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We’re growing again and you might be just the guy (or gal) to join our little automotive internet enclave.

Interested? Hit the jump.

Instead of going on about the glamorous life bestowed upon automotive journalists, here’s our job ad. If you think you have what it takes, click on over to our LinkedIn job posting or send me your resume with your particulars to [email protected].

Automotive Journalist/Car Reviewer for The Truth About Cars (12 month contract)

The Truth About Cars, a property of VerticalScope, is looking for a tenacious journalist with an authoritative voice that can balance his/her automotive enthusiasm with an equal dose of unflappable skepticism.

If you enjoy the thrill of breaking a story, relish in the opportunity to interact with a loyal readership, have a genuine interest in cars and the business that surrounds them, and want to become part of a growing team within a growing company, we’re looking for you.

Automotive Journalist/Car Reviewer for The Truth About Cars (TTAC) is responsible for:

– creating insightful, entertaining, accurate and informative news content,
– investigative feature stories and weekly vehicle reviews,
– first drive reports on new vehicles, and
– content promotion on TTAC’s various social media channels.


– Journalism degree or equivalent experience
– Demonstrated interest in cars and/or the automotive industry
– Strong interviewing and editing abilities
– Strong command of the English language
– Working knowledge of various social media platforms
– Experience with WordPress
– Basic photography skills
– Valid driver’s license and passport
– The ideal candidate would be located in Toronto or Detroit

Work Conditions:

– This is a 12 month contract role
– Monthly compensation
– International travel is a requirement
– Work may be required during evenings and weekends

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60 Comments on “We’re Hiring!...”

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    Disappointing to see that a full-time job that demands business travel and overtime is offered only on a temporary contract basis (I’m speaking as a non-candidate). But I guess it’s a sign of the times, and a sign of what we’ve already heard before from others about VerticalScope’s mentality.

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    That sounds like actual work, I just want free cars and free vacations.

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    What would be “equivalent experience” of a journalism degree?
    I’m curious.

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    If one was banned from this site , would that have a impact on their application? Asking for a friend.

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    Why do you need a journalism degree? If we’ve launched two companies and worked for car manufacturers and dealers can we apply?

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    Big Al from Oz

    I’ll do it for a couple hundred grand per annum.

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    Big Al from Oz

    Seems like a nice gig.

    By the looks of it, your recruitment requires an experienced journo who is prepared to be quite dedicated to his craft.

    Toronto or Detroit?? Hmmm, this limits you quite a bit.

    I vote for bball, but, Adam is not allowed to cover any Ford articles.

    What would be interesting is for all of the TTAC community to vote for the new journo.

    What you do is place all of his details, resume, experience, etc in an article and we determine who we want. We don’t need to know his/her’s/it’s address, age, sexual preference, religion, etc.

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    I spent my summer writing for another automotive blog for $0. Than again, there were no deadlines or expectations, except those I placed on myself.

    I know hiring is a whole different world these days. Employers put out a list of job requirements, yet refuse to even estimate what that might be worth. If this gig pays $500/month, I’m not interested, if it pays $2000, I am. But since the potential employer wont tell me, I’m not going to waste my time applying only to learn that the job pays less than I think it’s worth.

    Besides, Las Vegas is neither Detroit nor Toronto.

    I’m pretty sure I’d be wasting my energy to put in an application.

    • 0 avatar

      “But since the potential employer wont tell me, I’m not going to waste my time applying only to learn that the job pays less than I think it’s worth.”

      It’s a market competitive wage and commensurate with experience.

      “Besides, Las Vegas is neither Detroit nor Toronto.”

      Nowhere in the ad does it say a person needs to be in Detroit or Toronto. It says ideal candidates are located in Detroit or Toronto.

      “I’m pretty sure I’d be wasting my energy to put in an application.”

      With that attitude, absolutely.

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      “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” – Wayne Gretzky

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    Austin Greene

    I’ll have to check if this violates any of my parole conditions.

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    Can you hire me? I have many interesting stories that include, BMW bitcoin bros, pink windstar minivans and references to Jodie Foster and pinball machines.

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    Hmm decided lack of Baruth articles this week. That does not bode well for the future of TTAC. Anyways best of luck in finding someone new, just make sure they have a little personality.

  • avatar

    There’s nothing in that contract about mandatory use of “dude”, “brah” or “whip” is there?

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    Hiring sucks. God bless you.


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    Don Mynack

    Doug DeMuro is totally going to apply for this and get it. It’s pointless! Kidding.

    I haven’t done any professional writing in 20 years and have never done anything about cars. I don’t think I’m qualified, but would love to submit something freelance about a long drive I’m about to take. If i submitted it would you at least read it?

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    I’d apply but I’m hardly qualified, will you still accept any submissions if they’re any good?

    I still have the following to work on:
    Learning stick in a Honda Z600
    Citroen 2CV misadventures
    Pictures and stories about a lost race track, Mid America Raceway, pictures that have not made the internet yet.

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    As a non-candidate with lots of relevant experience, I can say without reservation that if you have the skills and personality that are suitable for the job, you won’t need a journalism degree. At the very large (40,000 print run) Big Ten daily where I worked as an editor in the late 1980s, the best reporters who weren’t journalism students were as good at their jobs as those who were.

    That “content promotion on TTAC’s various social media channels” aspect of the job, however… My employer (since the pre-Internet days) produces a weekly print journal plus a website, and I feel as if I’d be unable to even hold a conversation with the new hires who handle the social-media tasks. Nonetheless, I’m grateful that they do their thing and consequently I only have to worry about actual content.

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      ” … if you have the skills and personality that are suitable for the job, you won’t need a journalism degree.”

      This is true. That’s why there’s the “equivalent experience” mention with it. You can’t teach curiosity. Some people are just born to question what they’re told.

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    If I were single I would be jumping on that. I would even move to Detroit to better qualify myself.

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    I’m based out of Los Angeles. Perhaps a West Coast perspective is what’s needed, as goes Southern California in regards to automobiles, so goes the nation. I mean, we latched onto Honda and Toyota far before the rest of the nation due to the Big Three’s litany of atrocious products and mendacious promises that they gave a damn about quality. Being in middle school and regaled about the tales of someone’s cousin with their souped-up Integra that beat the pants off a Camaro racing at night on Crossroads Parkway. Seeing a Merkur XR4Ti that kindled my love for cars, especially Fords of the continental variety, and becoming the fleet manager to a motley group of vans mainly consisting of poorly-executed Transit Diesels, which seem to be designed to the logic of “Hmm, what would happen if we tried making an Audi van, with reliability and service costs just like an Audi!” being the venereal disease that ended my dalliances with European Ford.

    I’m a dark horse, but I’ll give it a shot.

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    Hey Mark,

    This sounds like a fantastic opportunity, as I’d love to write for TTAC someday.

    That being said, would I be able to incorporate this into my full-time job, or is TTAC looking for someone to be readily available during normal business hours?

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    If I enquire here and ignore the linked LinkedIn job posting, will my failure to follow simple instructions count against me?

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