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2018 Lexus CT200h - Image: LexusThis is not the Lexus CT200h that was sold in the United States for seven model years.

This is the updated 2018 Lexus CT200h.

Lexus’ U.S. operations no longer wishes to bother with the CT, so 2017 is the end of the line for the hybrid hatch in America. But Lexus’ local discontinuation of the CT comes just in time for Lexus to update the CT200h for other markets.

As in the U.S., the Lexus CT200h is not long for this world in other markets, either. But at the end of its tenure, Lexus designers added mesh to the grille, integrating spindle shapes into the spindle grille, and added more chrome to the foglight surrounds. The taillights are now more in line with other Lexus products, and the rear bumper has more distinguishable tall and wide outlets in the corners.

Inside, the center screen now measures 10.3 inches. Interior fabrics come in a wider range of colors. Pre-collision braking, adaptive cruise, lane departure warning, and auto high beams. Unfortunately, Lexus did not upgrade the CT200h’s powertrain, so it’s still producing only 134 horsepower. Meanwhile, in the UK, Lexus increased the price by £910 because of the equipment upgrades.2018 Lexus CT200h - Image: LexusNone of these changes bring meaningful improvements to the CT range, but in corners of the world where small and efficient vehicles make up a far greater share of the luxury market, not having an entry in this sector would be far more of a problem than in the United States. Based on the UX Concept from the Paris auto show last year, it’s likely that a crossover will be the real replacement for the CT200h, Autocar reports, though likely not for another 18-24 months.

Back in the U.S., Lexus will finish off its clear-out of remaining CTs by selling fewer than 5,000 copies in 2017. This will be the compact Lexus hybrid’s third consecutive year of sharp decline. Fewer than 100,000 CTs have been sold in America since its 2011 launch. Lexus sells more than 100,000 copies of its RX every year.

[Images: Toyota Motor Corp.]

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12 Comments on “The Discontinued Lexus CT200h Is Actually Updated for 2018...”

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    “Now with MORE spindles!”

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    Kyree S. Williams

    I was actually starting to like the CT’s quirky styling, and may have considered one someday. But it is slooooow. Like, dangerously slow. Considerably slower than the Prius, which actually has adequate acceleration. So that was a dealbreaker.

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    I just don’t know why Lexus didn’t give it a more powerful engine. Just drop the 2.5l hybrid powertrain in this with 217hp and you have a way more attractive car.

    Driving a really slow, expensive version of a Prius has simply such a limited market appeal.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      Right? It’s not as though Toyota isn’t the leader in hybrid sales; they didn’t need a compliance car. They could have made the CT a lot more attractive with a better powertrain.

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    Could this mean the end of the Prius v, the sister vehicle? I like mine despite its limited handling prowess. Its power is about the same as other compacts, although the Prius powertrain is at its limit in the bigger body, thus somewhat noisy on heavy acceleration.

    However, for an older person the v is a nice high-roof car with easy ingress/egress. It hauls a lot of stuff too. I have been waiting for a redesign of it, don’t want to buy the exact same thing over. (The new regular Prius hatch is even lower than the previous version.) Can you hear me Toyota?

    • 0 avatar

      I could be wrong, but I think it was official since the launch of this gen of hideous Prius that there would be no new V or C due to poor sales of both.

      So much for the whole “Prius goes Plural” hoopla.

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    MPG: 43C/40H
    Passenger volume:86 ft^3
    Cargo volume:14 ft^3
    MSRP: $31,250
    0-60: 10.6 sec

    Prius C:

    MPG: 48C/43H
    Passenger volume:87 ft^3
    Cargo volume:17 ft^3
    MSRP: $20,150
    0-60: 10.9 sec


    MPG: 54C/50H
    Passenger volume:91 ft^3
    Cargo volume:27 ft^3
    MSRP: $23,475
    0-60: 10.5 sec

    Yeah, there’s no reason for the CT200h to exist. Good call, Toyota.

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    I looked at the CT200H before I bought my C-Max. The CT200H was smaller inside, slower, got worse MPG, had roughly equal luxury equipment, but was more expensive.

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    My brother was probably the last person in the world who would buy a Prius/CT, but he did just that. His previous cars were a 96 BMW 328, 04 M3, & 09 X3, but he got tired of the cost of ownership and realized his commute around Boston has him driving at an average speed of 10mph. He loves to hate his CT, but it’s saved him so much coin and he goes to the gas station 66% less frequently. He paid about $15K for a used F Sport.

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    Its actually a fantastic used car buy. Lexus warranty and levels of service, lots of standards, not a third-world poverty box like the Prius C.

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