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It’s time for that great celebration of Americana — the fifty-third Super Bowl. Sunday night, Patriots fans and Patriots haters will come together to watch the season’s championship game, against… a team from Los Angeles? Am I reading that right?

For the rest of us, the Super Bowl is basically a better Thanksgiving. Gorging oneself is expected, of course, but there are fewer awkward conversations with the great-grandmother or that weird racist uncle. And we get to watch TV.

Yeah, for me, the commercials are the best part. It’s an opportunity to celebrate excellence in short-form storytelling — while selling something. Like each of the last several years, I’ll be watching the game with my laptop in my, well, lap, updating a post every time a new car commercial appears. However, many of those commercials have already been teased or released outright prior to the game, and that’s where this preview comes in.

Lexus has a LONG spot with Heisman-winning quarterback Matt Leinart, featuring a tongue-in-cheek Quarterback Safety System — obviously poking fun at an NFL where the the QB can’t be smeared while highlighting their own suite of safety features.

Kia teased a commercial devoid of any celebrities. Recall that last year the company’s spot featured Steven Tyler.

Hyundai already has two ads on Youtube; the first, a traditional “here’s a new car driving on an empty road” clip highlighting its new, big Palisade:

Next, a humorous look at the car buying experience with Michael Bluth Jason Bateman:

(Does no one watch Ozark? Marty Friggin’ Byrde! – Ed.)

Like Matt mentioned Wednesday, Volvo is encouraging people NOT to watch the game by harnessing the magic of smartphone technology. In an update of the old radio giveaway standard game (where contestants had to keep their hands on a car the longest), Volvo plans to give away three new American-built S60s to contestants who keep their eyes on the virtual “road” (on their phones) the longest. If you don’t have an interest in the game, and can manage until later on Sunday night to read the post with all the best car spots, check out to play along.

Maybe it will work better than a similar game that didn’t work last year for Mercedes-Benz.

Speaking of Mercedes-Benz, the German automaker highlights various voice-activated features in its new A-Class:

Fiat Chrysler teased a gaggle of ads over the past several days. First, a look at the new Jeep Gladiator. I seriously hope this is CGI, as it would be a crime to crush that lovely old J-series. Nice choice of music, though.

Next, the traditional “cars powersliding through improbably empty city streets” with Hellcats and the like.

Then there’s Ram’s spot, which is painfully self-aware about the art of Super Bowl advertising. So meta.

Fourth, a flag-waving Jeep commercial:

Fifth is a Ram story about the significance of parents in a child’s life:

Yet another Ram ad plays into the obvious Los Angeles Rams joke. Too bad Jeep no longer offers the Patriot.

And another Ram:

Next, Toyota links its new RAV4 Hybrid with Toni Harris, a groundbreaking football player.

A bit of gallows humor from Audi…

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10 Comments on “2019 Super Bowl LIII Pre-Game Commercial Roundup...”

  • avatar
    cimarron typeR

    Thanks for this . Now I dont have to the watch the game.I’m a sore loser anyway, we got hosed on our own field by the NFL, it was pre-determined that NE vs LA was playing in this game.

  • avatar

    Yay, now I really don’t have to watch it.

    It’s weird how both Matt Leinart’s and Vince Young’s NFL careers flamed out spectacularly – they both had a lot of promise as collegiate QBs, and met in the BCS national championship in the 2006 Rose Bowl, with UT defeating USC 41-38, after a final rushing TD by Young (his third of the game), and Young rushing on a successful 2-pt conversion.

  • avatar
    SCE to AUX

    What a colossal waste of money.

  • avatar
    schmitt trigger

    Too bad Jeep no longer offers a Patriot.

  • avatar

    What I read elsewhere is that FCA confirmed it was a real in the (non-rusty) steel Gladiator that they crushed giving the lame excuse that it was non-operational and bought from a “scrap” auction.

    What I saw was an excellent condition vehicle with all of its trim intact, including the hub caps wasted by a bunch of idiots.

    • 0 avatar

      Not even 15 minutes after I saw this article I saw a very nice original Gladiator on the road, I can’t believe FCA would pull that stunt and not expect to pi&@ off every car and truck enthusiast in the world.

      • 0 avatar

        Yeah, wow. Wish I hadn’t seen that.

        I can’t wait to not buy one of these Gladiators. Not because of the ad, just because the Wrangler is already the perfect vehicle for me. With 2 doors as God intended of course.

        Oh, the super bowl is coming up… I’ll be at work, gonna miss it. Too bad

      • 0 avatar

        Amazing how that works sometime.

        Now I’m not a Jeep guy but yeah it annoys me because I know that there are people out there that would be so happy to find a truck like that. Engines can be replaced if that is indeed needed and wasn’t just in need of someone that knew how to change a set of points or clean out the fuel system.

        If the engine is beyond repair a pre OBDII 4.0 HO, or stroker version of the same and the corresponding 5sp would be a great choice.

  • avatar

    I believe I read that Ram moved 2500 production back to the US, in which case it makes the PowerWagon really hard to resist, even harder than it already is being the only game in town. The Gladiator desperately needs the 5.7L, I wouldn’t be able to resist dropping $50-60k on FCAs lap if they gave us a Gladiator with the 5.7L.

  • avatar

    That perfectly fine old Gladiator was destroyed by tatted deviants with stretched earlobes.

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