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Nissan TITAN XD Snow Plow Prep Package

America loves its pickup trucks, evidenced by a segment that’s increased nearly 5 percent compared to the same time last year.

Sure, many trucks across the nation haul nothing but air in their beds, but more than a few actually work for a living. Nissan is attempting to lure both parties into its showrooms by adding a couple of new option packages to its trucks – one for work and one for play.

In a bid to further play with the Detroit Three heavy duty trucks, the Titan XD is now available with a Snow Plow Prep Package. The package includes high-capacity, heavy-duty front springs which increase gross axle front weight by 575 pounds. That’s enough to handle most plows from major manufacturers like Boss and Fisher. It is also roughly equal to the daily snowfall accumulation on the northeast coast of Newfoundland. Nissan also mentions Meyer, SnowEx, and Western-branded plows as plug-n-play options.

The Snow Plow Prep Package is available on all three Titan XD body configurations with the V8 gas engine – Single Cab, King Cab and Crew Cab – and on S and SV grade levels. The heavier duty springs were also offered last year on 2017 Titan XD models (as the Heavy Duty GAWR Package), making vehicles equipped with that package also snow plow-capable. Changing the name of the package to from “Heavy Duty” to “Snow Plow” is a shrewd marketing move on Nissan’s part. Certain XD customers opting for the plow package may also qualify for a $500 incentive.

Knowing not all hands are using their Titans for work, Nissan has extended its Midnight Edition paint scheme to the Titan and Titan XD. As one can likely extrapolate from its name, the Midnight Edition endows the truck with a dark-trimmed body-color grille, smoked headlights, shady exterior badging and wheels, and charcoal interior trim. Truck trim prices for 2018 aren’t yet announced, but the package costs $1,395 on the Pathfinder and $1,095 on the Rogue.

Nissan Titan Midnight Edition

Tellingly, the Midnight Edition is only available on the high-volume, high-margin Crew Cab models – namely, the ones most likely to be used as family haulers and not work machines. Just about all the full-sized trucks now offer some sort of high-zoot monochrome trim, such as the Special Edition Package on the Ford F-150 that looks especially striking when paired with the Sport Appearance Package in a bold color.

With the Midnight Edition kit, Nissan now has an answer for those shoppers, if they’re interested in a truck painted Black, Gun Metal, or White.

Sneer if you want at what some may call a “paint-n-wallpaper” package, but many buyers slapping in excess of $50,000 down on a truck for daily use want something to match their personality. The aftermarket is rife with blackout trim and wheel options, so it makes sense for Nissan to get in on the action and offer it straight from the factory.

Year-to-date, the Titan line is up. Earlier this year, the big bosses at Nissan expressed their desire to grab a full 5 percent of pickup truck market share in the United States. However, chasing arbitrary targets has now fallen in favor of smart growth. To some, adding these types of packages might seem minor. However, they go a long way in pursuing conquest buyers and proving Nissan is serious about the truck game.

[Image: Nissan]

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12 Comments on “Work and Play: Nissan Adds a Brace of Packages to Titan and Titan XD...”

  • avatar
    Art Vandelay

    Finally got to drive an XD. It drove like a 3/4 ton truck so I’m not sure what all the hoopla is about.

    • 0 avatar

      Oh let’s put springs in the front for a plow package. Now add them in the back increasing payload to 3k pounds, add an axles worthy of pulling 13k and you got a 2500HD Silverado.

      Asian Manufactures still haven’t figured out PAYLOAD is what service trucks are all about.

  • avatar

    Love pickup trucks. Have had one since 1974, after seeing the True Light.
    Have three now: all with manual transmissions.

    There is nothing wrong with “nothing but air in their beds”. Air is good. It helps you breathe..(^_^)..

    People buy pickups because – – –
    1)They are tough, and have great traction with 4WD.
    2) They are well-made, with a fit-and-finish that rivals Mercedes Benz.
    3) They last a long time (Ave lifetime sedan = 11.8 years; Pickup = 15.6 years).
    4) They are high up, so you can see traffic better.
    5) They are VERY capable when needed in hauling and towing.
    6) They have a simple, robust suspension design, not some fancy wear-prone Euro 5-link IRS crap.
    7) They are comparatively inexpensive for their size (but if you get ’em loaded, they may go $70-80K too!).
    8) They are safer in collisions now (Ford F-150 has 5-star plus).
    9) They are more able to help a friend in need, whether moving or whatever.
    10) They are pure AMERICAN!

    Why would you buy anything else?
    (Except if you are some low-life liberal who cries over trees and lives in the deep City with his painty-waist Prius…(^_^))


    • 0 avatar
      Landau Calrissian

      Big-city liberal here, though I haven’t done anything to be considered a “low-life” and I actually have a 4Runner, although a Prius would be great if I had a commute. But hey, great job on confirming basically every stereotype about full-size truck owners!

      • 0 avatar

        With all the thing they’re good for, all the things great about them, you like helping people often strangers, maybe to move, or just a fridge or a couch, a jump start or tug from the mud/snow, you love the great outdoors, go anywhere even just leaning on the bed rails shooting the sh!t with a neighbor or someone at the diner you used to know, hitting yard sales flea markets, enjoying a drink sitting on the tailgate, they look good/tough/sporty/purposeful, you live in America, what there to think about?

      • 0 avatar

        Landau, I am sorry to say that all liberals are low-life by definition. Comes with the territory**.
        But it can be cured with great effort and diligence by listening to Rush and Hannity 14 times a day (^_^).
        Who knows, you might even become Real American?

        ** Mikey (Savage) put out a great book entitled, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”. You may benefit from it.


    • 0 avatar
      Big Al from Oz

      Great tally of the attributes of pickups.

      But………. 75% of pickup owners haul air and tow less.

      Most people buy them because they can.

      • 0 avatar

        Big Al from Oz – – –

        BAFO: “75% of pickup owners haul air and tow less.”
        So? I like air. It’s good for you. It helps you breathe. I even bring some to my neighbors.

        BAFO: “Most people buy them because they can.”
        No, they buy them for the ten (1) reasons I listed up above.
        Nowadays, Americans can buy almost anything “because they can”, so that’s no distinction….


  • avatar

    I wonder what happens if one actually installs and uses a snow plow on a Nissan truck equipped with the Snow Plow option package. When the powertrain fails because Nissans are garbage, will they still honor the warranty?

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