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Mazda MX-5 2018 gray and red

Mazda is offering driving enthusiasts a late Christmas gift by touching up the Miata for 2018 with a bevy of welcome options and a handful of all-inclusive improvements.

Even though nobody complained about the fourth-generation MX-5’s on-road behavior, the manufacturer still tweaked its rear suspension and steering for 2018. It also says it made efforts to reduce undesirable cabin noise. However, the most noticeable alteration for the next model year is the addition of an optional red soft top for the North American market. 

For the more-aggressive MX-5 Club, Mazda maintains the optional Brembo brake and BBS wheel package. But shoppers can now add heated Recaro seats if they wish. Available only with a six-speed manual, the brake and wheel package tacks $3,770 onto the Club’s $29,155 MSRP — or $4,470, if you want the sport seats included.

Downshifting to the base model, Mazda is giving the Sport trim a 7-inch infotainment system and advanced keyless entry as standard equipment for 2018. The model now sells for $25,295. While that represents an increase of nearly $400 over last year’s car, the media center wasn’t even available on the base Miata in 2017. In terms of the bigger picture, we’re considering it a good deal overall.

Color changes are subtle and welcome. The $30,195 Grand Touring trim is now available with an auburn leather interior, which ought to look great with black paint, for an extra $300. However, is black isn’t your bag, Mazda is now offering the MX-5 in Snowflake White Pearl Mica ($200), Soul Red Crystal ($595), and Machine Gray Metallic ($300), which was previously exclusive to the RF hardtop.

Pricing and packaging information for the 2018 Mazda MX-5 RF will be announced later, but we’re expecting to see similar options and fees. Soft-top models will start showing up at dealerships in January with both black and cherry-red canvases.

[Image: Mazda]

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11 Comments on “Mazda’s MX-5 Available With Cherry On Top For 2018...”

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    I still like the FIAT 124 styling better, and you can probably get a better deal on the FIAT. Red roof is nice though.

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    It needs 50 more hp but instead they give us a cherry red top option.

    Both the Civic Si Coupe and BRZ Performance Package offer the same performance for better value. After you option up an MX-5 with the BBS brakes and heated Recaro seats, you still have a slow sports car (Accord 2.0T is quicker) and the price is just a stones throw away from a Mustang GT which is actually legitimately fast.

    I like the MX-5 but I think Mazda needs to ditch the stupid retractable roof and just offer it with a fixed roof and give it the motor it deserves. BBS in the UK already demonstrated what it needs with the “Super 200” package. The lightweight chassis with a 225 hp NA motor brings the MX-5 back into real sports car territory. There is no excuse not to do it.

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      Trev Limiter

      To get hung up on the numbers is missing the point. I’ve driven a Mustang GT, but I wouldn’t trade my Miata for one.

      The Mustang only feels special when driven hard. When I was cruising around town, I may as well have been driving a Camry. The steering was pretty numb, and the engine hid its power until the gas pedal was halfway to the floor.

      By contrast, the Miata feels like a precision instrument at any speed. I feel a physical connection to the tires through the super talkative steering wheel, and I love the immediate and perfectly linear throttle response.

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        Even getting hung up on the numbers for a minute, it looks like Car and Driver’s tests have the Miata as quicker 0-60 than BRZ/86, new Accord 2.0T, and Civic Si, maybe tnk479 is comparing the RF version?

        The Mustang GT, however, is a great performance bargain and the 2018 with the higher RPM rev limit sounds awesome. I’m just not sure I can afford the tickets or would want a car that big and heavy.

        I have a Fiesta ST and I really want an MX-5 someday too. Can’t make up my mind if I will keep the Fiesta forever in that dream scenario though. I like RWD, lightweight cars, and having fun on the road before I get a ticket. I’m not so bothered that every car but the Mustang GT mentioned in this comment would lose to an AWD Ecoboost Ford Flex (5.7 sec) in a hypothetical 0-60 drag race.

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      TL;DR version: “I’ve never driven a Miata.”

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    Normally hearing “cherry” i’d think yuk.

    But at least in the color combo above, it is fantastic.

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    There’s a VW Beeetle convertible in my subdivision in a similar color scheme…charcoal matallic, maroon fabric top, and some maroon trim on the wheels. It’s a classy, understated look.

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    I have always liked the MX-5 but I fit better in the 2018 VW GTI. I am not sure if these 2 cars are cross shopped but wondered which would win in a track meet head to head. I think it would be very close. Has this ever been done?

    I think I might have an easier time convincing DW that the GTI is not a sports car (buckle up honey and hang on for dear life while I show you what this baby can do). Way back in 1987 when I bought my first GTI and my wife to be said “it doesn’t look like a sports car”…that is exactly what I told her.

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      The GTI would get around the track faster, especially with the LSD. The Miata has no power on the straightaways. I did see some show a few years ago pit an NC Miata vs a Mini turbo, and the Mini won.

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      Trev Limiter

      Yes, it has been done. The answer depends on the track.

      Car and Driver runs its annual “Lightning Lap” at Virginia International Raceway, a track with long straightaways that favors cars with more power. There, a 2015 GTI (manual transmission with performance package) clocked in at 3:14.6, much faster than a 2016 Miata Club (manual transmission), which finished in 3:20.8. These two times were recorded in the same week, maybe even on the same day.

      On a tighter course, the margin between GTI and Miata is slimmer. Motor Trend does the track portion of its Best Driver’s Car competition at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. There, racing driver Randy Pobst recorded 1:50.11 for a 2015 VW GTI (dual-clutch automatic with performance package) vs 1:50.68 for a 2016 Miata Club (manual transmission). These two times were recorded one year apart. Even accounting for different track conditions, there is less difference between the two lap times.


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    More paint choices, two of them grey-scale, on a car that is already limited to grey scale colors and red. Oh, and one blue, highest trim level only.

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