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2015 Nissan Juke, Image: Nissan

When you burst out guns blazing from the get-go, it’s sometimes difficult to follow up with an impressive sequel. Such is the case with the Juke, which will have no second generation — at least not in North America.

According to two independent sources familiar with Nissan’s future product plans who spoke with TTAC, the Japanese automaker will kill off the funky four-wheel-drive subcompact crossover after the 2017 or 2018 model year, and replace it — in body and name — with the Aguascalientes-built Nissan Kicks.

Representatives for Nissan said it would not comment on future product.

Juke entered the North American market in 2010 to mixed reception thanks to its Kermit-like posture and awkward front styling, the latter of which was later cribbed to a degree by the Jeep Cherokee and Kia Sportage.

Inspired by the GT-R-powered Juke R, Nissan attempted to offer increased performance to enthusiasts during the Juke’s later model years when it cranked up the Juke’s 1.6-liter turbocharged engine and added NISMO badging.

Still, all was for naught, it seems. Juke found just 19,577 driveways in the United States in 2016, down from its peak of 38,184 units sold in 2014, according to GoodCarBadCar.

In global markets, both the Juke and Kicks are powered by a naturally aspirated 1.6-liter engine, but don’t expect that engine for North America. It’s more likely the Kicks will arrive with the Juke’s 1.6-liter turbo four-cylinder. However, sources claim the replacement may arrive sans all-wheel drive.

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23 Comments on “Nissan Will Kill Off Juke in North America, Get Its Kicks Elsewhere...”

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    Am I the only one who thinks that “Kicks” is a terrible product name? Off-hand, I can’t think of another car name that is a plural noun. It just sounds horrifically awkward. “Kick”, I could go with, but not “Kicks”.

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    Good, probably the ugliest vehicle of the past decade, aside from possibly the Nissan Murano convertible. The only way to cleanse the factory that made this thing is with fire.

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      Oh, I think the Acura ZDX could compete with ugliest vehicle of the last decade.

      At least the Juke looks like something Batman might drive, if it had 900 more HP, and rocket launchers, and wings…

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        Yes, the hideous honda crosstour and its acura twin zdx were far worse. At least the Juke was purposefully done to be extreme and get attention, honda was actually trying create something refined and sophisticated like the Murano but failed miserably. This is often the case when honda actually tries hard to design a vehicle with flair.

        Maybe not this decade but I think the last Chevy monte carlo was also one of the ugliest cars ever, very 2D and flat sided weired front end and flatback. Very badly designed car.

        The new Toyota Priuses are also very ugly, its like goodie architecture on steroids in the auto industry. Everybody is doing anything to get attention but some cant pull it off in a good way.

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          Agree on both.

          Last generation Monte Carlo was hideous.

          Also think the current generation Prius out uglies everything from this decade. It is horrific.

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    The Juke will come back and replace the Z. They will call it the Fairlady Crozz.

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    I won’t miss them. I saw two on the way to work this morning. One was black, but had yellow accents (the fender flares, the rear spoiler over the backlite, and accents in the rear bumper); that yellow on the one in the photo. Awful.

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    I don’t like the way the door shut lines are designed on the Juke, the top especially. IMO the shut lines should be aligned naturally with a piece of trim along the DLO, not just randomly on body paint. Or at least move the shut line closer to the roof like on a 2002 Jetta. Then the side view looks cleaner.

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    Silly Rabbi, Kicks are for Trids. (Old Joke Punchline)

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    I can’t use this car (too many kids and towing-based activities), but I get it. No other car on the market provides the joie de vivre that this one does.

    Purple with orange accents? Go!
    White with red stripes? Why not
    Yellow & Green? Give ‘er.

    Cars used to be fun. You used to be able to spend serious money on a car with a gold chicken on the hood. Bumpers used to look like tits. Tail pipes and lights were made to look like jet thrusters. Go Mango. Plum Crazy.

    Now the whole car market is serious. The MINI got fat and practical. Even the Miata is serious now. This car is the last bastion of joy in an otherwise uniform sea of Really Grey, Somewhat Less Grey, and Almost Not Grey at All.

    In today’s market, this car is the hammer in Apple’s 1984 superbowl commercial, which is why it gets so much hate.

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      Exactly, Nissan/Infiniti can design luxury and sophisticated and down right beautiful when it wants, just look at the G35/G37/Q60o the Vmotion 2.0 concept. They know how to purposefully design cars. The Juke was meant to be what it is.

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      Yup… same people will be forever complaining that nothing is on the road except for beige sedans/CUV’s.

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      I rather like the Juke, always have. I wouldn’t say it is ugly in the traditional sense, different for sure (in a Vehicross sort of way). I think that is why I like it. I would like it more if you could get the Nismo package with AWD and 6 MT, pretty sure you cannot…its been awhile since it has been anywhere near my radar.

      In any event, I am glad that automakers will take a flyer with some of their designs. The chase for volume is killing these special vehicles unfortunately. Would much rather see the kill off of a few jellybean shaped hatchbacks on stilts that are so popular these days than something as unique as the Juke. The Juke may also be a hatchback on stilts, but its anti jelly bean shape gives it character so lacking on many cars today.

      I have seen this bumblebee special edition Juke flying about town, my god it is hideous…but so dam glorious at the same time.

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      +1 on this. Anything that breaks up the blandness of the automotive landscape gets a pass from me.

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    I guess nothing’s coming in from Oppama which makes the awd Juke. Likely now tooling up for the 2nd gen for elsewhere.

    Sunderland will likely keep cranking front drive 2017/18 until Aqua Kicks in.

    And what the heck they’ve now got Rogue Sport.

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    So what, if anything, does CoreyDL win for predicting exactly this?

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    Hopefully, Nissan was rooted out the individual that was supplying dangerous mind-altering drugs to those working in its design studios at the time this monstrosity was drawn up.

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    It’s too bad that it’s styling hampered an otherwise interesting small AWD vehicle. Nissan should consider a restyle. Make it look like a scaled down Rogue and consumers may buy.

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    Perhaps THIS will signal the end of the D-pillars styled off the C-pillar of an AMC Gremlin??!!

    (I can hope, right?!)

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    “Yippee! A car that I didn’t like and had no intention of buying will no longer be available to people who actually do like it. Hooray for me!”

    This is unfortunate. Love my Nismo. It’s not perfect, but if you don’t like the Juke, it’s because you’ve never chucked one with a manual through twisty mountain roads.

    By all means, let’s make our vehicles as staid and boring as possible. There is absolutely no room for a little brash fun.


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    I don’t want to hear one of you naysayers ever complain about “all cars look the same these days” ever again. To be sure, the Juke is an odd looking car, but I give Nissan credit for mixing it up and making something other than another silver, white, or black CUV.

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