *STILL* not on the Japanese Toyota main page or Gazoo Racing pages. -_-

    A $30,000 “British Racing Green” GT86 has been added though. *rolls eyes*

    Where’s my JDM Supra configurator, dammit! >_<

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