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2018 Opel Insignia Country Tourer Spy Shot Front, Image: CarPix

Automakers, having long since abandoned the once-hot American wagon market, are returning to see if a lingering spark can be rekindled.

Consider Buick as one of the brands brave enough to cast its line into the pool in the hopes of a bite. The next-generation Regal, which already graces European car mags as the Opel Insignia, won’t come to the U.S. simply as a sedan. Opel’s Insignia Sports Tourer creates a fine opportunity for Buick to deliver a new wagon to these SUV-crazed shores..

However, we’re a go-anywhere, do-anything bunch over here, and any wagon coming to America had better have some cladding and about an inch and a half of lift!

Judging by these spy photos of Opel’s Insignia Country Tourer, mildly rugged wagon aficionados will soon get their wish.

The model’s wheel arches and side sills are gilded in black matte plastic, ready to protect the body from the scrapes and scratches that inevitably result from fording creeks and crawling over rocks in the deep forest. (Or navigating those tight New England garages.) A slight suspension lift helps position the vehicle as an alternative for the crossover-buying crowd.

Expect a corporate Buick grille and some subtle exterior changes when the Country Tourer morphs into the TourX. We’re expecting the 2018 Regal, likely joined by its wagon sister, to debut at the New York Auto Show in April.

As for powerplants, a version of General Motor’s trusty turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder is a given, though a source told us last year that buyers can expect an optional V6 engine. Standard all-wheel drive means the Regal TourX can go head-to-head with its faux off-road German competition, as well as the Volvo V90.

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28 Comments on “Spied: 2018 Buick Regal TourX Soft-roader Wagon, Minus the Badge...”

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    Oh FFS, please offer a checkbox for a low/normal CoG version that you’re already making for Europe. Call it the ‘Z-41’.

    • 0 avatar

      Ditto. Need to replace my ancient E Wagon. Preferably with something less expensive. And the worst part of cladding and 1.5″ lift is the invariable extra $3500 for the privilege of a car that is worse for almost any use for at least 95% of buyers. Alas, I’m willing to bet it’s not going to happen.

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      Land Ark

      I can deal with the suspension in my garage. What I can’t do is replace the stupid black plastic trim with body-colored pieces.

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    What does the Opel sale mean for this vehicle?

    Buick Regal TourX All-road Outback 4motion Alltrack – just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

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      PSA will likely still supply the vehicle to GM as PSA no doubt will need parts/engines from GM that were not part of the sale to build the current Opels until they can turnover the lineup with new PSA derived models (think whole VAG/BMW/RR/Bentley mess). The next generation of the Regal (if there is one) would have to be all GM (re: China since this is Buick) unless PSA/GM decide on a partnership though.

      • 0 avatar

        I don’t think GM will purchase the Regal from PSA when they can built it themselves in China right beside the Chinese market model. If there is no Chinese wagon variant, then I suppose it’s possible to allow PSA to manufacture it under license. But cancelling the TourX model altogether seems more likely than paying somebody to build such a low volume model.

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      BUICK – Listen carefully…
      Now is your chance to utilize the name WILDCAT

      You had your chance with the new LaCrosse and did nothing.

      Wildcats were made as station wagons in the 1960s. Update it as it appears and use the classic name.

      If you don’t, I will.

      I have the NOS ‘WILDCAT’ emblems that were removed from my 2008 Lucerne Super.

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    Corey Lewis

    Yeah but Buick will ask $39,000 for it, and people will just get an Envision instead.

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    Final gift from Opel to GM before he heads off to a new Euro-romance with PSA?

    I’d love an Insignia wagon over here in the US, but it’d never be optioned the way I’d prefer it, and given that I am a purchasing minority, for the chance to sell exactly ONE stick-shift wagon here, I doubt GM/Opel/PSA/whoever will go through the extra effort to make that happen.

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    GM must have some cash to burn and/or desperate for something to happen for Buick. Does China like wagons? I’m all for it, but it’s a rare day I see another wagon, even these lifted/clad ones, around here west of Houston.

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    What really prevents a buyer from removing the cladding and then ordering regular sedan or European wagon suspension parts (I imagine struts and shocks are the biggest component to the ride height increase) online and bolting them on? Might be a little work, but could a buyer theoretically have a “crossover” wagon with a proper ride height?

    • 0 avatar

      remove the cladding but deal with the holes in the metal that hold it in place? then paint? change the struts and shocks on a new or newish car?

      you can do that but the willingness is low due to high initial cost.

      • 0 avatar

        People do still modify new cars, there are plenty of late-model Jeeps, Mustangs, and Camaros to attest to that. The holes can be filled with bondo, and repainted, yes. And yes, replace the struts and shocks on a new car.

        I realize the willingness probably isn’t there for 99.8% of buyers, but my question was more of a theoretical, would it be possible. I’m 27, have one on the way, and would love to get into a domestic wagon. If I’m buying a new car, I think I’d be willing to spend another couple bucks and make it look how I want it to, making me part of that 0.2%.

        I saw a newer Audi A4 or A6 Allroad last summer that was painted dark, which masked the cladding, and had a suspension drop. Couldn’t even tell it was the Allroad model, but it still had AWD and was a wagon. That’s probably the route I’d go.

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    My phone is deceiving my eyes but at first glance I thought it was kind of a dark teal color. Back to the 90s! I had a 91 Civic in said shade.

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    Fake news, fake off-road capability, what else is new?

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    Say what you will about GM, but I for one am glad that they try throwing sh*t at the wall like this to see what sticks sometimes. It keeps things interesting, and once in a while (Buick Encore) it results in a decent hit.

    This wagon, the diesels GM is bringing to the Chevy cars / crossovers, the previous-gen CTS sportwagon, the Caddy V-series in general, the Chevy SS (and Pontiac G8 / GTO), hell even the Kappa roadsters…I for one like the experimentation.

    GM is (still) big enough to try things, and I like that.

    Regarding this wagon, if priced right I can see it appealing to folks who want something above a Subuaru XV but don’t want to pony up for an Audi allroad or a Volvo.

    I personally am shocked at how little baggage younger people, especially older millennials like myself (I’m 33), have with the Buick brand. Whether on purpose or (more likely) a lucky accident, Buick is working its way into the heart of this market via affordable crossovers that are nice but not true luxury-level nice. I bet every single Enclave buyer really wanted a Q7, like the young couple I saw at the LA Auto show, but the Enclave serves their needs.

    I saw a beautiful 20-something girl in yoga pants putting her yoga mat into the back of her Buick Encore the other day at the gym here in LA. I legitimaely looked around to see if I’d walked into a commercial shoot or something.

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      agreed. a few years ago they at least tried a manual in both the regal and the verano at nearly every trim level. i did not need a car then but i do occasionally check out the used cars for a mt buick. some amazing deals are available.

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    Needs more 3800.

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    Arthur Dailey

    Because when did anything ever go wrong when any of the D3 imported one of their captive brand vehicles to North America?

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