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Holden Commodore Calais V Sportwagon

The Internet Car Enthusiast, or ICE (see what I did there?), is always telling us how they would purchase Vehicle X if it were only offered in a wagon variant. But because it invariably isn’t offered in a wagon variant, they purchase a Toyota Highlander or equivalent instead. Woe is the ICE and their lack of enthusiast vehicle choice!

Well, here’s your chance for a flight of fancy. I want you to tell me which wagon you’d choose if the Gods of Motoring smiled upon ye and provided you the wagon of your dreams.

Now, in order to provide for more on-topic fun and good times, your free will has been restricted. There is exactly one rule: the vehicle you’re pitching as your wagon choice must currently be offered in some other variant. What the other variant is remains up to you.  I’ve used One Simple Trick to give you a wide berth, so I don’t want to see any Pontiac G8 Safari Wagon suggestions or other post-WWII fantasies which still roam the halls of your mind.

The glorious wagon in the headline image is the Holden Commodore Calais Sportwagon. It’s still in production in Australia (for now), and features the same RWD configuration and 6.3-liter V8 as found in our Chevrolet SS — made right in the same factory.  But you can’t have it because GM and Holden reasons.   This example is probably a bit too easy though, because eventually you’ll be able to import one into the United States under the 25-year rule.  So why not aim a little higher?

Lexus ES Sportcross

Here’s where I land. I’d love a Lexus ES Sportcross as nicely rendered above. Though the model shown is a hybrid, I’m going to mandate an all-wheel-drive variation. It’s high enough volume to be realistic — the GS isn’t — and would capture some Volvo customers who aren’t willing to make the leap to CUV, or Subaru customers who’ve given up on vaping and backward hats.

So, which wagon would you wagon?

[Image: GM Holden Ltd]

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134 Comments on “QOTD: What Car Would You Purchase If It Was Offered As a Wagon?...”

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    Adam Tonge

    MKZ 3.0TT Wagon!

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    Buick Regal GS Wagon.

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    Focus or Fusion ST.

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    Honda Accord

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    An honest to god Subaru Legacy WAGON, not a an Outback.

    • 0 avatar

      Agreed. I don’t know if it fits within the scope of the question since it’s in production (just not here), but I’d love to see Subaru bring the Levorg to the US (just maybe with a different name).

    • 0 avatar

      I just surfed around…Subaru formerly sold Legacy wagons (estate wagons) without the cladding and Legacy-dimension road clearance in the UK but not anymore I guess. Must have stopped when the 5th Gen models came out in 2015.

    • 0 avatar

      Had one of the older Outbacks, which might have been acceptable… manual with the 50-50 awd differential. Only had the 4 cylinder boxer engine, though, so it wasn’t terribly fun. But for 1-2 days out of the year when there was a fresh blanket of snow on the New England roads, we were the swiftest car out of the stoplight intersections for a glorious few moments.

      Ironically, we sold it before we moved out West, opting to drive our slightly newer Mazda 3 across the country. We knew we could get an extra grand or two for the Outback once we got past Colorado, but wife didn’t want to drive separately for half the trip.

      Of course this was a bad financial decision. Within a few months of moving to the Cascades, we had bottomed out the Mazda 3 on some backcountry fire roads, costing a few thousand in new engine mounts. :/

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    Dodge Charger wagon. Hellcat preferably but since a wagon is supposed to be practical, a hemi will do. I’d also love and Audi A8 avant similar to the concept they did back in the 2000’s.

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    Low hanging fruit is the BMW 340i, which is fairly obvious.

    But I’m gonna go ahead and say Ford Mustang.

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    Audi S4. PLEASE!!!!!!

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    Going to be a tad loose with your restriction. I want a Chevy Nomad, it can be on the Camaro or CTS platform I don’t care I want torque vectoring AWD, 6.2l V-8 with a Tremec 6060. If the manual was the only thing holding it back a dual-clutch or ZF 8 speed (not 9 or GMs 10) would be tolerable.

    Other possibles would be a Mazda 6 wagon (AWD turbo 6), Dodge Magnum Scat pack, Fusion wagon 3.0 TT V-6 GKN AWD from Lincoln)

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    Tesla S

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    Adam Tonge


    F150 SuperCab Wagon = the Bronco I really want.

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    Audi S6 (or used RS6)

    Hell, I’d take the A6 Avant with the 3.0 supercharged

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    Mustang, Miata and most of all the Toyobaru twins. Would love something (relatively) small and affordable, RWD/based, but less gaudy looking and more practical than they are in their current form. They don’t need to have more than 2 doors, either.

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    Jean-Pierre Sarti

    with the ridiculous sloped roof lines of almost all modern wagons this question is moot for me.

    let’s face it, we’ll never get that volvo 240 wagon again…

  • avatar

    I’m not a Camcord person, but a modern Accord wagon with a V6 and a manual would definitely be enticing if I wanted a swiss army car.

    • 0 avatar

      Agree with the concept but was thinking of Camry. Would do everything my 30 5mt 4runner does including towing over a ton. The only place it loses is not having 4wd.

      Edit: When I think about it the 4runner is really a lot like a wagon. I notice F250/350 etc below. Toyota just did that with a Taco.

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    Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ.

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    Jaguar XF, with the V6 diesel and AWD.

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    VW teased us with a Golf R Wagon, but nooooooo.

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    Pity, the Citroen C6 doesn’t match the criteria any more. So yeah, Tesla S for me. (If ever I could afford it, even if it did exist.)

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    I’m sorry. I know this is an enthusiast site, but if I’m thinking “wagon”, I’m thinking “practical”.

    And If I’m thinking “practical”, I’m thinking “Corolla”. In England, it’s called the “Auris Touring Sports”. In New Zealand, it’s simply the “Corolla Wagon”.

    6-speed manual, please, and I’m all over it.

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    Mazda3 wagon (if possible, with a cx9’s engine)
    GTI wagon

    Entry luxury
    C300 wagon
    A4 wagon
    in 35k range not in 45k one like e-class wagon.

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    I wish I had bought a Focus wagon instead of the 5-door hatch back in 2002. There was a significant enough price difference at the time that I balked. In retrospect, I should’ve gone for it.

    I’m sure Ford had a good reason not to have the wagon with the current model run in the States, but I very likely would have bought one had they offered it.

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    bumpy ii

    ND Miata! Turns out I can fit in one, if I swap the door cards from the Fiat version.

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    87 Morgan

    CTS-V Wagon 6 MT. Glorious car. Silver or Red.

    or the above Holden Wagon, again with a MT, of course an LS, and Blue. Maroon is not my signature color.

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    Mike N.

    540i or 535d. I actually own the next best thing, an X5 35d, because that’s what an X5 is, a jacked up 5 series wagon, but really want a real 5 series wagon. The new G31 5 series wagon is so good looking, too.

    Edit: Seeing GTL’s comment below, I’d be all over a VW GTI wagon too. My Mk5 GTI was my favorite care ever, but just a smidge too small with a baby and a big dog.

    • 0 avatar

      You mean like this?

      Reviews for the 300hp, AWD Cupra version are hitting the web…

    • 0 avatar

      Mike N. writes: “540i or 535d. I actually own the next best thing, an X5 35d, because that’s what an X5 is, a jacked up 5 series wagon, but really want a real 5 series wagon. The new G31 5 series wagon is so good looking, too.”

      Yep, count me in on a 5-series Touring, which does exist but of course not over here.

      Mind you, BMW used to build an M5 Touring…yeah, I could so work with that.

  • avatar

    A Golf. But only if it’s offered with 4 motion.

    Oh, wait…I am buying that as soon as VW takes my Passat TDI!

    • 0 avatar
      Kyree S. Williams

      I had to take my GSW TDI in for a maintenance issue, and they lent me a Golf Alltrack in the same color as mine. I think they were trying to get me to buy one.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    It would be awesome if BMW had continued to sell the 5-Series wagon here, instead of that godawful 5-Series GT thing (joke’s on them, since all the 5 GT did was deter 7-Series buyers).

    Other than that…I like the current Cruze and wish it was sold here with a wagon. Also, a Bentley Continental GT or Flying Spur wagon would be cool. I know people have had custom shooting brake designs fabricated out of Conti GTs, but never a proper four-door wagon.

    • 0 avatar
      Mike N.

      Yeah, who’d have thought nobody really wants an awkwardly styled and proportioned 7 series hatchback (because that’s what it really was).

    • 0 avatar
      Corey Lewis

      5GT is gross and needs to go away.

    • 0 avatar

      Yes, logged in just to say 5 Series. I actually purchased a 535T new in 2008 and returned it after the 36 month lease due to all the N54 engine issues (new plugs and injectors multiple times, new fuel pumps, etc.) – I still have regrets, it was a stick, ordered to my exact preferences, maybe I should have kept it forever.

      Don’t get me started on the awful GT. There are so many old BMW wagons and now newer E Class wagons up and down the California coast I think they really missed a trick. I looked at the E but it was a bad moment in the model cycle.

      I don’t expect them to ever do a stick again in North America, but I’d probably be up for another anyway, unless they do what they did with the 3 Series wagon – you can have it, but only with the low output engine etc.

      There are a couple of E63 Wagons in my neighborhood, which are tempting but I’m also partial to Range Rovers and you can get a lot of RR for that kind of money. (Driving a 3 year old Sport now)

      First world problems.

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    Cadillac ATS RWD Manual

  • avatar

    Caddy ATS in the upper budget, Ford Focus, Honda Accord, Mazda 6 in the more comfortable range. The previous generation Mazda 6 was available in a longroof and on the rare day when I see one I always admire it.

  • avatar

    Put my name in the 5-series wagon bin.

    I also think a 1-series wagon/hatch would have been simply irresistible…

  • avatar

    Audi S3 wagon.

  • avatar

    Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon. I understand why it went away but you can literally not find a cheap example used. Every single person I have that comes through the showroom complains about the wagon being discontinued

  • avatar
    Carlson Fan

    If my Gen 1 Volt would have been offered in a wagon, I’d have been all over that!

  • avatar

    Well, the Cruze hatchback is almost a wagon, so that probably doesn’t count.

    For my taste, I’d like to see a Buick Regal in wagon guise as well.

    The old Corolla wagons were pretty useful, too. So, why not now?

  • avatar

    Dodge Challenger, but with a 68-69 Satellite style front end.

  • avatar
    Compaq Deskpro

    I want a Dodge Challenger wagon, the result would look something like this:

    I already know the Magnum exists, but I’m not a big fan of the styling. Looks like its more closely related to a Dodge Caliber than a Charger.

    • 0 avatar

      When you said Challenger wagon, this is the first thing that pops into my head:

      • 0 avatar
        Compaq Deskpro

        I LOVE it. I had 4 doors in mind, but I wasn’t expecting how well all that glass comes together. That is gorgeous. It’s like the Gremlin grew up and became smokin hot.

        If they actually produced that today I would buy one.

  • avatar

    RAM1500, and please name it Ramcharger.

  • avatar

    Genesis G80 Sport for me. The upcoming crossover might suffice. Something a little more mainstream would be the Fusion Sport wagon. I’d even consider a Mazda6 wagon if they’d offer it with the 2.5T and AWD. Ohhh, to dream …

  • avatar

    London Taxi TX4!


  • avatar

    It also depends a lot on the execution. I would consider a Camcord wagon done right. But look at the Venza and the Crosstour. Venza is way too heavy and not that much more practical and no AWD, and the Crosstour is so very Aztec. And both are priced way above their sedan counterparts. I’ve looked into both, but I had no interest to check them out in person. The 328 xi was also interesting, but it starts at 44k with very basic equipment levels, so that to me was over priced, and I am scared of owning BMW to start with (not really a leasing kinda guy), but it was tempting for a while.

    The over stylized sloping back wagons that cut way too much into useful cargo and back seat head room takes them out of contention for me. But yeah, if they did a more traditional roof line, and only add about 1 to 2 thousand to the price at the same trim level but gave you a powered lift gate, I would consider the Camcord, and would really love a Lexus GS in wagon form. But many of the mainstream sedans would appeal to me more in wagon form, if done right.

  • avatar

    As others have already said: Levorg wagon to replace my ’05 LGT wagon – yes, I DID buy a wagon, and would love to do so again. Heck, I’d take a slightly longer STI hatch again too.

    Also, the Commodore wagon above – I’ve already looked at the SS, and the lack of folding seats is a negative. Unfortunately, it would probably be $55k or something (they’re asking $50k for new SSs around here already)..

    With some of the other comments: Mustang, GTI, etc – fix the rear seat problem first. A wagon HAS to be practical. If my 8/10 year old daughters can’t fit into the rear seat, it’s something, but not a real wagon. Sat in a Golf R (am looking at an STI in the near future, so wanted to compare, since wife prefers something auto) – with the seat adjusted to where I’d like it, barely any leg room in the back. Whereas the STI/Impreza has a TON of room. Sure, the Impreza has grown, and it’s now about the same size as my Legacy, but I WANT that. A sporty-ish car that can also haul ass comfortably on the family vacation WITH ALL THE FAMILY’S STUFF. What’s the point of a wagon if it can barely hold anything or anyone?

  • avatar

    There are lots of great sedans that I might buy, but would *not* ever buy if they were turned into wagons.

  • avatar

    Fusion Sport or Focus ST.

  • avatar

    This is why I follow TTAC, sense of practicality. Personally, I’d take a Honda Accord Wagon Hybrid OR the current Mazda5 but with hybrid.

  • avatar

    I think a current-gen VW Passat could appeal to old skool wagon fans. It’s large and angular enough where a proper box-like cargo area would blend in just fine.

  • avatar

    I had a Focus wagon for a rental in Europe. It was OK… drove like a Focus.

    I think the ICE likes to be teased.

  • avatar

    I would trade in (more likely private sell) the G8 GT tomorrow if the SS was available as a LSA powered wagon with manual.

    Shut up and take my money. Why does Australia get all the nice things?

  • avatar

    F250 or F350

  • avatar

    Alfa Guilia QV Wagon

    Cadillac ATS-V Wagon

    BMW M3 Touring

  • avatar

    Ford Transit Connect Wagon ST!

    Or even RS….

    • 0 avatar

      I had a TC for 4 months that a dealer provided while I waiting on the airbag recall, and I was impressed with how it drove, how big yet maneuverable it was, and had your same thought – Why don’t they make an ST edition?

  • avatar

    Pretty much any car I would purchase, I would rather purchase in wagon form. My last three car purchases have been:
    – 1997 BMW M3 6MT sedan
    – 2008 Infiniti G35s 6MT sedan
    – 2014 Audi S4 6MT sedan

    If any had been available in wagon form, I’d have bought that instead. I am definitely your sporty 6MT wagon buyer that people (or at least manufacturers) don’t think exists. I don’t even care if it’s not offered in brown. ;-) I play in a band and do a lot of home improvement projects so would love to have the convenience and cargo-capacity a wagon would offer without compromising everything else I am looking for in a car. I have no interest in a minivan, SUV or CUV for my own principal mode of transportation (but like having something like that in the family, which my wife drives).

    • 0 avatar

      I agree, any car I own I’d prefer it in the wagon form.

      I too wish my 2007 Infiniti G35S 6MT sedan was a wagon, along with my 2005 Legacy GT 5MT, although this is a wish that could come true if a nice one comes along.

      But in a fantasy world I’d take on of those Holden Commodore Calais Sportwagon, with a 6MT, and the 750hp supercharged engine from the 2018 Corvette ZR1. Give it a selectable awd system, so I can have the all the fun of rwd in the summer, but still have all the practicality of awd for the winter months. Make it a Buick and call it a Roadmaster!

  • avatar

    Let’s see. I’d consider any of these if they existed for purchase in North America:

    Accord wagon
    Camry wagon
    Passat wagon
    Focus wagon
    Mazda 3 or 6 wagon
    Cruze wagon
    Volt wagon

  • avatar

    I have a 2016 Mazda6 that I love. It’s a great car. But, I want the wagon version. I understand why they don’t offer it here, but that doesn’t make me want it any less. I’d have totally bought one instead of my sedan 6 if I could.

  • avatar

    For me money no object..(which it is) I would love to have an Audi S8 wagon. A true wagon and not a chopped off hindparts wagon either. HOwever since I cant afford this I will take something else that does not exists either but I want it anyway. Ford Flex 6 cylinder diesel/hybrid with a battery twice the size of an RX hybrid, a 10 speed auto and a 24 gallon tank.

  • avatar

    And since we are wishing here how about a Q70L wagon with V8..

  • avatar

    2018 Toyota Camry V6 wagon.

  • avatar

    Toyota Yaris iA

  • avatar

    2017 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx
    2017 Dodge Dart GT Wagon
    2017 RAM ProMaster City SRT

  • avatar

    There are a fair number of sedans that I would consider, and I’d love to see and consider station wagon versions of them.

    Buick LaCrosse
    Chevrolet Impala
    Honda Accord
    Honda Civic
    Mazda 6
    Mazda 3
    Toyota Avalon
    Toyota Camry
    Toyota Corolla

  • avatar

    Well, commenters have mentioned just about every other Audi, so how about a TT wagon? I saw a nice rendering a few years ago of a TT shooting brake. Not sure I would actually buy it, though, as the fast back roof line was the thing I liked best about my old TT, and it had no shortage of interior space for its class.

    I liked the old CTS-V wagon, but I would have wanted AWD here in the Northeast, and the gas mileage was abysmal. I have thought that it would make a great car to store away for the future, though. We may never see the likes of it again.

  • avatar

    Realistically… Ford Fusion

    But a wagon should be based on a large platform

    – BMW 7 Series
    – Lexus LS
    – Toyota Avalon
    – VW Passat (American version) w/ choice 2.0T & 3.6 VR6

    • 0 avatar

      I scrolled to the bottom to list Lexus LS and Avalon only to see you have it covered. The new Panamera could be a full on wagon without losing its looks, but I still wouldn’t spend the coin on it.

  • avatar

    5 series, M3

  • avatar

    Mustang GT wagon! Probably get an awesome 3 star NCAP rating as well since brushing a fender wouldn’t crush rear seat occupants into a smelly pile of goo being all station wagony and stuff.

    win/win in my book. Mustang performance, improved utility , and improved safety.

    Let’s do this Ford!

    Also if there are an extra,heap of commas for the next week or do I tried to clove my thumb in twain and this one thumb phone operation blows.

  • avatar

    Current-gen NMS Passat wagon. I owned B4, B5.5, and B6 wagons in the past. I only stopped buying them because they stopped selling them in Canada. Not interested in a Golf wagon. Too small.

  • avatar

    Wagon PLUS 6 MT list of choices:

    BMW 2 Series
    Chevy SS
    Dodge Charger (with tailgate that does NOT open halfway up the roof line)

  • avatar

    I wouldn’t even know where to start. Mazda 6, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion, BMW 2 series…

  • avatar

    Lexus LS Sportcross

  • avatar

    I’m one of the people who put their money where their mouth is. 12 years ago, I bought a brand-new 2005 Subaru Legacy GT wagon with a 5MT. They only made them that one year.

    The upside: it’s fast (with just a Cobb Stage 1 flash), attractive, relatively nice inside, roomy and unique. With upgraded tires and suspension, it handles OK for a big car. With snow tires, it’s fantastic in the snow. With a roof box and trailer hitch for bikes, we’ve taken plenty of family vacations.

    Downside: It doesn’t handle or feel like my 98 M3 sedan (stock). It’s not as nice inside as a contemporary BMW or Audi, tho it’s miles ahead of the Imprezas of the day. I hate the dealers, they didn’t know anything, borderline incompetent, and put divots on my dash, twice. Fortunately, I found a good local shop and I do almost all my own repairs. Good thing, too, because the car has broken, quite a lot. I’ve put WAY more money and parts into the LGT than my M3. Both cars only have 90k miles, I’ve had the BMW since 2006 at 12k miles. Some little things have gone wrong with M3, but nothing that made it undriveable. The LGT, by contrast, had a timing belt idler explode at 63k, and since 80k it has demanded (short list): a new clutch (bad TO bearing, but the clutch was almost toast), trans rebuild (bearings), all 4 wheel bearings, 2 new half-shafts, and a steering rack.

    Bottom line, I love driving the M3, it just feels right. I don’t love the LGT. And it cost more. And it has cost way more to maintain. And it’s a pain to work on. I’m probably going to sell the LGT and get an E46 wagon.

    So, I’d buy an E36 M3 wagon in a heartbeat. Or an E46 ZHP wagon.
    New, a 3 series wagon with a 6 cyl motor and a manual trans, because now it only comes with the 4 cyl turbo and an auto, and still costs $54k with some options.
    Or a 2 series wagon, or hatch, again with a 6cyl and manual.

    -Paul Andrews

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