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2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Sport - Image: FCA

We’re talking one of those 1950s Leave It To Beaver-type families, not those downsized 1980s-onward broods. Yes, the range-topping utility vehicle under development by Fiat Chrysler’s sporty Alfa Romeo division will likely boast three rows and seven seats, according to UK publication Autocar.

It’s far removed from the diminutive Alfas of yesteryear, such as the 2000 GT Veloce driven by the titular character in Shaft In Africa, but it’s necessary to seduce the space-hungry American market. It’s also just one of several new products expected to be announced by FCA boss Sergio Marchionne next month.

According to Autocar, the big announcement will come at FCA’s Balocco, Italy test track ( formerly the Alfa Romeo proving grounds).

There, Marchionne will announce a new, larger SUV based on the Stelvio platform and weighing roughly 450 pounds more than its smaller stablemate, the publication reports. Key to getting the heavier vehicle up to speed is a 48-volt electrical system aiding a mild hybrid drivetrain and electric turbocharger. The on-sale date should arrive in late 2019.

Joining the new SUV in the Alfa lineup is a model we’ve already told you about, but which isn’t yet confirmed. A Giulia coupe takes the longed-for (but problem plagued) sedan and lop offs two doors, with more than one performance hybrid powertrain on offer. A five-door sportback remains a possibility. At Alfa, hybridized engines aren’t looking to save the planet — they’re only there to add extra grunt when the driver nails the throttle, saving Alfa the expense of developing costly new engines.

It’s believed the new powertrains adopt a Formula One-style energy recovery system derived from the LaFerrari. Displacement of the existing 2.0- and 2.9-liter Giulia engines would remain the same. Power gains, at least under heavy loads, would skyrocket, from 276 brake horsepower in the stock turbo four to 345 in the mild hybrid version. The twin-turbo V6 could make as much as 641 combined bhp.

Making the greatest use of the Giulia and Stelvio’s Giorgio platform is key to FCA’s global ambitions for the resurgent Alfa brand. The slow roll-out of new models didn’t deliver the early sales figures once predicted by Marchionne, and China proved a thorn in FCA’s side. Still, the brand grew 62 percent, globally, in 2017. Thanks to greater availability of the Giulia and the recent appearance of the Stelvio, the brand’s U.S. volume grew 328 percent in the U.S. over the first four months of 2018. (That’s 7,639 vehicles, for those of you counting — over 2,000 more than the downward-pointing Fiat brand sold in the same time frame.)

[Image: Alfa Romeo]

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7 Comments on “Alfa Romeo Readying an SUV for the Nuclear Family: Report...”

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    This should actually be fun for people who need such a vehicle. Still a dice roll though. Bummed the Japanese still don’t offer such a vehicle.

    Big question for me is how much they are going to leverage this platform. I’ve said it a few times already but if this platform underpins the next Charger/etc, with an aluminum block HEMI I think FCA will do REALLY well. Also wondering if there will be an Alfa 5 series, or if the failed Ghibli (which just had its worst February since launch and has been universally panned in the press) is supposed to cover that role.

    • 0 avatar

      There was a 5 series competitor planned but I think it was put on the back burner in favor of this SUV. Not sure if they still plan on making it.

    • 0 avatar

      “Bummed the Japanese still don’t offer such a vehicle.”

      I’m not into SUVs (having owned 3 in a row many years ago), so I could well be mistaken, but isn’t the Nissan Armada such a vehicle?

      • 0 avatar

        No, the Armada is a body on frame behemoth. I’m talking about something like the now-dead Infiniti FX. I think a refreshed FX as well as something based on the now-dead GS for Lexus would do well. Especially competitively priced.

  • avatar

    Car company sees other manufacturers making $$$ off of big SUV/CUVs.

    Car company begins making big SUV/CUVs.

    Car company makes $$$.

    This does not appear to be a jaw-dropper.

  • avatar

    +1000 for the Shaft in Africa mention. The movie starts with Shaft coming back to his Alfa after a morning run, to find some guy stealing the hubcaps off of it.

  • avatar

    As a certified Alfa nut with 4 kids this is right in my wheelhouse. If it ends up being at least as good to drive as our old CX-9 but with Giulia / Stelvio styling this will be hard to resist.

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