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Earlier this week, Citroën released teaser images and information on the SpaceTourer 4×4 Ë Concept, which will debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

And you’re going to want one.

The tall, boxy van appears to have everything the Internet Car Enthusiast claims to want. There’s space for people and cargo, four-by-four capability, adventurous-looking styling, and urban dot-matrix camo paint scheme tires with snow chains, which are of course necessary in all environments where you’d drive the van.


The Citroën media release sets the tone for this exciting new vehicle:

In its XS version, the SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept features a 4WD conversion, protection equipment and graphic components outside together with a special interior layout that make it a stylish, practical and contemporary adventurer, firmly focused on escapades and well-being. The new concept car was designed for all today’s “tribes” looking to enjoy their leisure activities in style and with a relaxed attitude.


Yes, all those things. It’s also indicated that the SpaceTourer is available in three sizes in case you want to tour off-road with length — extra small, medium, and extra large. The extra large version is able to seat up to nine tribe people, should you have that many in your active family and friends unit. The four-by-four trim features additional ground clearance over the standard model — a whopping 2.36 inches.

And then comes the part that will really get ICE blood boiling:

Designed for unlimited adventure and powered by the BlueHDi 150 S&S diesel with a 6-speed manual gearbox, the SpaceTourer 4X4 Ë Concept boasts top-level all-terrain abilities and ride comfort whatever the environment.


However, this diesel, four-by-four, lifted off-road van is highly unlikely to make its way to North American shores, as Citroën left the market in 1974 after the SM failed to meet U.S. headlamp regulation requirements.

But we can dream.

[Images: PSA Group]

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30 Comments on “World’s Most Desirable Vehicle is Coming to Geneva, and You Probably Can’t Have It...”

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    at first I rolled my eyes at the headline, then when I saw the byline I knew it was tongue-in-cheek.

    though a car like this *would* find a niche customer, but I wouldn’t expect it to sell at any better than the Flex. maybe 30k a year for the first couple years, tops.

  • avatar

    Diesel… stickshift…. AWD…. European……… pants? Thoroughly glazed.

  • avatar

    This is what Toyota should have done with the 2nd gen xB

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    “Citroën left the market in 1974 after the SM failed to meet U.S. headlamp regulation requirements…”

    That was just a smokescreen. I have it on good authority that in actuality, Citroen left the market after all 121 SM owners marched on the US headquarters (which took up at least 2,000 square feet of the nicest building in an office park in Pacoima) demanding justice.

    My dad did his part and threatened to burn his SM in front of the Citroen dealer in St. Louis…after he blew the Maserati engine doing 35 in second gear, and was told his new engine would cost $5,000 and take six months to arrive from Italy.

    (Okay, okay, only one half of that actually happened…)

  • avatar
    Arthur Dailey

    You want a vehicle that will sell by the boatload.

    Take a Dodge Journey, which is available in AWD or as an SRT model.

    Let Peter Schreyer rework the styling.
    Let Mazda re-work the suspension.
    Let VW design the interior and seating.
    Let Honda produce the engine and drivetrain.
    Let Toyota oversee the purchase of parts and the assembly.
    Provide it with a Mitsubishi style warranty.
    Slap on a Volvo nameplate.
    Fly a bunch of ‘auto journalists’ to Monaco to ‘test drive’ it and have Clarkson there to smooze them or let them watch the Stig do burn outs and donuts in it.
    Offer a 7 year payment plan with an interest rate below 2%.
    Increase the selling price by $2k to offset these upgrades.

    Hire original Saturn dealers and sales reps to sell it in a no haggle format.

    Then sit back and watch them fill up the roads.

    The first Chinese auto manufacturer to copy the above strategy will become the dominant car company within a few decades.

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    This looked the love child of a Barbie toy car and a Checker, painted white, with camo to disguise it!

  • avatar

    A French Mitsubishi Delica?

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    King of Eldorado

    I could see this as appealing to fans of the Honda Element, of which I had a 2006 5MT. (The short Transit Connect is close, but needs a bit more ground clearance.)

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    think i will pass on any french or italian vehicles. Just too many unknowns and too many skeletons from years past.

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    You know, in Europe there is no big choice if you want AWD and 7 or more seats. Basically you can only choose between VW T6 and Mercedes V – freaking expensive. If they manage to keep the peice in check, Citroën may have a winner. Pity they didn’t apply the hybrid4 technology.

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    “Citroën left the market in 1974 after the SM failed to meet U.S. headlamp regulation requirements”. should read, “U.S. headlamp regulation requirements failed to meet the standards of the SMs advanced headlight technology.”

    Back then even halogen headlights were banned in the U.S. let alone adaptive lights that moved. Many stylish foreign vehicles were ruined by the fitment of flat round or square lights powered by candles to meet the U.S. specs of the time.

    Today, even bicycle lights are more powerful (and poorly aimed) than the domestic vehicles of the seventies.

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    Got to admit I love it but would prefer a gas engine

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