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Neues bei der Mercedes-Maybach S-Klasse Noch edler, noch exklusiver – Die Mercedes-Maybach S-Klasse im neuen Look

Returning from the dead in 2014, Mercedes’ ultra-luxury Maybach sub-brand has become the only way to make absolutely certain you’ve purchased highest-spec S-class in existence.

There was a problem, however. With the exception of a handful of subtle visual cues, there was no way to distinguish it from the standard fare. While a single glance at the interior would obliterate any doubt that this car was a cut above the norm, external indicators were dependent on the vehicle’s added length and badging.

That’s no way to arrive at a high-profile event, so Mercedes-Maybach has decided to guarantee the rest of society is aware you’re riding in something special via a new grille and optional two-tone paintwork. The updated visuals certainly separates the Maybach-branded S-Class from the rest of Daimler’s lineup, but it also might make it too reminiscent of the cars that ultimately forced the brand into an early grave.

Thankfully for parent company Daimler, Maybach’s relatively strong sales in China, Russia and the United States makes a repeat of this unlikely.

Still, plenty of people will accuse the vertically slatted grille and two-tone gloss of having an aftermarket gaudiness that’s unbecoming of a serious luxury brand. But based on initial looks, the finished product really doesn’t leave much to complain about. The contrasting paint scheme is isolated to the roofline, where it should be, and the grille straddles the line between contemporary and vintage.

Either way, the nine different color combinations are entirely optional. Also available is a new double clearcoat on all dark colors. Maybach claims the double glazing creates a “piano lacquer effect and a special impression of depth.” Elite shoppers also have their pick of three 20‑inch multi-spoke wheels, including one set that’s reminiscent of the ultra-sexy Mercedes-Maybach S‑Cabriolet’s.

New interior colors are also on offer: armagnac brown/black and savanna beige/black. The black Maybach uses nappa leather upholstery appointments that can be ordered with a choice of copper, gold, or platinum-colored contrasting topstitching. Inserts can also take on the Designo Magnolia “Flowing Lines” wood treatment.

North American Maybach sedans will still come in S560 4Matic and S650 trims, with the former using a 469-horsepower V8. The latter will make use of a 621-hp V12. Pricing should be announced later this year, with the cars expected to hit dealerships in late summer. Hopefully, you’ve been saving up.

[Image: Daimler AG]

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22 Comments on “Mercedes-Maybach ‘Grillin’ It’ With Updated Styling Cues...”

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    Looks kind of Lincoln-ny to me.

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    • 0 avatar

      This is another example of how Korean cars are becoming more like Mercedes, and Mercedes cars are becoming more Korean.
      The Maybach’s grille is straight off of a Kia Amanti.

      • 0 avatar

        Eh, too much is made of the grille treatment.

        The 3 basic grille treatments for luxury (or premium) vehicles have been grilles with horizontal slats, vertical slats and some type of mesh treatment (for the “sporty” trim).

        Often a same model will change the direction of the slats for a refresh or new gen model or have differing treatments for diff. markets.

        What’s more “Hyundai-like” is Mercedes having started to incorporate a hexagonal-shape to some of their grilles, along with stretching out their headlight designs.

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    Looks like a Hyundai.

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    Dan R

    Cadillac Seville bustle back 1980
    What is old is new.

  • avatar

    Superfly called. He wants his car back.

  • avatar

    It’s just a pinstripe away to become a Foose design…

  • avatar


    Seriously, I love them, bling and all.

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    I think one of the things that lead to the downfall of luxury car makers like Cadillac and Rolls Royce during the 1980s was the difficulty their designers had incorporating their styling cues into a jellybean design. Some of them looked downright goofy and tacked-on.

    I think this car does a good job of looking luxurious. It has many of the styling cues like the big grill, two tone paint, and nice wheels of a classical luxury car; without looking like they were grafted onto a Ford Taurus. Also, there is enough wheelbase so that the line of the DLO if extended runs from the front axle, up under the roofline, and down to the rear axle, so it looks graceful with no DLO fail at all.

    Finally, there is only a slight trace of “angry insect” in the look of the front fascia; unlike most cars being released this year. I like it. Yeah, it may resemble other makes and models; but the wind tunnel and safety regulations make it almost impossible to turn out something that is truly unique and functional.

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    I’m sorry, but that looks terrible. I’ll take the standard version.

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      I’m not feeling the love here either. I can already guess, geographically, where the market will be for this car. Not thinking North America.

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        Yes, and it’ll one day (probably soon) sit in traffic somewhere within that geographic location right next to a car that looks nearly identical, but has a manufacturer’s name English speakers can’t pronounce without it sounding like a racial slur.

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    Jack Denver

    The good news: there is not a 3 pointed star the size of a dinner plate in the middle of the grill.

    The bad news: there is a radar antenna the size of a dinner plate in the middle of the grill.

    Any car that is not a Rolls Royce should not have a 2 tone paint job.

    What is going on under the rear bumper? Are the exhaust openings really asymmetrical or is this a digital artifact? Are these actual photos or renderings?

  • avatar

    I guess since Buick is finally moving away form the “waterfall” grille, Mercedes is deciding to pick it up?

  • avatar

    This looks better than the Convertible (which had an even more obnoxious baleen-esque grille and almost no windows to speak of) but that radar in the grille is awful. It fools nobody.

  • avatar

    The upper shade on the two tone should have extended down into the trunk lid. It looks odd and forced just cut off above the license plate.

  • avatar

    Who decided to match black with bamboo pearl? And the pillar chrome doesn’t work in the middle, and never has. A bad afterthought on a very expensive vehicle.

    I’d rather the Bentley or Rolls option.

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