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Pope Lamborghini

Roughly a year ago, Lamborghini customized a Huracán RWD for Pope Francis. This was not a commissioned job but a gift from the automaker to the Vatican. Tragically, His Holiness wasn’t interested in holding onto it so he could more easily cruise for babes and Catholic Church decided the best course of action would be to auction the vehicle off for charity.

While sold by Sotheby’s in Monaco last May for 715,000 euros (about $813,000 USD), it would appear the final bidder either didn’t have the necessary funds or experienced a change of heart. Maybe it was divine intervention. Regardless, the Huracán is now being raffled off for ten bucks a ticket — though you can choose do donate more and better your chances.

Even if you aren’t of the faithful, ten dollars for a nearly new supercar that has been blessed and signed by one of God’s favorite people feels like a bargain. Imagine the stellar track times you could achieve with the Almighty by your side and the Pope’s name scrawled on your dashboard. 

Pope Lamborghini

According to the Omaze fundraising page, the fortunate and potentially pious winner will receive free airfare to Rome, accommodations in a four-star hotel, and a private ceremony where the signed and blessed Lamborghini will be handed over in the presence of Pope Francis and Lamborghini CEO, Stefano Domenicali.

As before, proceeds will go toward rebuilding villages “that have been devastated by violence and war, assist victims of human trafficking, provide medical care and education to those living in poverty.” Funds will be distributed through Charities Aid Foundation of America.

The brunt of that was previously said to go toward the reconstruction of the Nineveh Plain in Iraq and aid to help the Christian community resettle the area. However, a significant portion had been reserved for the Pope John XXIII Community — a charity that focuses on helping women who were victimized by human trafficking at the hands of ISIS.

Pope Lamborghini

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17 Comments on “Your Prayers Have Been Answered: The Pope’s Lamborghini is Being Raffled Off...”

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    Chris Powers

    Pop Francis sucks.

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    Chris Powers

    Pope Francis sucks.

  • avatar

    He used to drive a ’84 Renault 4L when he first came to town. Much easier to get in and out of, better mileage, cheaper insurance, easier to get parts, and not worth stealing. Frank is my kinda guy.

  • avatar

    In the old days Catholic churches used to raffle off Cadillacs, they’ve come a long way

    In fact there’s an old joke…

    “Did you hear what Cadillac is going to do to make more money?”

    “Raffle off a Catholic church”

  • avatar

    As penance for Francis’ long-time leadership role in the obscenely corrupt catholic priesthood I sentence him to 10 full innies and 10 full outties of that Lambo, shutting and opening the door each time, all unassisted.

    • 0 avatar

      “Preists” they are something, aren’t they? What a disgrace. I’m a supporter of your post jatz.

      • 0 avatar

        Let’s be honest for a moment, and call a spade a spade. The Catholic church is corrupt through and through, and has been a refuge for miscreants, deviants and pedophiles for centuries. They have inflicted undeserved pain, abuse, and shame on hundreds of thousands of defenseless children, if not millions. The entire organization is based on a massive fraud: organized religion.
        Selling off the Vatican’s cars to begin to pay the numerous legal judgments against the church is a pretty good place to start.

        • 0 avatar

          Pretty far-reaching blanket statement there, RHD. If that organization (and others like it) are attracting and sheltering deviants, then it’s obviously something to watch out for and correct. But you make it sound like there are no non-religious deviants.

          I guess I am just saying I don’t hear too many voices questioning “the fraud of organized gymnastics” or “the fraud of public education”.

  • avatar

    I don’t care if it rains or freezes
    As long as I’ve got my plastic jesus
    riding on the dashboard of my car.

    Goin’ 90 won’t be scary
    As long I’ve got the virgin Mary
    a-ridin’ on the dashboard of my car.

    I would suspect you are all thankful I don’t remember any more of that tune.

  • avatar
    Tele Vision

    That’s it. I’m staring my own ‘church’. It will involve wrenching on cars; drinking beer in car-holes; and getting free Lamborghinis.

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    Reminds me of my youth in Ohio and the first time I witnessed a car being blessed.

    Brand new Cutlass Ceira (no it wasn’t burnt sienna in color) being blessed after church by request.

    I also recall the movie “Dogma” and the Bishops golf clubs could be used as a weapon against demonic forces because he had blessed them and made them “instruments of God.”

  • avatar

    Wow, quite the cynical lot. I like the fact he’s auctioning the Lamborghini off to aid those in need. He doesn’t seem like an enthusiast, and what better way to use it?

    • 0 avatar


      I don’t think there is ANY better potential outcome of this car or situation.

      Someone who could care less about this is giving it up for free to some lucky winner, and all proceeds are going to help people in need.

      If you can make smug remarks about this, I pity you…

      Now where can I buy a ticket? that doesn’t seem to be listed.

  • avatar

    “Holy hot rods, Batman! Look at what the UV light shows in the interior of this Lamborghini!”

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