Caterpillar to Crossover: Volkswagen Unveils I.D. Crozz Mark II at Frankfurt Motor Show

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
caterpillar to crossover volkswagen unveils i d crozz mark ii at frankfurt motor

Volkswagen debuted a more realistic version of its I.D. Crozz concept vehicle at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week. While still a fantasy model, the physical representation that appeared at the trade event (and VW’s latest round of stylized images) hint at what the production vehicle will actually look like.

While it doesn’t have the conservative and understatedly handsome appearance of a typical VW, the Crozz is more or less on par with the styling of its I.D. sub-brand. It’s also is rumored to be the first of the I.D. vehicles offered for sale in the North American market. Anyone hoping for a pod-like electrified Tiguan ought to be chuffed by the prospect as they prepare their checkbooks.

Initially unveiled microbus-inspired Buzz and four-door EV hatchback concept. The Crozz is likely the first I.D. model we’ll see on American roadways if Volkswagen is serious about going electric. That’s not because it will be the first to enter into production; the hatchback has that honor. It’s because the “crozzover” is clearly intended to have a broadest market appeal. Even though the manufacturer calls it a “four-door coupe,” it’s really just a gently elevated liftback.

VW claims all the I.D. cars will make it into production by the 2020s using its EV-specific MEB platform, with batteries and electric motors housed in the floor. For ol’ Crozzby that means two electric motors, one driving the front wheels and the other driving the rear, and a 83 kWh battery battery pack. The automaker says a 201-horsepower rear motor is the primary drive source, but a 101-hp front-mounted unit will be on hand to help. It also possesses a claimed range of 311 miles using the Euro-spec NEDC cycle. Expect a more conservative EPA assessment of its maximum range.

The front doors are conventionally hinged, while the rears are sliders. There’s no door handles, mirrors, or B-pillar found on the show car, and the entry points are power-assisted. While these features will surely change on the finished model, VW says it’s still representative of a production car.

Assembly is slated to commence much sooner than initially expected. Volkswagen confirmed the Crozz II will go on sale in 2020, the same year as the smaller I.D. hatchback.

[Images: Volkswagen Group]

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  • Dilrod Dilrod on Sep 13, 2017

    Crozz....that name...another weird name!!!! Yesterday it was Stonic, now Crozz!!!! What's a Crozz? A cross? A bread roll? Slang for a woman of low morals? Help me out here....

  • IBx1 IBx1 on Sep 13, 2017

    Wow this is the best coupe I have ever seen

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