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2017 Chevrolet Camaro vs 2017 Ford Mustang - Image: GM and Ford

It’s a question that goes back some 50 years.

Nixon or Humphrey.

No, wait. Camaro or Mustang.

Forget your Camry vs. Accord monotony, your F-150 vs. Silverado one-upmanship, and the Smart Fortwo vs. Scion iQ debate that routinely breaks the internet. This, this is the American automotive debate of the decade. And the decade before. And the decade before that.

It’s as though Ali and Frazier just kept on fighting. Annually. For decades. It’s the Yankees and Mets meeting in the World Series every year. It’s like — and I know you don’t want me to go there — Trump vs. Hillary in 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036…

If you could have just the one, which would it be? Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Camaro?

Go back in time if you must, but the battle of which we speak is a current one. Both cars are now firmly entrenched in their sixth generations. The Mustang never departed, of course. But the Camaro, after dropping out of production in 2002, returned in 2009 with tremendous sales success. The Camaro was America’s favored muscle coupe from 2010 until the end of 2014, a five-year romp.

But the dawn of the latest Mustang brought about renewed popularity for the Ford pony car, not just in the United States but around the world, even in right-hand-drive form. The Mustang was by far the more popular car over the last two years.

But with the right prices, can the Camaro become the more popular car? In April, General Motors sold 8,737 Camaros in the U.S., easily besting the rapidly declining Ford Mustang. The Camaro did so with increased transaction prices, an incentive reduction compared with March, and less fleet emphasis than the Mustang.

After a rocky start, the Camaro just might be back.

For you, pricing may have nothing to do with it. You’ll want the Mustang because of the 5.0 badge, perhaps, or because of the sequential taillights. Or maybe you’re among the thousands who would happily pay extra for a Camaro because of its sharper dynamics or larger V8.

One thing is certain. Deep down, even among those of us who are unbiased, even among those who believe we have no dog in this fight, we all have a favorite. Which one would you actually buy?

Neither is not an option, you Dodge Challenger-loving so and so.

Timothy Cain is the founder of and a contributing analyst at The Truth About Cars and Follow on Twitter @timcaincars.

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155 Comments on “QOTD: Do You Want a Ford Mustang or a Chevrolet Camaro?...”

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    Chris Tonn

    Bring back the AMC Javelin!

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      Funny–I’ve been looking at those on Craigslist, just because of the rarity. I found a ’73 in brown with the 360 V8 about two hours from my house.

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      I have owned two. A 1970 390 ci monster and a 71 with a 304. I regret selling both. But I would take the Camaro and probably regret my decision. I think it is a better car, but not what it could have been. GM made a mistake IMO by catering to Camaro owners during the design stage. They could have targeted Porsche owners and broadened their market share.

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        “They could have targeted Porsche owners and broadened their market share.”

        Notional Porsche owners who don’t care about badges, and presumably we’re talking only 911 owners, since people in a Cayenne or Macan or Panamera aren’t gonna look twice at any possible Camaro.

        Well, I think we see why GM never even considered that…

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      There is a nice AMX on Hemmings for $25,000 You couldn’t touch a similar Mustang or Camaro at that price.

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    Depends on the time frame. 70,’s, 80’s, and 90’s? Camaro. Those 70’s era ‘Stangs-the less said the better. I have always despised the Fox body-it looks like an Escort on steroids.

    Since the early 2000’s it’s the ‘Stang all the way. 5.0 only. I don’t care how good the V-6 is/

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      I’d take a 3rd gen Camaro over the Fox Mustang. But from 2005 on, I’m more inclined to go with the Mustang–as a toy, the Bullitt, Boss, or Shelby GT 500 would be fun to own.

      But for some reason, I do like the V6 Camaro convertible as a nice runabout.

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    “Trump vs. Hillary in 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036…”

    Oh, God, why, why, WHY? I’d rather see the Weyland-Yutani Corporation emerge.

    (Mustang. All the way. Better looking – and better to look out of – by far.)

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    AOTD: No.

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    The Camaro catches my eye when I see them on the street. Having driven one, though, I’d definitely go Mustang.

    I just couldn’t stand the “driving from inside a bunker” feel of them. My kid sat in the back seat and complained endlessly about being in a dark hole with no way to see out. He was about to puke after about 2 minutes with no vision of the horizon. Form definitely trumped function on that one.

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      Camaro styling gets a lot of hate, but not from me. I think it’s a good looking car. But the current Mustang is drop-dead sexy. And, like you say, you can actually see out of it.

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        Yes, the Camaros look great from the outside. I’ve sat inside the previous generation, and don’t care to again.

        Then again, while they look great they also look just a little too cartoonish. Like the first gen Viper, I like to look at them but I think I’d feel foolish owning one.

        But I could totally see a Mustang fitting in my garage. Right between a Raptor and the FoRS.

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      There’s a guy who uses the same parking garage as I do who always parked his old triple-black 5th gen Camaro SS on the top deck. At some point, he replaced it with a triple-black 6th gen Camaro SS. Not sure how long he had it before it finally caught my eye and I noticed the car had been replaced.

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    Mustang all day here. I will never get over the “bunker” that is the Camaro. I sat in a convertible the last time my Cruze was in for service. It was a turbo 4 and it was 42k. It felt like crap inside and you couldn’t see out of it with the roof down. I’m sorry, but I like being able to see, since visibility is a valuable aid in decision making while driving.

    The F-body Camaro/Firebird never did it for me either. Always felt cheap and half-baked, except on performance. I’d take a Fox body LX (preferred) or GT convertible from 87-93. Really don’t care too much about anything before that, since they weren’t cars I grew up with. I can appreciate them, but I have no desire to own one.

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    Both current models are now bloated caricatures of the first gen cars. Park a 65 Mustang next to a 2017 and you’ll be astonished how much bigger the new car is.

    If I had to pick one, I’d go with the Mustang. I really do not care for the gun -slit windows found on the Camaro.

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      You’re right in that one.
      A few years ago they had a picture of a then current Shelby GT Mustang next to one the of original models it was supposed emulate – or cars mags would have put it, paid homage to.
      The size difference was enormous. The newer Shelby looked like an overdone bloated mess. Now, the newer car would probably out-perform the original in every way but given the choice of which one to hop into and drive I would have chosen the classic.

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        Safety concerns make your complaint moot.

        Really, I don’t know how you expect a performance vehicle with the dimensions of the original Mustang to pass crash tests.

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      Try parking a new Civic next to a ’91. Or an R35 Skyline against an R32. Accord, Maxima, Camry, Taurus?

      Hell, there’s an infamous pic on the internet of an orange 2008 Challenger, when they first dropped, vs a 1970.

      Model bloat is everywhere.

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      Per Internet:

      1965 Mustang: 181.6″ long, 68.2″ wide, 51.1″ tall.

      2017 Mustang: 188″ long, 75″ wide, 54-55″ tall.

      I am not sure that would *astonish* me, though the new one probably also “looks bigger” because the proportions are different.

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      White Shadow

      That’s true with pretty much all cars. Park a new Mini next to an old one. Or a new Accord next to an old one. The new cars are just bigger.

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    I’d rather have a choice between a Thunderbird and Monte Carlo.

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    I have this weird hang up with being able to see outside my vehicle without the aid of a periscope, so the Camaro is automatically off the table. So, I guess the ‘stang is the default winner unless we allow the Challenger as a dark horse candidate.

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    On paper these two come out ahead, but in the real world the Challanger is a pretty slick competitor. I’m not a muscle/sports car guy by any means (or a lottery win), but even I was briefly tempted by the Challanger during a bout of SUV shopping.

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    No and No.


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    Rapidly declining? Why would you get a 17 when the right around the corner 18 has a digital dash, active exhaust, and adaptive suspension?

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    I’ve had a couple of modern Mustangs (2010 and 2012 GTs) and if I were to get one now, I’d probably find a low-ish mileage *unmodded* 2012-2014. I prefer the look of the 2012, but the ’13-’14 are okay too. Plus they’ll have fewer potential issues with the MT82. The 2015 got way ugly, and the 2018 is even worse looking.

    Camaro? Nah. the current one is a bunker (driven a couple.) The last of the F-bodies were pieces of junk. Maybe an ’80s IROC w/TPI, but I’d need to work on my mullet first.

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    Based on styling alone, I’ll take the Camaro’s sharp edge Americana styling over the Euro-inspired Mustang. Honestly though I’d take the Camaro anyways due to its engine and suspension.

    However a Challenger Scat Pack is more my style.

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    Pfft. Easy. Camaro.


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    Give me my Race Red 5.0 six-speed Mustang GT Premium.

    Bring it to me henceforth, and dispense with the knockoff, brand-x versions.

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    Challenger. Because at 6’0″, I don’t fit easily in a Camaro – and when I am in one I can’t see out of the slits it calls windows.

    If I had to pick between just the two, tho’, I’d pick Mustang. Better looking, great driving, you can actually see out of one, plus there is nothing like an original.

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    My first answer would be ‘neither’ because I already have the car that I want.

    Realistically, though, the answer is ‘both’. I don’t go in for blind hatred of ‘competitors’ to what I have and I do love my cars so I would be happy as anything to have one of each.

    I really do miss my Firebird Trans-Am, though.

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    Mustang – 6 speed manual, track pack, no Recaros.

    I could be happy with either Ecoboost or V8.

    Any color BUT black, silver, white, or red.

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      Got passed by an ecoboost on the highway last night, he was accelerating hard, sounded awful like somehow worse then a 90’s era civic with autozone parts awful. I’ve had one as a rental fun car but the engine and the car don’t match up to me.

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      PrincipalDan, other than your hate for white paint (must have twin blue stripes because history) and me insisting on the V8 you’ve described my pony car choice.

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    I want a brown Kia Niro EX!

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    Currently it would be a V6 Camaro convertible in that pretty light blue with an optional interior color. I like the GM 3.6 V6 better than either the Ford 3.7 which is disappearing or the controversial 2.3 EB that requires premium fuel for it’s power ratings, the Camaro rides and handles better and I like it’s interior better in some ways over the Mustang. If I was forced to buy a coupe it would be the Stang with the V6 and 6 speed stick. I like the styling on both pretty equally.

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    I actually really like the styling on the Camaro, I really do. But it’s far too gun-slit in the interior.

    Concessions have to be made to get the look everyone wants, but it’s like piloting an M4A1E8. (which I’d enjoy, but not on the 405 with insured motorists.)

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    The camaro needs more glass.

    Since day 1 the mustang has always been the better daily driver and the camaro has always been the better track car. The mustang always had smaller engines, more sedan like interior and storage space while the camaro was always more low and slung back….fun when you’re 18 but not 38.

    For thsi gen the difference is much smaller but the stang has more glass. Easier daily driver. I’ll take the stang.

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      I remember the Fox Body vs. F-body (mostly because it was taking place during my childhood).

      The Auto Journalists LOVED the Camaro, Mustang sold far better.

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        GM lost a lot of sales by forcing an automatic with the 5.7 IROC. The 5.0 IROC was a letdown, even with the 5-speed. Would you play by their “rules”? Or get a Mustang any way you want?

        The Mustang GT’s “Love it or Leave it” airdam, deck spoiler, ground effects, louvered tail lights and ’70s turbine wheels were not up for debate, but less cash, LX 5.0 (or 4.95) deleted those, for a smooth, classic look, with the GT’s suspension and Goodyear “Gatorback” Eagles, but with polished ten-slot alloy wheels (off the previous Mustang GT).

        Then there’s the “notch” LX for a lighter, cheaper, faster 5.0. You just had better choices at the Ford dealer.

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    Despite the visibility issues, I’d pick the Camaro. Too many folks are complaining about their Stangs, especially about excess warranty work.

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      Have an early build 2015 Mustang GT Convertible. No warranty work required. Your mileage may vary, but I haven’t heard anything about excess warranty work.

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        Sadly, I read more of folks unloading their Mustang for something else then of those looking to buy one. I’m a Ford stockholder and hate hearing the tales of woe, as some don’t come back. I wish Ford had a tighter rein on customer service.

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    All other subjective things aside, I would have to go for the Camaro. Why? Because push-rods!

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    If I’m going to spend more time looking at it: Camero. It’s hard to see out.

    If I’m going to spend more time driving it: Mustang. Better visibility.

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    Camaro SS over Mustang GT

    GT350/R over ZL1

    Would buy neither without a V8

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    Mustang (well, in today’s lineup, anyway). I’ve driven both and the Camaro just never seemed to be a car I could live with day in and day out.

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    Master Baiter

    I’ll take a Camaro. A ’69 COPO 427.

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    Since we’re being hypothetical, I would choose the Camaro. I’m more of a Chevy guy than a Ford guy. Window slits be damned.
    Now, back to reality…
    Beside the fact that I probably wouldn’t fit in a Camaro, I wouldn’t buy either one. While I appreciate the technical prowess of both cars, my boy-racer days are far behind me. For the money I would want to spend on either, I would find myself a nice used XTS V-Sport (cue Deadweight for a flaming comment ;-)). Have all of the acceleration and handing I need and be able to cruise in comfort.

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    Funny, I just made this decision last week. After looking at all three [Challenger, Camaro, Mustang] I decided on the Challanger because of the bigger size. After shopping price and features I purchased the Mustang premium ecoboost List price 33375 for 25100 plus tax and tag that was over 3000 less than I could get a Challenger and about 4000 less than a Camaro.
    My loyalty was compromised by money on the hood. I do like the Mustang, it was a steal in my mind.

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    no contest, STANG all the way

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    Is neither an option?

    Get either one down to 3200 lbs in SS or GT trim and I’d consider it. Shrink them 5-10% in length and width at the same time and I’d really consider it.

    I’m just not much of a pony/muscle car guy.

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    Camaro would be my choice as it would be a play car. Visibility is poor so I’d opt for the Convertible

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    Mustang with the Camaro SS engine, love that low end torque.

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    Both are really, really, good. As in good enough that it’s hard to justify buying a BMW M3/M4 or Porsche 911. That said, I don’t like the visibility out of the Camaro. If I were in the market for a new car, I’d stretch my money and get the Mustang Shelby GT 350, but the Ecoboost or 5.0 is hard to beat for a daily driver.

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    On separate summer vacations in Florida, I was able to rent a Camaro convertible and a Mustang convertible. Both were very attractive and got attention from onlookers. But like most commenters said, with the top up, outward visibility in the Camaro was poor and the rear passengers felt claustrophobic. The Camaro’s steering was heavy, the car felt large, and I had to learn where the four corners were.

    Mustang all the way. With top up, outward visibility was good, and the car was very easy to place. Driving was fun only if you went to sport mode.

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    In the 60’s and early 70’s it would have been Camaro, easily. With the latest editions I would not even consider the Camaro, that looks more like a pastiche of a pony car. Hands down, the smart-looking Mustang.

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    Corey Lewis

    I don’t care for the Camaro really. You can’t see out, the interior isn’t good, and even with the reduced heft on the ATS platform it’s still chunky looking.

    Smooth Mustang please.

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    Mustang all the way, despite the Camaro’s reportedly sharper dynamics. I can’t shake my intense dislike of GM, and the Mustang’s superior visibility, ergonomics, and daily-driver qualities make it an easy choice. I’ve driven a GT Premium with 6MT, and it was great. The updates for ’18 should make it even better.

    Even so, for my tastes, it’s too big and heavy — and feels like it. I hope this is corrected with the next generation because I’d love to go with RWD, but in the meantime it’s probably Focus ST, WRX, or Civic Si for me.

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    I have owned a 70 Camaro, a 2000 Firebird convert, a 2008 Mustang convert, a 2011 2SS Camaro, and presently driving a 2015 Eco Boost as my D.D..

    I have to agree with the other folks here. The Mustang is far more civilized as a DD. I do like the 17 Camaro convert, and would consider it as a weekend cruiser maybe ? I use the Mustang every day ,right through the winter. I wouldn’t consider trading the Mustang and using a hard top Camaro as my D.D.

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    I currently have a 2008 Bullitt and a 2016 GT Premium Mustang so I guess I’ve already voted. I have no hate for the Camero or the Challenger but like the heritage and styling of the Mustang better.

    ’08 Bullitt is fun and fast with the 4.6L 5 speed making 315 HP.
    ’16 5.0L making 435 HP is a brute of an engine. Looks and sounds like an angry animal under the hood and can be scary fast.

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      My late answer to this QOTD: make my ‘Stang a Dark Highland Green, completely unadorned, 5.0 GT with every creature-comfort included! Just need a set of X-Ices on a set of steelies for winter! 2018 model preferred. (With an option to configure the speedo into a round affair with a font out of a ’72 Torino wrapping around it — and a digital repeater someplace else close.)

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    If I couldn’t replace my Challenger it would have to be the Mustang. The Camaro interior is just too unpleasant to operate a car from. And only the Dodge has a back seat that’s useful for more than a ride around the corner.

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    Land Ark

    Neither, I bought a GTO.

    If I HAD to choose, I prefer the styling of the Mustang.

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    Trans Am…

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    Considering the number of people who have complained about the visability out of the Camaro, it’s amazing that GM didn’t try to improve it over the previous generation.

    My choice? Neither. Miata is always the answer.

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    I had a SVO and my brother had a hot rod Fox body coupe. So to keep the family happy I’d get another Mustang. But then, I’ve already been thru my mid-age crisis so it’s not likely.

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    I’m looking to replace my EX35 with something powerful that handles great, but is also comfortable and smooth. I don’t need a decent backseat and don’t want to spend over 35k. I haven’t driven the new camaro or mustang. Are either of these comfortable at the GT premium/2SS trim levels? What’s the NVH level? Typical of a standard pony car? Both of these cars seem like great bargains for someone that wants 400+ HP with great handling.

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      I can only speak for the Mustang, but I think it’s a comfortable GT car. I think it’s the most spacious of the 3 muscle cars for the front seat passengers. The lumbar support is great, heated/cooled seats, better visibility than either of the other cars. I have the 9-speaker system that’s standard in the Premium, it’s pretty good. 6-hour road trips are no problem.

      Tire and wind noise aren’t a problem, though there’s not a ton of sound insulation. It’s no Mercedes on the highway, but it’s far quieter than the three Mazdas and the ’00 Camaro SS that I’ve owned. The 5.0 is pretty quiet compared to the Camaro/Challenger392 with the stock exhaust. Cruising at highway speeds, under 2,000 RPM, you won’t hear it. I think it’s a bit louder now that the engine is broken in (my car has 10K miles).

      Oh, and if you’re looking for comfort, avoid the Recaros.

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    Neither – but if forced, the Mustang.

    Every Camaro has always been hideously ugly, while only *many* Mustangs have been.

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    What I’d really want is a Camaro powertrain in a car the size of a BMW 2 Series. In fact, I wonder if the 2 has more interior room than the Camaro?

    Anyway, both are a bit too big for my liking. Not only that, but they drive big. If I we’re buying new tomorrow, I’d have to take a good, hard look at a 1SS Camaro.

    If Corey ‘s rules bend to allow purchasing something used but still relatively recent- BOSS 302 all the way. Still kinda large but drives smaller than its size.

    The thing I don’t get about Chevy and Ford is they’re building large cars, but you wouldn’t know it form the interior space. They need to leave ’em in the dryer and let ’em shrink some.

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    Mustang – the new design is forward looking and not as cartoonish. I am sure the Camaro is the better driver but the exaggerated looks make it too overdone to me.

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    Chevy SS sedan with a manual.

    Damn it, that’s not an option.

    Ford Mustang. I haven’t driven the latest Mustang or the Alpha based Camaro, but I found the Zeta Camaro to be an awful daily drive.

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    Compaq Deskpro

    I’m not really dying to own either of them, they’re both rough harsh low slung sports cars with next to no utility. I guess I’ll take the Mustang, at least you can see out of it. My daily is a base V6 Challenger and its a much roomier and comfortable ride, but it makes no attempt to be a sports car.

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    Per my previous post on the Camaro/Mustang article:

    A nice, yellow convertible Camaro. I’d have to drive one first, though, but they sure do look sharp!

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    The Camaro is just ugly to me, I can’t get past its looks. I actually liked the F-body era. Great engine though.

    I’m not crazy about the Mustang’s styling either, but it seems way more mature. For some reason the front grill just doesn’t seem right to me. Otherwise I like the lines.

    I think all of them have inflated too much in price, well past the rate of inflation.

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    Even though my first car was a ’69 Camaro I would have to take the Mustang if forced to choose between the two to properly answer the question. I prefer the Challenger to both of them, however, though I wouldn’t actually buy any of them.

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    M U S T A N G

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    I would taker the Bow Tie (well I would first repaint the yellow on said bowtie). They chevy just drives and rides better then the Mustang. To me the interiors are different but amount the same quality and style. So if I’m going to get a muscle car and a weekend car it may as well be the better driver.

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    Current car: Easy win for the Mustang. The Camaro is a cave. Put some glass in the damned thing. And it’s ass is huge. It needs to go on a serious diet.

    1965 to 1970: Mustang.

    1971-1993: Camaro (although I’d prefer a Trans Am for most of those years)

    1994-Current: Mustang

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    The Camaro may have the better chassis and engine options, but the Mustang is the way to go. The Camaro has the most boring styling, and seemingly no options to dress it up. A plain Mustang (even a GT) isn’t much better but there are so many options to make it look good. As so many others have already stated, the Mustang is the more livable car for daily driving, which is really 95% of what any Mustang will ever see. Bigger interior, better visibility, bigger trunk.

    I’ll take a Grabber Blue Mustang GT with the black roof, black wheels, and the performance package. Sexy.

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    Camaro. Ford severely botched the 2015 Mustang refresh.

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    Frankly, this is a difficult choice. I’ve driven all versions of the current Mustang as well as the new Camaro. All convertibles.

    The Mustang interior is nicer than that of the Camaro, but the Camaro is sharper from handling perspective. The Camaro also has a cooler top than the Camaro. One more plus is that the Camaro is still available with the V6 which, I prefer to either turbo 4.

    So, despite being a serial Mustang owner, the Camaro is the one I would, most likely, choose.

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    I’d buy a Raptor but Cory will say, “FAIL” so I’ll pick a Mustang.

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    Meh. Mustang, I guess. (If you don’t vote Mustang you’re voting Camaro, am I right?)
    But since you’re not my car buying decisions supervisor, I’d actually be deciding between Challenger and Charger. That decision took me the better part of a month when I decided I was replacing my 2010 Challenger with a newer iteration of itself…

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    2016- Camaro
    2011-2015 Mustang
    2010 Camaro
    2003-2009 Mustang
    1993-2002 Camaro
    1979-1992 Mustang
    1974-1978 Camaro
    -1973 Mustang

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    87 Morgan

    Late 1960’s – Camaro
    70-79 Camaro
    80-93 Fox Body Baby!
    94-02 F Body
    03 – 07 or 08? I forget Mustang only
    10′ + Mustang FTW

    The Camaro, to me, was the winner early on even though it was 3 years late to the pony car revolution. Mustang was a better car in the 90’s and still today IMHO.

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    I actually recently made this choice….2017 SS 1LE.

    I wanted a GT350R but I was not going to pay that much money. No regrets. This was bought as a track toy and it was great. I have been using it as a daily driver as well and while it is hard to see out it is not that big of a deal after a few days.

    A previous comment suggested a Cayman. I considered a 2010ish Cayman S(same price range). I ate up the Caymans at Mid-Ohio. PCA Event.

    We still have a 2009 Carrera S (Wife’s daily driver). The 1LE was way nicer to drive at the track and way faster.

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    Haters wanna hate, lovers wanna love
    I don’t even want, none of the above
    I want to pee on [insert rival brand’s logo]

    Apologies to Watterson, Chappelle, and this site.

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    I would get a Challenger but if i had to choose from these and the current generation I would have to go Mustang.

    Earlier generations I would have to go the Chevy route. Especially the first generation.

    But I would still rather have a Challenger from way back when.

    They should reboot Vanishing Point with a Hellcat or Demon.

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    The Voodoo engine and the sharper handling bits combine to enough of a differentiator to swing my vote.

    The slightly better visibility is a bonus.

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    The pinnacle of Camaro-dom was the ’85 Berlinetta. Downhill from there. Mustang? No, just no.

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    Mustang as I like the styling – places thumb and forefinger closely together – about that much more. If I could choose outside the parameters of the article, I’d take a Charger. If time travel was involved I’d take either a 68 Mustang fast back or 68 Charger.

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    Dave M.

    Always been a Mustang guy, so except for ’77-’78 it would be a Ford.

    The Focus RS interests me more though – more liveable room, utility and except for a straight line would easily slap the Mustang and Camaro down in the handling depertment.

    I’d love to see a new Bullitt…..

    • 0 avatar

      As I stated above, I’d have same, in 2018 GT Premium guise, with Saleen/insert-Ford-tuner-of-choice go-fast chippage and Ford Performance pieces, which I could revert to stock tune on-demand, when I’m not re-creating the movie chase scene at a drag strip. (Don’t want a gas station at the end of the quarter, that’s sure!! ;-) )

      (And in the dream garage of endless spaces and money, the other car at said strip: a triple-black 300C with accouterments from the last Imperial design study, a Demon motor, and drag slicks, with summer touring meats for the ride home.)

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    I’m a Mustang loyalist to the bone. In high school I drove a ’76 Mustang II Mach 1 with a 4 cylinder (later a 302) when my friends were driving Camaros and Cutlasses. If I can stay loyal then I’m certainly not gonna change now. My first choice is a 2014 GT (Mustang #9 for me) or a ’65 Fastback since they’re in my garage. I’m not a huge fan of the current Mustang from the front, looks too much like a Fusion. I do like the upcoming 2018 though. The new Camaro honestly isn’t’ a bad looking car although I haven’t driven one. The last F-body I drove was a friend’s WS6 Trans Am; I felt like I was sitting 10″ from the pavement and could barely see what was ahead of me. Crazy quick though.

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    The last line made me laugh (I own a Challenger).

    Ford Mustang, hands down, even if it does share styling cues with other cars in the Ford stable. I find myself doing a double take when I see a new Mustang; I can’t say I do the same with Camaros, although they’re excellent machines.

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