QOTD: Ignoring That Recall?

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
qotd ignoring that recall

Yesterday, young Mr. Posky brought us news that Honda has recalled a number of Odysseys for problems with their second-row seats. Now, reading into the details, it seems to be more of a user problem, rather than a design flaw. Nevertheless.

I’ve had my own share of recalls hurled in my direction, all of which were attended to with varying degrees of urgency. Our question for you: have any of your cars been recalled? How quickly did you bring them in?

The Takata debacle ensnared cars ranging from popular old Hondas to Audis to Ferraris and just about everything in between. Not everyone has been dutifully bringing their vehicle in for repair; according to Bloomberg, nearly two-thirds of American vehicles with Takata airbags are still not fixed. As of mid-September, they report, 20 million of the things are still out there, a full 64 percent of the 31.5 million recalled.

Of course, there’s more than an outside chance that a few of those which haven’t appeared for fixin’ have simply dropped off the automotive radar. After all, when Uncle Morley’s knacked ’01 Accord hit 400,000 miles and developed a rusty subframe, he simply gave it to his nephew for the derby. This is a fictional example. Yes. Purely fictional. Point is, someone’s probably counting that Accord in the Takata totals somewhere.

Other huge recalls include the ignition switch saga at General Motors and Toyota’s challenges with floormats. On a smaller scale, we see recalls such as the one for wayward minivan seats at Honda.

Have you had a recall card show up in your mailbox? Did you attend to it or did you pull an Uncle Morley? We recommend getting recalls attended to at the first opportunity. Whether the parts are correctly installed, though, that’s a different story.

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  • Bill Bill on Nov 20, 2017

    I ignored the ignition switch recall on my old '98 Malibu. All they were going to do was put inserts in my key to center the keyring. I only have my house key and car key, and I had already replaced the ignition switch about a year before that with an aftermarket one to fix an electrical problem so I didn't see the point of wasting time to go to the dealer. Plus I would have to deal with the annoyance of them doing a "complimentary inspection" and trying to upsell me stuff while I was there.

  • Justice_Gustine Justice_Gustine on Nov 20, 2017

    Totaled 06 Monte Carlo went to the crusher with about 7 postcards for the ignition switch recall in the glovebox. Wonder if they could not get the title transfer without getting the recall done, it's coming to that, eh?

  • Tassos The Euro spec Taurus is the US spec Ford FUSION.Very few buyers care to see it here. FOrd has stopped making the Fusion long agoWake us when you have some interesting news to report.
  • Marvin Im a current owner of a 2012 Golf R 2 Door with 5 grand on the odometer . Fun car to drive ! It's my summer cruiser. 2006 GLI with 33,000 . The R can be money pit if service by the dealership. For both cars I deal with Foreign car specialist , non union shop but they know their stuff !!! From what I gather the newer R's 22,23' too many electronic controls on the screen, plus the 12 is the last of the of the trouble free ones and fun to drive no on screen electronics Maze !
  • VoGhost It's very odd to me to see so many commenters reflexively attack an American company like this. Maybe they will be able to find a job with BYD or Vinfast.
  • VoGhost I'm clearly in the minority here, but I think this is a smart move. Apple is getting very powerful, and has slowly been encroaching on the driving experience over the last decade. Companies like GM were on the verge of turning into mere hardware vendors to the Apple brand. "Is that a new car; what did you get?" "I don't remember. But it has the latest Apple OS, which is all I care about." Taking back the driving experience before it was too late might just be GM's smartest move in a while.
  • VoGhost Can someone Christian explain to me what this has to do with Jesus and bunnies?