2017 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 - Cheaper Than That Tacoma You Shouldn't Buy, Says GM

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems

Chevrolet gave many truck lovers what they wanted when it previewed the 2017 Colorado ZR2 last year. Sporting a cutaway front bumper, towering suspension travel and all the right components to turn a basic midsize pickup into a mini Ford Raptor, the ZR2 was General Motors’ way of saying, “Look, we’re listening!”

After releasing pricing for the ultimate Colorado today, GM really wants you to know that the $40,995 ZR2 is way cheaper than a model it won’t mention.

Due for a date with dealer lots this spring, the ZR2 adds just over $6,000 to the next-lowest extended cab Colorado, comparably equipped. The listed MSRP includes a destination fee.

The General is quite pleased with that price, as it helps muscle aside a ghostly competitor in the midsize off-road pickup segment. Can you guess the rival?

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer [the ZR2] for more than $2,500 less than the next closest comparable vehicles,” said Sandor Piszar, Chevrolet Trucks marketing director, in a statement. “Taken in the context of serious off-roading, $2,000 will buy you 50 years of annual passes to Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.”

It also buys God knows how much beer. And pizza. And what about your retirement? Piszar didn’t stop there, however. Again, the mysterious competitor raised its brandless head.

“Some vehicles that customers might cross-shop with ZR2 can spec out as much as $26,000 more than our truck — or the price of a well-equipped 2017 Colorado,” he continued.

Now, the ZR2 itself contains a long list of options, including a 2.8-liter turbodiesel four-cylinder, but the stock version does retail for $2,905 less than a Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro — the only other rival in its class. Unlike the ZR2, which only comes equipped with GM’s eight-speed automatic, the Tacoma can be had with a manual transmission, cutting the price gap in half.

Still, it’s clear GM set out to steal Toyota’s thunder.

[Image: General Motors]

Steph Willems
Steph Willems

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  • BuzzBNY BuzzBNY on Feb 08, 2017

    That is a damn good looking truck. No matter though, I dont think GM will woo any Tacoma buyers away. It's tough to compete against a company that will put a new frame in your truck every so often.

  • Big Al from Oz Big Al from Oz on Feb 09, 2017

    I'm glad this article has been issued so close to the Raptor article. Not only does this Colorado appear to represent better value than the TRD Taco, it definitely represents better value as an off road vehicle than the Raptor. The Colorado can be had with a diesel, which is a must in my eyes for any 4x4. The diesel is a range extender offering oddles of great torque for high speed driving and crawling over the tricky bits. It is big enough, yet a small enough compromise in size to get you to many more place than any full size 4x4. For the hipster yuppie rednecks, it is also pretty. If this Colorado is put together well with some thoughtful effort given to suspension tuning this is most likely the best overall 4x4 on offer in the US. A 6spd manual is needed in my eyes for the diesel. This is one improvement needed. It has more flexibility than a Wrangler, Raptor, Power Wagon, etc. A fine effort from GM.

  • Dr Mindbender I like the look of the new little hot hatch GV they showed in Orange...it will be interesting to see if they start making larger hybrid drivetrains on their own or find a partner. I looked at Teslas in 2018...EVs don't meet my needs until solid state and prolific recharge in the open desert of SW USA is a reality. Even Porsche expanded their hybrid tech to the flagship, and Kia is all about aping Porsche, perhaps we'll see a T-hybrid in the Genesis lineup???? I always wondered when using a battery to pre-spin a turbocharger would actually work. In general tho, I find the Genesis design language to be quite awful, but I also think the Cayenne is a thing of magnificent beauty...so that balances out I guess. The focus on luxury over performance is where I think they go wrong...but again, Porsche...so I guess my lenses are quite tinted.
  • Slavuta So, Trump was hyperbolic... big deal.
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  • CanadaCraig We should be able to give comments a 'dislike' or 'thumbs down'. We're not 6 years old. I'm sure we cope if someone doesn't 'like' our comment.
  • Dartdude He knows that a Trump economy is a great opportunity to sell more cars (EV,ICE). Compare both terms and Trumps is the winner by a long shot.