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Porsche 911 GT2 RS at E3, Image: Microsoft Studios

Porsche unveiled its most powerful production 911 in history and not exactly where you’d expect. Dodge saved the unveiling of its much-teased Challenger SRT Demon for the New York International Auto Show, so where did Porsche choose to present the new GT2 RS? The Electronic Entertainment Expo — the world’s premiere video game convention.

There are two ways to look at this sacrilege. You can either take offense, accusing the brand of betraying its fervent automotive base, or you can see this as one of the smartest marketing choices it could have made. E3 has a lot of eyes on it and video games are a booming industry. For a long time Porsche cars weren’t even in most video games, thanks to an exclusive deal made with Electronic Arts. When that ended, the brand slipped its cars into Forza Motorsport 6 through downloadable content, and the GT2 RS is on the cover of Forza Motorsport 7

Bound to Electronic Arts, which has produced lackluster and over-the-top racing games for the past few years, Porsche was relegated to goofy arcade style romps with a Fast and Furious mindset — like Need for Speed. But Forza is a very different franchise, aimed specifically at enthusiasts who at least have some cursory understanding of motorsports and prefer a simulation-adjacent experience.

However, anchoring itself to a video game that offers authenticity isn’t the most important thing. Porsche knows Forza 7 is the game enthusiast are waiting for and that the cars you drive virtually in your formative years sear themselves into your brain forever.

According to The Verge, the new 911 GT2 RS uses a 3.8-liter twin-turbo flat-six to send 640 horsepower exclusively to the rear wheels. Beyond the paint job, that’s really all we know. Microsoft, which streamed the event live, was pretty spartan on the actual specs of the real world car — understandable since they aren’t an automaker. But Porsche hasn’t issued a press release either, and we’ve only seen spy shots of the car before its weekend unveiling. Hopefully that is soon to change because, as good as the video game looks, we’re still more curious about the Porsche.

[Image: Microsoft Studios]

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16 Comments on “Porsche Announces Most Powerful 911 in History… at the Video Game Expo...”

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    Get it with a manual gearbox only.

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      John R

      I would be stunned if that happened. That’s too much money left on the table to do that. I’m calling it, Porsche will do both.

      • 0 avatar

        as usual, they made 1,000 at $260k each… of course, all sold out

        they could make another 1,000 at $300k each and they would still sell out

        at this point they realise they need to do the same as everyone else, put out as much ‘merch’ and ‘partnership’ deals as Ferrari and Lambo…

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    John R

    “Bound to Electronic Arts, which has produced lackluster and over-the-top racing games for the past few years, Porsche was relegated to goofy arcade style romps with a Fast and Furious mindset — like Need for Speed. But Forza is a very different franchise, aimed specifically at enthusiasts who at least have some cursory understanding of motorsports and prefer a simulation-adjacent experience.”

    This. Porsche missed the boat with Gran Turismo and watch as the R32-R34 Skylines rode the train to nostalgia town. Doubtless they we NEVER let that happen again.

    Admittedly they did get in edgewise with RUF cars in Gran Turismo 4, but that was meh consolation.

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      RUF has been in every GT and most other racing sims since GT2 in 1999. That just served to make a generation nostalgic for the Yellowbird, not the 911.

      • 0 avatar
        John R

        To be fair me and my buddies weren’t that pedantic to make that distinction during adolescence. Did we know it wasn’t exactly the same thing? Yes. Did we care? No.

        The Yellowbird looked like 911 and that was good enough.

      • 0 avatar

        I remember driving the RUF Yellowbird on the original NFS on the Panasonic 3DO….that was a great console, too bad it died.

        • 0 avatar

          The 3DO was made by several different companies, including Panasonic, Goldstar, and Sanyo. As cool as the technology was, given the company’s business model and $700 price for the hardware (nearly $1,200 today), it was destined to fail.

          Our household was PC Master Race, and I grew up with Test Drive on the Commodore 64. Later on, I played the heck out of the OG Need for Speed – we upgraded our machine from a 33 MHz 486 SX to a 100 MHz 486 DX and the RAM from 4 MB to 12 MB just to be able to play it. NFS: Porsche Unleashed (called Porsche 2000 in other markets) is my favorite racing game of all time. I loved the mode that had you assuming the role of a Porsche factory driver, and you had to complete a series of challenges to progress through it.

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    That the SUV manufacturer Porsche is making sports cars (of all things) just feels like a joke these days. One can only hope that VW puts Porsche out of its misery some time in the near future.

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      remember guise, these 911s arent for the ‘flippers’ – they aint a hedge fund

      btw. 1,000 units at $260k = $260 million like that

      not bad at all

      profit margin must be insane

    • 0 avatar

      Truth is that Porsche virtually owns VW. Porsche owns 31% of VW stock (far more than any other shareholder group), and controls 50.7% (a majority) of the voting rights. Little happens that Porsche does not want to happen. Do notice all the Porsche family members on the supervisory board. Yes, the tail is wagging the dog. It is Audi and Lamborghini who should be concerned. One thing is for sure, it will not be VW putting its most profitable brand, and largest shareholder, Porsche, out of its misery.

      • 0 avatar

        Please don’t confuse Porsche AG (the brand) with Porsche SE (the holding company).

        You’re right: Porsche SE owns a significant chunk of Volkswagen, but Porsche AG is still a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG. Just because the names are the same does not mean they are the same companies. While Porsche AG is in the business of making cars and massive profits for corporate parent Volkswagen, Porsche SE is in the business of making money for the Porsche and Piëch families by exerting as much control as possible over Volkswagen AG.

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    NFS: Porsche Unleashed was a kick-ass game for its time, though.

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    Prove Your Humanity 2+9=?

    “Ze new 911 must have two characteristics: Ze price must be higher than any 911 ever. Und like all 911s, it must look slightly less like a Beetle then ze previous model.”

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    John Ireland

    Just what the world needs…a disposable car that costs too much and goes too fast for anyone to use on public roads. Porsche has completely lost their sense of perspective. If they want to recreate the classic Porsche experience, create a new 356 using a 1.7 liter flat four that hangs its ass out back…and priced it at $40k. No all wheel steering, no sport chrono, no nanny controls, no 20″ wheels, no PDK, no power seats or power windows or power top or sunroof…manual operation only. Think it can’t be done? Someone is already doing it, but it isn’t Porsche.

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