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Image: FCA

It’s been eight minutes since Fiat Chrysler’s Ram division last announced a special edition trim, meaning we’re overdue for news of an appearance/content tweak designed to make brand die-hards feel special. Thankfully, the automaker made sure we didn’t go into the weekend without one.

The Ram 1500 Rebel, at least in previous-generation guise, remains a favourite among some TTACers. It just looked and felt right for a slightly macho mid-level pickup. Unlike the larger Power Wagon, it wasn’t over the top. Still, there’s always a subset of buyers looking for more in their pickup — just a tad more features, maybe a little more prestige. With maturity comes an appreciation of the finer things.

So, for buyers who like the Rebel and don’t want to climb the model ladder to scratch that upscale itch, Ram created the Rebel 12. It’s like a six-pack of Carlsberg for people who outgrew that two-four of Bud.

I’ll never understand extreme audiophiles — those people who’ll spend anything and go to any lengths for a seemingly unnoticeable increase in fidelity — but they exist, and they might want a Ram Rebel. That’s where this rig’s 19-speaker, 900-watt Harmon Kardon audio system comes in.

Image: fca

While you’re obviously too refined now to lower the tailgate and windows and blast your neighbors away with the system’s 10-inch subs, all the while carousing with high-school friends you’ll drift apart from in a couple of years, the system’s quality might be worthy of a few extra dollars’ expenditure. Metal speaker covers arrive in a Radar Red finish, complementing the Rebel’s color accents.

The “12” designation is seemingly derived from a feature that’s already available in the Ram 1500 line: the optional, vertically aligned 12-inch touchscreen that appeared for the 2019 model year, running FCA’s latest UConnect infotainment system. Stock Ram Rebels carry a measly 5-incher.

Image: fca

Besides these niceties, Rebel 12 buyers gain leather-trimmed heated seats, as few traits scream “luxury!” louder than tanned cow hide. Other than that, the rest of the truck is stock Rebel. Buyers can apply the package to Rebels of any color or configuration, resulting in a truck with an entry price of $46,990 before a $1,695 destination charge. Looking at it another way, it’s a $2,995 option.

Of course, unless you really, really dig the Rebel’s 1-inch lift and chunky, 33-inch tires, you could option out a Laramie with every Rebel 12 interior feature except the 19-speaker audio system and come out about $1,600 less. You’d just be giving up the macho. Maybe the Laramie and Laramie Longhorn are what comes after the Carlsberg years.

[Images: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles]

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17 Comments on “2019 Ram 1500 Rebel 12: The Rebel Enters Its Carlsberg Years...”

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    0. Are they ever going to come out with a regular cab version of this body style?

    1. We’re now putting the size of the infotainment screen in the name of the vehicle.

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    It just looked and felt right for a slightly macho mid-level pickup. Unlike the larger Power Wagon, it wasn’t over the top.

    I think that’s a misguided statement. The Rebel is more over the top than the powerwagon. Adding slightly aggressive tires does not make a truck any more capable than a base 4×4 with the same tires. The Powerwagon has a standard winch, front and rear lockers, solid front axle, and electronic sway bar disconnect. From that perspective I would say the rebel is the over the top version.

    Now adding the 6.4L to this would be awesome. Need a 6.4L tuned for half tons with power in between the 392 Challenger and the durable 6.4L in the 2500s

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    “Now adding the 6.4L to this would be awesome.”

    The ass-end of the RAM 1500 is too light for that much power, even with 4×4 drive-train engaged off-road.

    The people I know who recently bought a 2019 RAM 1500 all were retired military (Army, Air Force, Coast Guard) and bought the four-door version with 4×4 trim, and, of course, the Hemi 5.7L V8 with Valve Management.

    Even with five fat old guys onboard, the rear tires break loose from the pavement when the 5.7L V8 is goosed from a dead stop in RWD mode.

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      Im firmly in the ‘MOAR POWAHHHH’ camp, but youre right…stuffing the 392 in a 1500 with no other upgrades is a deathwish. I had a ’05 Rumble Bee 2wd. The lightest quickest Ram with the least powerful 345 Hemi. I lowered it, ditched the boat anchor 20’s for 17″ Torque Thrusts, upgraded the exhaust and added a CAI. That truck was an absolute MONSTER. Too much loudpedal and Id be looking at my own tailgate before I knew what happened. Pretty much an 800lb gorilla after a 6 pack of redbull and smoking crack.

      • 0 avatar

        Your application is a great hotrod, a real fun-machine.

        But today’s 4-door pickup trucks really are the replacement for the 4-door sedans of the past, like the CrownVic, et al. They gotta be comfortable and quiet, for most people.

        So, the current RAM series is a wonderful Interstate cruiser. Several years ago I helped a friend of mine ferry both of his RAM trucks from NM to upper Montana/Canadian border where he had inherited hundreds of acres of land.

        The current RAM series rides much better than my ’96 2500 Cummins ever did, loaded or unloaded.

        In MY mind I see the RAM trucks, including the 2019, as the clear long-distance Interstate cruisers with the best ride in truckdom, bar none.

        Then again, after having owned a Silverado and an F150 in the past, my choice has refined and evolved to a 2011 Tundra 2dr LB RWD and a 2016 Tundra 4-door 4X4; and my wife’s Sequoia.

        Love that all-aluminum DOHC 32-valve 5.7L V8.

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    I think it’d be fine. Just offer more appropriate tires and roll into a bit on a dig. The extra power from the 392 would be nice once everything is moving.

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    Still my favorite trim on the Ram ever since it debuted. Its like FCA took some offroad focus from the Wrangler, and the style/swagger of the Challenger and Charger then rubbed that delicious stank all over the 1500. The availability of an electric blue makes it just about perfect…I just REALLY want a single cab.

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    If this 19 speaker Harmon Kardon system is related in any way to the 18 speaker H/K in the Viper, it will be worth whatever they are asking for it. Hands down the best sound system I’ve experienced in a vehicle.

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    Ridiculous grille and the headlights aside, this thing looks like an F-150 from 3 generations ago.

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    I saw my first new Ram last night and one of the fog lamps was already burned out. Perhaps they are sourcing their light bulbs from GM’s supplier.

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    Other than the intentionally-awkward grill, it looks like someone tried to dress up a Tundra as a Ridgeline.

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    Good looking truck, except for the front end, which is way too busy.

    How about a King Cab version, with two jump seats behind the real seats, which fold away for extra storage of stuff?

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