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BMW has chucked a new M Performance variant into its X2 range, as no vehicle in the automaker’s lineup should ever have to go without the thirteenth letter of the alphabet. Fortunately, the brand’s decision to install a range-topping X2 also involves installing the most powerful four-cylinder engine in BMW’s history.

Knowing the UKL platform’s front-drive bias would make wedging in something like an inline-six more than a little troublesome, BMW opted for an alternative solution. That means the 2019 BMW X2 M35i gets by with a quartet of pistons totalling 2.0 liters of displacement. However, the manufacturer managed to wring 306 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque from the mill to avoid any embarrassment.

BMW claims that the model hurls itself to 62 mph in 4.9 seconds with a little help from launch control, turbocharging, and a redesigned cooling system. An eight-speed automatic and all-wheel-drive system come standard, with the latter being further aided by a limited-slip differential at the front axle.

Since this is the M Performance spec variant of the X2, Bimmer stiffened the suspension and lowered ride height by 10 millimeters. Upgraded brakes match with standard 19-inch wheels, however, those wanting more clearance and an even firmer ride can have an optional 20-inch set. Shoppers can also upgrade to an adaptive suspension setup with two manually adjustable modes of operation.

The exterior of the X2 M35i gains appropriate M Performance accoutrements, and we aren’t talking about the badging. BMW has bestowed the crossover with its own set of air inlets and spoilers. There’s also an M Sport exhaust system featuring two colossal four-inch tailpipes with darker accenting in lieu of chrome. In the cabin, the M35i gets a sport-inspired steering wheel and detailing. However, the M Sport seats, wireless Apple CarPlay, and head-up display remain optional.

BMW claims production of the 2019 X2 M35i should begin in November (March for the European market). Pricing and market-specific details are to be announced at a later date.

[Images: BMW]

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21 Comments on “2019 BMW X2 M35i Comes With Brand’s Mightiest Four Banger...”

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    Interesting S3 fighter. Yes, S3, not SQ3. I’m pretty sure this thing is less than 5′ tall.

    • 0 avatar

      @sportyaccordy: spot on.

      This is more similar in dimensions to the Golf than not.

      It’s a great competitor to the Golf R.

      • 0 avatar

        That’s about the same horsepower as the European Golf R, but roughly 60 more torques (don’t make me look up the exact number). However the X2 will be maybe 400 lb heavier than the VW, depending on how much weight the M35i’s go faster bits add over the cooking version.

        The question with BMWs is how much extra you’ll have to pay to get the desirable features. A loaded X2 xDrive 28i already runs just shy of $47K, so this new model will surely sticker at over $50K.

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      Cannot say I agree there. The X2 is 60.1″ tall and 172.2″ long, 71.8″ wide, and lugs around a whopping 3,700 pounds of pork. The S3 is lower longer and wider at 55″ tall, 176″ long, and 71″ wide. And it only weighs 3,450 pounds. Using “only” in a relative sense as a car that small probably shouldn’t weigh quite so much.

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    I like this, but I bet it’s expensive ($45-50K guesstimate)

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    30-mile fetch

    Hatchbacks are poison, so make one marketable by ruining it with some extra ride height, gunslit windows, and a 7-foot tall front fascia. Now regain some lost lateral stick by lowering it back down to hatchback height and sticking 20-inch wheels on it. It now looks like a small SUV cut off at the knees, but it will sell because it is listed as an SUV on the website. I don’t get it.

    I hope it is better packaged on the inside than it looks in photos, because it seems to suffer the same poor interior:exterior volume ratios as the CX-3 and C-HR.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      I rode in and drove one of these X2s. While I don’t care for the styling or purpose, it drove markedly well and was comfortable in the back for this average-height man.

      I think I would just get a hatchback instead, particularly the Golf R.

      • 0 avatar

        I’m sure it does as every ounce of technological energy of all automakers has been devoted to these things. It would be 2x better if they devoted that energy to vehicles which carry less weight and don’t need to be so tall and high off the ground.

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    I dig the loud interior.

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    I like little hatchy-wagons and find this pretty attractive. But in terms of actual ownership, I’d be concerned the highly stressed little 4-banger in there would become a pricey liability sooner than later. Better as a lease–but I suppose that applies to all German cars.

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    BMW Juke Nismo.

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    I remember when BMW’s saving grace is that they were at least good looking. This thing looks like a Corolla HB… and that isn’t a beauty queen either.

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    Looks OK from the side and rear; dorky-old lady shoes from front 3/4 shot.
    Since this “SAV” was first raised, then dropped again – it’s just something other than the ordinary 3 or 4 series to ride around in.

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    These monstrosities are now a common sight in Germany. They are ugly on the outside and inside. The cabin design already looks outdated and uncreative.

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    I really, really want an M240i in four door HB guise. At least I think it’s 240 for the six-pot turbo. Hard to keep track of BMW’s nomenclature.

    Not sure I have any interest in this (FWD architecture, four-pot, auto trans).

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    You can get this car with a stick and better sightlines, and more fun dynamics, if you get the MINI Countryman version instead:

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    Two things: What’s with every car’s front lower facia becoming an origami exercise? Second, why do all these touch screens have to be a slab poking up out of the dash like an old add-on GPS? Car design has become hackneyed, copy-cat crap, with zero elegance.

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    Following the same pattern as just about every CUV, this thing is ugly.

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    Agreed. Living on the French-german border, I have yet to see an X2. The X1 is surprisingly big (for a compact SUV, of course), but the Audi Q2 and VW T-roc are really funny: they’re sold as compact crossovers, but look the exact same size as compact cars, often being higher by only an inch or so.
    So yeah, they are effectively just raised compacts (with a substantially raised MSRP, too…)

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