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If you are looking for a budget pickup to haul around the occasional armoire or stack of plywood, look no further than the Nissan Frontier. However, if you want the biggest and meanest off-road hauler America has to offer, you’re going to have to fork over some extra dough.

Dodge has announced pricing for the 2017 Ram Power Wagon and informed us that automotive savagery isn’t gratis.

A standard Ram 2500 starts at $32,095, but that’s a super-sized truck for super-sized babies. A man’s truck can climb a mountain, has a 12,000 pound winch, comes with tire tread embossed seats, and has an MSRP of $51,695.

Adding destination charges brings the grand total to $53,015. While that may seem like a ludicrous increase in cost, Ram’s Rebel is similarly priced against it’s own 1500 brethren. Think of the Power Wagon as the Rebel’s sketchy older brother, out on parole and ready to do something crazy.

Facilitating the crazy are things like Bilstein shocks, locking differentials, chassis armor, electronic sway bars, 33-inch Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tires, and plenty of ground clearance. Since every pencil comes with an eraser, the Power Wagon package includes a heavy-duty Warn winch and tow hooks.

It also comes with a 6.4-liter Hemi V8 that makes 410 horsepower and 429 lb-ft of torque.

Obviously, you want the aggressively macho looks on the outside, but classing it up on the inside using the official Leather & Luxury package adds another $4,495. Doing so replaces the tire tread interior with adjustable heated and ventilated high-back leather-trimmed seats. Additional luxuries include a heated steering wheel, parking assist, rearward visibility camera, integrated voice command with Bluetooth, Uconnect Access 8.4 Sirius XM satellite radio, nine Alpine speakers, and a subwoofer.

However, if you went with the luxury pack, you would need to reconsider if your truck was really deserving of the retro inspired x’treme graphics.

You might even want to forego the extra attitude altogether. If so, Ram says you can purchase a 4×4 Tradesman 2500 and add all of the Power Wagon equipment for $8,450 — essentially giving you an under-the-radar trophy truck for $48,315.

[Image: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles]

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22 Comments on “2017 Ram Power Wagon: This Much Attitude Comes at a Price...”

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    SCE to AUX

    Not sure how this is different from the stratospheric prices of other high-end truck packages, from any mfr.

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      The headlights looks like cheap aftermarket units on this one?

    • 0 avatar

      Not sure how the AMG package is different from the M or the V or the F, and all have stratospheric prices for compromised ride quality and fuel economy for the addition of performance you can’t take advantage of in normal everyday driving, which is exactly what everyone uses them for.

      The only difference in the arguments against maxed out pickups and maxed out luxury/sports cars is the lack of smug comments about the vehicle, its owner demographic, and how useless it is below the article on the car.

      (Unless, of course, its about a Cadillac or a Lincoln.)

      The difference in the vehicles practicality is enormous. The car: Hauls 4-5 people squished together with a small bag each in the trunk really quickly, and that’s about it.

      A loaded 3/4 crew cab 4wd truck hauls 4-5 people in total comfort with interior room to spare (sit in a modern crew cab, see what I mean) at sane and legal speeds, while towing a 5th wheel trailer of or filled with: hay/horses/camper/race car/boat/tools for the owners job/what-the-hell-ever. The truck also fetched the trailer out of a muddy field and hauled it 13 miles on unpaved forest service/ranch/farm road before it eased up to a controllable, legal and comfortable 70 mph on the interstate.
      Try that in an M3 and let me know which one is a total waste.

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    You only get 33s for that much? I want 36s.

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    I sold my Raptor because the payload and 5.5′ bed were too much of a compromise. Getting some OEM off-road-ability (I don’t need to race the Baja 1000) in a 3/4 ton truck with a longer bed sounds good to me.

    That said, I can’t tell if the power-wagon (or the power-wagon package) is available on an 8-foot bed. All the pictures I’ve seen look like a 6.5 footer.

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      Nope it is only configured in crew 6.5. That’s the issue I see. Just the axle package to me be able to order that on a 3500 reg cab plain jane is a big deal. Exotic ram hd trucks are appealing. They should focus on more engine packages with the 8 speed. Lots of potential from ram.

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      The Power Wagon’s payload isn’t all that great for a 3/4 ton. IIRC the 2016 model can carry around 1,500 lbs. They lost 300 lbs of payload on the change over to coil springs.
      All you can get is the 6.4 bed.

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      Who you kiddin’ sir?? You only got it ’cause *!!!RAPTOR!!!*, until the dazzle wore off and ya couldn’t live with being shorted on payload and bed.

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    I hope the Tradesman Powerwagons keep going for less than $40k as they currently do in bottom level trims now. Seriously this is the only vehicle that’s on my potential buying list. It’s a sad state of affairs when theirs only 1 vehicle on the market that meets your needs.

    I’m still turned of by the fact that,
    A) it’s made in Mexico, hopefully this will soon change
    B) I think, but can’t verify that the 0-60 is still over 9 seconds, this needs to be fixed, put it in the 7.x range and I’ll be a very happy man.

    • 0 avatar

      …turned off* by the…

      Edit: 0-60 is actually 8.4, pretty close to where I want it, just one engine update and a factory switch and it’s golden.

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        Which engine are you quoting the 0-60?

        One thing that absolutely baffles me about Ram is they allow you to choose between 3.42’s, 3.73’s, and 4.10’s in the 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks….as long as you tick the gas option box. You lose that option once you go with the diesel and are stuck with the 3.42’s unless you step up to a DRW truck.

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        DC Bruce

        Having test driven the 2500 with the 6.4 engine (not a power wagon), I would say that it does not feel at all “slow.” The comparable Chevy 3/4 ton with the gas engine certainly does. Of course, the GMC 1/2 ton with me in the photo, equipped with the 6.2 engine is decidedly fast — comfortably under 6 seconds to 60 mph if you engage 4wd to limit wheelspin.

        I don’t think the disconnecting sway bars that are part of the Power Wagon package would be available on the aftermarket, if at all. That’s the biggest reason for the reduced payload. Most other RAM 2500 crew cabs have payloads comfortably over 2,000 lbs., especially the gasoline models that don’t have the heavy Cummins diesel engine.

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    “You might even want to forego the extra attitude altogether. If so, Ram says you can purchase a 4×4 Tradesman 2500 and add all of the Power Wagon equipment for $8,450 — essentially giving you an under-the-radar trophy truck for $48,315.”

    @ Matt Posky – I’m willing to bet that the aftermarket parts to “build your own” PowerWagon are going to cost considerably more than $8,450.

    The PW has features that you probably can not buy aftermarket like hill descent control. You didn’t mention 30 inch fiording depth just like the Rubicon.

    Oh and you can get the same truck without the Power Wagon graphics.

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    Kudos for mentioning the Tradesman Power Wagon–but there’s a third option, the Laramie Power Wagon, that starts at $58K.

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    this advertisement brought to you by your Italian overlords.

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