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The benign mental illness that is pet ownership leaves those affected by it perpetually concerned with the well-being of non-human animals. Creatures are fed, groomed, and spoken to in pleasant tones as frequently as possible to ensure their existence is as stress free and safe as possible. Knowing that pets cannot reside in your lap while you’re driving — no matter how much you’d like for them to — Land Rover figures they can still ride in the lap of luxury and is offering a series of dog-focused accessories.

This is a one-two punch from the brand, as it allows for Land Rover to sell marked-up items to dog owners (which account for roughly half its customers) while also including those lovable little scamps in their marketing materials. Subaru has been working the dog angle for some time now and it has resulted in some of the most viral car-ads of the 21st century while simultaneously helping to solidify its friendly persona.

Clearly aware of this, Land Rover created a one-minute advertisement featuring the products and encouraged viewers to share it. In the clip, two dogs arrive in the back of a Discovery and attempt to impress a third dog they’d both like to have sex with. Don’t worry, the only action they show are of the new products being used. 


Those items are separated into three packages and available on the brand’s entire lineup, with availability starting in the United Kingdom on International Dog Appreciation Day (August 26th). Prices start at roughly $460 for a foldable pet carrier, spill-resistant water bowl, and load space rubber mat. However, the fancier packages include items like a portable dog shower, quilted load space liner, full-height luggage partition, and a doggie ramp. Those accessories will set you back $1,140.

“Land Rover is all about enjoying the great outdoors and that goes hand-in-hand with dog ownership for many customers,” said Finbar McFall, product marketing director for the company. “Our customers told us that the comfort of their dogs on car journeys is crucial. They are part of the family and we recognize that. Our new Pet Packs aim to allow dogs to travel in real comfort and make journeys simpler and more relaxing for dogs and at the same time protect the inside of owners’ vehicles.”

While customers could certainly buy these items on the aftermarket or make them at home, as it’s not terribly difficult to velcro a rimmed water dish to the floor of a car, we think Land Rover will still come out ahead on the deal. Shoppers loyal to the brand are likely to have a little extra cash lying around and pets will probably appreciate some of the niceties.

We doubt it’ll make dogs any more excited to go on a car ride, as the mere mention of a road trip sends most into a joyful panic. But it might make the middle section of the journey more enjoyable for them. Likewise, that luggage partition and padded cargo space could be handy for cats subjected to a longer drive. They probably won’t like being in the car any more than usual but it’ll at least give them some extra space in which to go mental as they protest being taken somewhere against their will.

[Images: Jaguar Land Rover]

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22 Comments on “Going to the Dogs: Land Rover Launches New Range of ‘Premium Pet Packs’...”

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    Very smart. Agreed that this will be a big winner for LR.

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    Let me guess…the target market for this is “pet parents.”

    All the time I see old people, men and women both, driving around with their Toilet Brush dog out the driver’s window, standing on the windowsill on its short little legs, head in the wind.

    I try to figure out in my head how much kinetic energy Mr. Muffykins will have when he’s ejected from the vehicle in a crash, and then I remember that old people cause accidents, but are never caught in the crashes themselves.

    Something profoundly unjust about that, I think.

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    All the brands have these in Europe as Accessories. I don’t understand why they don’t make them available in the US, since there are very many dog owners here that would love them.

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    So the dogs don’t deserve airbag protection, and are supposed to ride in the back right over the fuel tank and inches away from the tailgating F-250 with the texting driver? And where is the DVD player and screen for their entertainment during the trip? Not good enough Land Rover.

    • 0 avatar

      This fits the image of the upper class snobs who pay Land Rover’s bills. Servants never use the front entrance, neither shall dogs. All the money in the world for appearances, none for actual improvements. Brag about the appearance of concern, while being sure to not actually care.

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    Like roof racks, find out who makes these and buy from them instead of the dealer. Save you a lot of money. Then again, maybe LR buyers aren’t all that concerned about money.

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    Lol, sure, why not? Everyone knows that Range Rover pet owners love them more the common folk do. Nothing too good for Madison and Max… Wait, those are the kid’s names

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    FWD Donuts

    Caring for an animal is a benign form of mental illness?

    • 0 avatar

      Yeah, that was a pretty dumb thing to write. I’m good with my ” benign mental illness” of being a dog lover.

    • 0 avatar

      Caring is fine. Assigning human characteristics and treating pets as children is IMO a sign of mental issues. The stores here are full of “pet parents” who think Fido likes shopping at Home Depot and Trader Joe’s.

      • 0 avatar

        I heard some people at work the other day talking about a magical cloud city populated by winged trumpet players. Said that’s where they were headed when they died. The stuff you hear out of folks’ mouths these days, right?

    • 0 avatar

      The societal obsession with pets of late is a sign of mental illness.

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      I used to be neutral on pets but something lately really has gone over the edge. I don’t like the dogs everywhere all the time mentality of some owners, and the whole “therapy” fraud craze and animals on planes is nuts. I don’t want them in planes, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. I don’t like being sniffed or jumped on, and I don’t think strangers pets are cute. People in my town drive with them in their laps. They don’t obey leash laws (or common sense) in public places. I’ve lost 2 pairs of good jeans due to dog bites. I chose my condo complex in part because of a no-pets policy, but I’m afraid that this creeping “therapy animal” trend will eventually render such rules as unenforceable since the law won’t differentiate between a legitimate, trained service dog/animal that performs a function in service to the health and safety of its owner, or a “therapy animal” that provides happiness to its owner, which is in other words, just a pet.

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    I’ve gotta admit, of the 5 car oriented websites I frequent regularly, this is the ONLY one I’ve seen that has referred to close pet bonding as a mental issue. Which makes me wonder… especially since this isn’t the first time I’ve read posts like that. I think one was directed towards me a few months ago.

    Anyway, it’s OK- everyone’s entitled to an opinion. From my own standpoint, the more I get to know people, the better I like my dog.

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      “the more I get to know people, the better I like my dog.’


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      I would generally agree, but I like to talk about a whole lot of different things and although my dog is a great listener he has a hard time carrying his end of the conversation, so as much as I love dogs I guess I’m stuck with people too *sigh*

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    Watch out, Subaru!

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    I disagree about dogs residing in driver’s laps. Just last week, I witnessed a 50 something year old woman driving a Caribbean Pearl Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet in stop and go traffic with a tiny dog on her lap.

    It was a bizarre scene between the oddball Murano and the tiny dog.

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    30-mile fetch

    Devoted pet owners are easy targets for ridicule. Combine that with stereotypes of Land Rover clientele, and you’ve got a field day. I frankly don’t care as long as they keep the peculiarities of it to themselves. What bothers me about pet ownership is not that more people are adoring them as children, but that owners of any stripe who let their dogs bark and defecate in the public sphere, making other people suffer the consequences of their choice.

    Pick it up when it craps. Shut it up when it barks. Sound waves leave your yard and so does the stench of their sh*t and the flies that are drawn to it.

    This stuff is not new and has been around long before the “fur baby” lunacy. The worst are often the neglectful owners who don’t dote upon their animals.

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