Nissan Recalls 166,000 Vehicles in North America Over Ignition Switch Snafu

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky

Nissan is recalling roughly 166,000 vehicles due to an ignition switch issue that could cause the vehicle’s engine to shut off while driving. The automaker said 153,000 of the recalled units are in the United States, with another 13,000 in Canada.

Hoping to stave off additional problems before the matter can be resolved, Nissan has requested that drivers remove all objects from their vehicle’s keyring (extra keys, comically heavy keychains, etc). According to Transport Canada, select Nissan vehicles equipped with a mechanical key ignition system utilize a spring that could wear and break, allowing the ignition to inadvertently move from the on position to the accessory position. Obviously, that’s not the kind of surprise you want while navigating a particularly tricky piece of road.

However, Automotive News reports that Transport Canada was unaware of any accidents caused by the problem. Nissan was likewise unfamiliar with any incidents stemming from the ignition issue, but did issue a statement later in the day. The company explained it was issuing a voluntary recall campaign on certain MY2017-2018 Juke, Frontier, Sentra, Versa, Versa Note, Micra, NV, NV200, and Taxi models. Those units are to be to inspected and, if necessary, have the mechanical key ignition switch assembly replaced.

In Canada, Nissan’s NV1500, NV2500 and NV3500 from the 2017 model year are also included as part of the recall.

This voluntary status would explain why the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety has yet to issue an official recall notice. An update should be forthcoming. Meanwhile, drivers of the affected vehicles should receive a recall notice in September. As always, the repairs will be done at no charge to the owner.

If you have one of these cars, we suggest taking Nissan’s advice and stripping your keyring of all non-essential items. Frankly, this is a smart practice to adhere to in any automobile, as GM once demonstrated.

[Image: Nissan]

Matt Posky
Matt Posky

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    +1 for push button start?

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      @SCE to AUX Keyless start cars are becoming easier to steal for thieves with fob signal repeater gadgets.

  • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Aug 31, 2018

    GM sucks anyway. And Ford too. Nissan - do not think so... But seriously, you are kidding, it cannot be Nissan. What we do now? It is terrible. The foundation of our belief system is crumbing before my your our very eyes.

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      @Inside Looking Out Nissan is a French government controlled company. Full stop.

  • Probert A few mega packs would probably have served as decent backup.
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  • Ronin What is the magical white swan event in the foreseeable future that will suddenly reverse the trend?Success tends to follow success, and likewise failure. The perception, other than among true believers, is that e-cars are a lost cause. Neither government fiat, nor government bribery, nor even the promise of superior virtue among one's peers have been enough to push past the early adapter curve. Either the bust-out is right now for e-cars, or it doesn't happen. Marketing 101.Even subtle language-manipulation, such as deeming those possessing common sense as suffering from some sort of vague anxiety (eg, "range anxiety") has not been enough to induce people to care.Twenty years from now funny AI-generated comedians will make fun of the '20s, and their obsession with theose silly half-forgotten EVs. They will point out that, yes, EVs actually ran on electricity generated by such organic fuels as coal and natural gas after all, and then they will perform synthesized laughter at us.