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2001 Nissan Pathfinder, Image: Nissan

Every Friday, I ask you, the TTAC reader, a Question Of The Day. But at the same time, you’re asking us questions. Hundreds of them each and every day. Mostly it’s courtesy of Google Search, but it turns out that there are other minor-scale search engines out there for specialized users, such as DuckDuckGo, Northern Lights, AltaVista, and “Bing.”

After the jump, I’ll be answering some of your most interesting questions and soliciting additional answers from the B&B.

on 2001 nissan pathfinder when at speed rates over 40 the wheel starts to sway back and forth out of control unless i have tight grip on wheel: Sir, you are drunk. Pull over and call Uber, unless you are wearing one of those pink hats with the cat ears, in which you should call Lyft, wait a while for one to arrive, then call a taxi.

names of pontiac g8 toyota motor: If you can pull off this swap, I think you’d be entitled to use any name you like. Try “Crystal” or “Destiny” or even “Kayden”.

what years did volkswagen produce the syncro vans: The good years, my friend.

does high mileage matter on a rs4: More than you’d think, even.

velum mrshap 2017: Sanjeev was not injured, despite early reports.

major difference between golf 4 5 and 6: Based on my son’s experience, it’s mostly control and power as you become tall enough to swing a longer club. The older he gets, the better he is with putting as well.

grand marquis vs crown victoria: It’s the eternal battle, isn’t it?

400hp fwd living with it: Don’t hit the gas until the front wheels are straight — or until you’re prepared to have them straightened for you.

who deserve the faraday: We all deserve the Faraday, my friend, just like every girl deserves to wear white on her wedding day.

toyota high lux moose test: In testing, Toyota found that Swedish moose are the most luxurious.

dlo meaning in automobile: “You can see his stripes but you know he’s clean” refers to the 1981 Z/28.

2017 gold sportwagen 4 motion review: We got a silver one, sorry.

chinese threesome: We’re sorry, the person you are trying to reach is not currently available here.

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27 Comments on “QOTD: On 2001 Nissan Pathfinder When At Speed Rates Over 40 The Wheel Starts To Sway Back And Forth Out Of Control Unless I Have Tight Grip On Wheel?...”

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    “on 2001 nissan pathfinder when at speed rates over 40 the wheel starts to sway back and forth out of control unless i have tight grip on wheel”

    The problem here is that you made the mistake of buying a vehicle designed and engineered by a country that was nuked twice. Never buy a vehicle from Korea, China or any other country which lost WWII. American, British and even Russian vehicles (when you can get them) are all much better choices and will give you many years of trouble free service with excellent dealer networks.

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      Big Al from Oz

      Are you that stupid?

      It was designed in San Diego.

      When has the US been nuked?

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        Do they not have sarcasm below the equator? And the US has nuked itself lots of times.


        If you can’t see the link just google the timeline of nuke detonations video on youtube.

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          Big Al from Oz

          I read his comment as “nuked” in the sense of causing harm to a country as opposed to testing.

          Thanks for your thoughts.

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          True! In fact, we tried to nuke ourselves lots more times…and yet still might if any of them ever go off.

          Refer to:

          I suggest just starting with the Tybee island lost bomb. It’s a knee slapper!

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    On the Pathfinder: The rubber bushings in the rear control arms are worn out. They are molded into the arms, so the easy repair is to replace the arms as complete units. I haven’t had my pathfinder since 2006(?) so there may be aftermarket bushings available

    Also check the front end for rust around the strut tower, and where the tower connects to the frame rail. My strut tower actually separated from the framerail, which is the best case scenario as it means Nissan will buy your truck back from you for high Blue Book value.

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    Only 23 days until April 1st!

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    Oh look it’s OLD Jack! ;-)

    The only G8 motor swap that makes any sense to me is to take one from a wrecked G8 and put it into something else.

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      “Oh look it’s OLD Jack! ;-)”


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        So “Old Jack” that gets internet hearts writes listicles? I once recall a grand old time when we expected words formed into sentences, those sentences forming complete ideas sometimes known as paragraphs. These paragraphs when read in sequence would educate, entertain, maybe even convince others of new ideas (or challenge old ones). It was a time of wine and roses, but it would seem that the wine has turned into vinegar and the roses have wilted.

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          Yes, of course you’re right. Lists have no place in modern society, nor does humour – we should be serious all the time and forget that the Tonight Show top ten lists ever existed or were a part of late-night culture for decades.

          fo MY money though, Jack is a capable, varied writer who can write structured documents AND lighter, fun fare. I’m sorry that the latter has no place in your world.

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      I would like to swap a Coyote into a G8, not because it’s a better or worse engine than the LS3, but because of the hilarious drama it would produce among all the “Lifelong GM Men” on the two G8 forums.

      And I thought the same thing about old Jack. This was hilarious.

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    grand marquis vs crown victoria: The Marquis is young and has significant dueling experience but Victoria is quick witted and light on her feet.

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    You meant “Sajeev,” right?

    That poor dude and the eternal misspelling of his name…

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      We know Sanjeev is all right, but what about Sajeev? Is he injured? Did he fly out the DLO, or was it only big enough for his thumb to stick out? Will Sanjeev be charged for the accident?

      And most importantly, did the car look better or worst after the rollover? Will he do a Vellum Venom of the rolled car?

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    I think TTAC has come off the rails today. I’ll check back tomorrow.

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    Marilyn Vos Savant meets leaked AOL search queue. Priceless.

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      You listen to Groove Salad? My personal favorite on Soma FM is Boot Liquor.

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        Groove Salad is just right for comfy cruising in the right lane in the Lexus. Awesome radio station and worth sending a few bucks.

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          I’m heading off topic, but I have to admit that musical serendipity has been one of the greatest joys of my life.

          When I went to vacation in Alaska back in 2005, my girl Mimi (what a doll she was) told me I should check out this group called Zero 7. So I did, and wow, did I ever fall in love with the album “Simple Things!” Even now I can close my eyes and see Anchorage when I listen to some of the songs off that masterpiece.

          Later that summer, I was talking about my trip to guild mates in the MMO I played back then, and one of the guys kept telling me that if I loved Zero7, I should check out this internet station called SomaFM. He was a huge Fila Brazillia fan (for good reason, I soon found out). I did, and I fell in love with the sound, and the rest was history.

          I’ve discovered so much awesomeness in the years since because of Soma. And even got to experience some cool things in person. My best friend and I saw Thievery Corporation live in DC back in 2012, which was amazing (Loulou Ghelichkhani is hot beyond words, let me tell ya). Last year I took the youngest to see Phutureprimitive. Got tix to see Emancipator live earlier this year, but Karen got sick so we wound up staying in the hotel. Maybe next time!

          Lush and Groove Salad are my faves. Nothing like putting on my headphones when I go walking and drowning out everything else. Total Zen. It’s good to know there’s still beauty in the world somewhere.


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    Jolly good show, old chap.

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    I think Jack threw this out there to balance out the rant from the other day.

    Well played, sir.

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