Cadillac Expands Its Subscription Service to New Markets

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
cadillac expands its subscription service to new markets

Since its launch in the Big Apple earlier this year, the BOOK by Cadillac car-subscription service has allowed customers in New York City to get behind the wheel of a Cadillac without signing the note on one of The General’s top-flight vehicles.

The project has proven to be enough of a success that Cadillac is now launching the product in two additional markets: Dallas and L.A.

Total driving mileage is limited to 2,000 miles per month, per account. This scuppers any plans members may have of relying on the service for long-distance journeys. Members will have access to 2017 and 2018 model-year Cadillacs equipped in fancy-pants Platinum and Premium trims.

Two SUVs are available, the XT5 and Escalade, along with a brace of CT6 sedans in the form of a gas-powered and plug-in hybrid unit. Speed freaks can opt for the ATS-V or CTS-V. Placing the CT6 in the fleet ensures more cars equipped with Super Cruise will soon be plying our roads. To the deep dismay of our Associate Editor, the XTS is not mentioned.

A flat monthly fee of $1,800 — in addition to a one-time initiation fee of $500 — entitles members to the experience. I’m not sure why Cadillac has chosen to use the term initiation, which immediately calls to mind frat houses and freemasons. Perhaps they could call it an admission or enrolment fee, which would imply a more exclusive club.

Semantics aside, the oddly capitalized BOOK by Cadillac has also been launched as a pilot project in Munich, with potential plans to debut in other global markets. Similar to customers stateside, members in Munich have access to the latest top-trim level Caddys, plus V-Series versions of the ATS and CTS. Given the German competition targeted by Cadillac, this is probably a smart move.

Registration, taxes, insurance and maintenance costs are included in the monthly fee and unlike the lease on that pricey loft, membership is month-to-month with no long-term commitment required. Naturally, a smartphone app controls the whole deal. Subscribers can swap out of vehicles 18 times a year.

It is a logical alternative to owning a car for some folks who don’t want to deal with the hassle of maintaining and insuring a car. The monthly payment on a Dark Adriatic Blue Escalade Platinum 4×4 with Tuscan Brown seats is currently around $1700/mo, assuming a 24 month lease allowing 15,000 miles per year. With BOOK, one pays about the same per month, is allowed 24,000 miles per year, and doesn’t have to suffer the indignity of driving the same Cadillac for two whole years.

In New York City, this makes a good deal of sense, which is likely why GM chose that market in which to launch the service. Offering it in Munich is smart insomuch as it puts Cadillac’s best machines in the hands of Germans who have likely only ever considered an Audi, BMW, or Merc.

Likewise, the car culture of L.A. certainly rewards the act of always having new wheels in the driveway. The wide-open spaces of Dallas might be a different challenge, however. BOOK by Cadillac became available in these two new markets yesterday morning.

[Image: General Motors]

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  • Aron9000 Aron9000 on Nov 15, 2017

    Laugh if you will, but this BOOK thing is probably more economical for a New Yorker than actually leasing a Cadillac. Public transit is so good in New York you might only need a car a couple days a week, maybe when you have to leave the city, etc. Keep in mind that a parking space in certain parts of the city can go for several hundred up to several thousand dollars a month. Well parking the car while you aren't using it becomes Cadillac's problem, not yours with the BOOK service. Of course you can also rent an Escalade or CT6 from Hertz/Enterprise/etc for cheaper(way cheaper if you rent with them all the time) which then becomes the folly of this whole program.

  • Pb35 Pb35 on Nov 17, 2017

    I can’t wait to get that CTS-V out on the FDR and really open her up.

  • Zerofoo I was part of this industry during my college years. We built many, many cars for "street pharmacists" that sounded like this.Excessive car audio systems are kind of like 800 HP engines. Completely unnecessary, but a hell of a lot of fun.
  • DedBull In it to win it!
  • Wolfwagen IIRC I remember reading somewhere that the Porsche Cayenne was supposed to have a small gasoline-powered block heater. There was a loop in the cooling system that ran to the heater and when the temperature got to a certain point (0°C)the vehicle's control unit would activate the heater. I dont know if this was a concept or if it ever made it into production.
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  • ToolGuy 404 error on the product link. Which probably isn't terrific marketing on TTAC's part.